1. Must be new players, you don't have to play the game for very long to start predicting gen placement so that's only reason I can think of

  2. How does one have to do with the other? You get quick info on where gens are, which in solo is HUGE, and can from there on plan your entire movement across the game to decide which gens are best to do right now and which aren't.

  3. It literally says "Killer Grasp Escape" in the upper right corner while I am right next to a hook with a corpse beneath me? Why do people always try to make things posted look fake when they aren't lol

  4. In her last 3 matches, outside of the Rumble, she faced Becky AND teamed with Bayley... I wouldn't mind Lita in a lower card match at Mania, maybe have Trish return and have em go at Damage Crtl?

  5. Update: Used a map offering to get to the game and did it vs a Wesker, woo!

  6. Blast Mine and Head On are your friend, that was how I did this challenge, use them and it shouldn't take more than a few games

  7. Blast Mine counts? Doesn't it specifically read pallets?

  8. Why do people have such an issue with getting killed by a mori? I see occasionally people will say they dc if they see an offering. I've got a little over three hundred hours now and outside of a few scenarios you're usually dead anyways when the killer can mori you. Personally i'd rather see a kill animation over dying on hook. Am i missing something i'm genuinely asking lmao

  9. I don't have an issue with it, it just feels like the cherry on top following the things that already happened previously.

  10. Nothing about that statement makes sense, and it’s painfully obvious this never happened

  11. It literally happened straight before making this post, the other Nurse even streamed LOL.

  12. That Feast Your Eyes into a roll-up was absolutely insane, just like anything in this clip.

  13. News of appearing as a weatherman into dating rumor within a few hours, only Mark can have such random days.

  14. Oh the OT5 people are gonna be even more insufferable now huh.

  15. I'm bewildered that they even felt guilty for doing it at all. Thought that was just me who felt a bit bad when i have to resort to antifun tactics to win when the match was non toxic so far. It's usually a coin toss whether i do it or refuse out of pride.

  16. I never understand why people complain about it. Is it "lame"? Maybe, but its more than viable and can secure wins out of games that looked lost. You can easily bait people into throwing a 3 man escape to lose even more Survivors because they didn't let the one person behind. I've only face camped once, and that only because they looped me for so long and the game was done anyways. And what happened? Ended with them and another person dead, more than if I didn't do it. Sometimes killers gotta get dirty to win. It's up to you to get upset at it or realize they had to resort to it because you played well and secured your team the win even if it will end with you dying.

  17. Completed the K-Pop side quests, now off to journalism.

  18. Canadians showing that you don't gotta be a huge truck of a man to deliver a spicy Spear.

  19. Honestly one of the best villains wrestling has EVER seen.

  20. That's the Sami Zayn that eliminated Kevin Owens at Battleground 2016.

  21. Okay but can anyone else not listen to any other language version other than the one they heard first?

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