1. Coyote cafe in Hamburg for chimichangas!

  2. anyone make a small box that the cover is a led panel? i put a LEd edge lit panel in an old 2x2 drop ceiling basement hallway in a different house and its awesome like a skylight in an old basement.

  3. Your best bet is pulling new wire. Cloth covered wires should be removed whenever possible.

  4. i think thats what i have to do. any idea if this is Asbestos insulation?

  5. That's penicillin it fights infection.

  6. You can add non steam games to steam and get the benefits

  7. I've added many friends over the years on steam, yet to collect any said benefits.

  8. Okay but where tf else am I supposed to store my slabs of lead?

  9. In the fish you caught for the tournament.

  10. Good way to keep asbestos, lead, silica dust from coating everything onsite.

  11. He probably had a few thousand hours on Microsoft Flight Sim or DCS and thought that would translate into the real world, classic blunder.

  12. Just keep your caulk away from the college girls.

  13. The Melting Point custom jewelers at 505 Fillmore, Tonawanda, NY 14150. Appointments must be made before going to the shop 716-856-7599

  14. +1 for melting point, made my wife's engagement ring and my band.

  15. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Honestly I don’t know, it’s an apartment and I just moved in recently

  16. Hopefully it's not a basement apartment closest to the road it's good to live on the top floor

  17. This happened to us when we had a soft clog in our wastewater drainage system and eventually resulted in sewage coming up in our basement drain (lowest point in the house).

  18. Cheapest fix is a 4-in vent plunger from the hardware store if you have an outside trap or vent pipe. A $10 plunger it's way cheaper than calling a plumber

  19. The Eagles game was so washed out! The uniforms and the field looked so bland compared to our game.

  20. It looked like a 80s vhs tape to me

  21. People that are into both games will just flip the channel back and forth. 2 games on at a time is pointless for everyone

  22. I usually watch house of the dragon and the rings of power at the same time too.

  23. Tully's is usually where I default to! Only place I really love honey mustard sauce from.

  24. We refer to them as crack tenders,. Not sure if they still do them half price late nite at the bar. I haven't had any sense pre COVID

  25. The Griffon Gastropub is a sit down restaurant in Williamsville and I’m sure you can call ahead and pick up food (but not 100% sure). Either way, they have handmade chicken fingers that are absolutely amazing

  26. And their fish fries and french fries are awesome too

  27. Old research library I see. 90 kids don't remember the days before dialup.

  28. Just got home, Michael franti killed it so much love and fun. A true showman.

  29. Yeah i thought I looked into it and it's actually hard for oil to just ignite. It has to be pretty hot, at least 300. It can get that high if the engine overheats, but it's atypical in normal operation.

  30. I agree after destroying a few "field cars" in my younger years it takes a lot to get one to self combust.

  31. Suburban sprawl, got to love it. traffic and high taxes.

  32. That looks too be around my 6yr olds high school graduation.

  33. Canadian beer that is stronger, poutine is delicious as fuck and we have chickens too ya butter nut. There’s no losing the food and beer situation lol if anything you’re gaining.

  34. Then I appear to be lacking in historical information, I was under the impression that the core of the nazi dogma was that some groups of people were problematic and that removing them would be beneficial.

  35. Politicians always need a scapegoat to blame the lack of utopia on someone else.

  36. The sad thing is, most Americans would kill if they could get decent insurance for 100, A MONTH

  37. Wait you aren't paying over 100 a week? For health insurance?

  38. You like standing in water inside the house, this is a good way to flood a basement. As stated above. The black corrugated pipe is usually connected to a footer drain in front of the window wells. Downspouts should not connected to corrugated pipe ever. And directed into smooth bore collectors or directed away from the foundation at least 4 feet. Corrugated pipe is for weeping water. Not fast moving water that can have sand from shingles, leaves and pine needles that will get stuck in the corrugations. Heavy downpours need smooth pipe so they stay clear of debris.

  39. They don't call it a dish washim now do they

  40. Lot of wear and tear on that material with a pressure washer but it’s just clothes

  41. I can't believe the schochlite stripes are holding up

  42. Same but mine was mostly never seize and pipe dope. Shit is impossible to remove.

  43. Blue monster and purple primer I put that shirt on everything!

  44. 49, white, male. How close am I?

  45. 44 here. More maiden and Dave, less ratt and Paul Stanley

  46. Oh it's bad lmao. The first week I moved into my college dorm this year, the water was fucked up and all our running water was boiling. Showers, sinks, and toilets were all running only hot water. You could literally feel the heat radiating from the toilet when you sat on it. Not a fun week ngl.

  47. Only thing worse than a ice cold toilet seat is a warm one

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