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  1. It's the same one she's learning to use the fuck machine right?

  2. Looks like a match! Do u know anything about what causes the difference in colors or patterns?

  3. I just found one of these too, tis the season 🥲

  4. Saw a lot of them at the laundromat this morning. Guys from Chattanooga and Ohio. They just had time to wash their stuff and go back to it. Didn't even stop to take their vests off, doubt they have anything other than boots to be in. They were worried their stuff would still stink from wading in floodwaters. They're not slacking.

  5. Louis CK has a bit about people complaining through the entire process of a flight, despite the fact that they are literally FLYING IN THE AIR LIKE A BIRD and travel that used to take weeks or months now takes hours.

  6. Fuck this post people have serious problems rn

  7. I’m on Bahia vista and shade basically. Windy but the worst is way over. Gusts got intense today but overall another disaster avoided.

  8. Really good to know. At this point, I'm just worried that I am very close to the bay and my yard has lots of trees. Windy enough to make those trees become one with my old building?

  9. I'm in the rosemary district and still have power and internet. Just went out for a walk and there were some palm fronds blowing around outside but besides that seems fine

  10. Thank you for sharing these. I live in Laurel Park near downtown and while this isn’t specifically about my neighborhood, seeing that things aren’t too bad a few minutes’ walk away is reassuring.

  11. Same! Comments have been nice but these pictures are a lot more reassuring.

  12. Just outside of the evacuation zones. I’m about 2 miles in land around 17th area. I’m just watching the trees moving and I’m shitting myself.

  13. 😭😭😭 I live near Pioneer Park. Gtfo when they said mandatory yesterday.

  14. Same. Too close for comfort. Even with the rains the last couple days downtown gets very puddly.

  15. He also shills all of those things endlessly, begging for buyers. I'm sure his time and energy must be worth the markup /s

  16. How is he getting people when he is blatantly talking about how to squeeze as much money as he can out of his fans?

  17. Imagine being so brazen with your grift that the people you're getting don't even know they're getting got...and if that wasn't enough, turning the situation's logic on its head by making them believe he wouldn't get them WHILE getting them.

  18. It reminds me of the scene in The Big Short where they say "they're not confessing.... they're bragging"

  19. Most definitely. I would never say otherwise. Strange behavior can come from hard places. My gripe with it is that I think it's terrible when many and sometimes rational people enable or encourage this sort of gatekeeping I guess I'll call it. I'll grieve my way and she can grieve in hers, but I think it's terribly sad that no one will probably tell her that this is a miserable way to live your life instead of moving on.

  20. This is why people don’t actually believe rape victims… because of crazies like her ruining it.

  21. There is also this growing weird culture of like... Idk a not shitty word to describe it. Some kind of elitism. I was trying to make friends with peers my age. Telling a girl a story about my old neighbor who used to scream crazy things, one involved the word rape. She immediately cut me off to say that she usually does not allow people to use that word around her because she's experienced it.

  22. This is prob not helpful info but I am extremely jealous.

  23. Does yours have the Lucite prisms and the bases light up??

  24. Noo I should have been more clear, not very similar in design but similar style. I have the brass looking accents and flowers.

  25. Fuck, this guy was a Spenny level actor for sure. He didn’t draw me into the scene at all.

  26. Super easy. Make sure you get the cheapest one, a lot will charge double and they all do the same exact thing. I say I have anxiety, which is a good option because as my first pot doctor said "that means you could need round the clock care." I don't even have a primary and have never been diagnosed with anxiety btw.

  27. I was born and lived in Vegas around the strip (Las Vegas blvd) my whole life. This is nothing compared to the shit my pre pubescent brain had to make sense of. Shit's been going on forever.

  28. Was going to say, I have been ONCE and if this is the worst thing they saw...they got off easy.

  29. Oooh, yeah, I got that back in grade school. I'd get an A on a test and I'd hear "Oh, you must be one of those smart kids."

  30. Actually this is probably a better death and a sure thing to be honest with you. Unfortunately I have been asphyxiated before and I got to say it’s not so bad. You just get a little sleepy a little euphoric then you’re gone. Versus the barbiturates where you may not die but you might cause permanent damage.

  31. A reasonable, comfortable dose of something and this as a combo would probably be perfect. But I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

  32. The written text is in Hebrew and it translates to "The Driving Saloon".

  33. It is sooo close to looking like it says YOUR MOM too

  34. Speak with the folks at Fogt’s and you’ll find who you’re looking for.

  35. Have sent a message, awaiting response.

  36. This show never fails to cheer me up and this is one of my fave scenes.

  37. Does anybody know which episode this is?

  38. (KENNY versus SPENNY...KENNY screaming versus SPENNYYYYYYYY) cut to the house with the bass line playing

  39. When I read "bass line playing" my brain automatically did the Seinfeld sting


  41. Yes, I was just out there last week. I was amazed that when my friend and I left my hotel in LV, it was 102 degrees but after a 45 minute drive (the highway going up wasn't too crowded, surprisingly considering it was Labor Day) it was a comfortable 78 degrees. It was late afternoon and by nightfall when we left, it was in the mid 60s and I was telling my friend i almost needed a jacket.

  42. I was out there last week! 100s in the sun, cool in the hills/canyons. Love that dry weather.

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