1. Because they are brainwashed, violent, xenophobic, damgerous fàsçïst, and I'd like to see them removed from this world.

  2. I should think collapse and exhaustion shall vary together.

  3. right. news flash: philosophy is a difficult subject.

  4. Just not for christians, they are comfortable with cognitive dissonance 😆

  5. Congratulations, really a special, spectacular sports bike mate.

  6. Lots of activities, culminating in me getting choked, fairly strongly. Footsteps, tv turning on and off, smells, flies in winter, stuff moved, cabinets found open. Take my advice, leave such a place, NOW!

  7. No voices but heard boots on wood in the carpeted section of the house. Cabinet doors open and dishes making noise.

  8. Look for sociopathic signs, then let his natural tendencies pay, dentist?

  9. If you arn't already getting messages, I'd suggest kétàmíñè and ßröôms.

  10. I had a TV remote that worked everything but the on button, as soon as my but hit the couch, tv would turn off. Something could apparently see me. Frustrating af. Lots of other stuff but that was the only thing electronic.

  11. In my experience that behavior comports with most christians I know in the southeastern U.S.A.

  12. Helicoil or timesert, I'd recommend someone with experience to install it

  13. Choked, hearing boots on a wood floor in the carpeted section of the house, and myriad other things, soo glad to be out of that freaking house !

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