1. I've had countless issues with the Xbox app on PC for +2 years now.

  2. you owed the 7k either way, technically paying it all now is 'better' because you had that money to use all year instead of loaning it to the gov for free.

  3. Except the government thinks of this, if you're making personal income without being taxed at source, and then only pay taxes once per year during tax season, they will at some point start demanding tax installments on money you haven't even made, in advance. They basically say "you made 60k last year, were expecting you to do the same this year, so you have 3 months from receiving this letter to pay a chunk of taxes on the 60k were expecting of you to make, with brutal compound interest if you don't."

  4. Fyi, if you're freelancing without your own payroll, then you're not paying income taxes.

  5. I like the army ranger version more, it has an action roll in it.

  6. So you could make ramen with these instead of noodles, cool.

  7. She seems insufferable, but she never gave up, gotta give her that.

  8. Chill out man. I didn’t say anything regarding LGTBQ right’s. I respect each country rules, and appreciate all kinds of people.

  9. That guy is just a douche, welcome and enjoy all the awesome restaurants.

  10. I thought we said no shaving in the living room unless it was an emergency?

  11. LVMH. Such a strong conglomerate, and though I despise luxury as an industry, their business model works.

  12. Do they report in USD? I was always curious about it but there doesn't seem to be much liquidity? Last time I looked at the chart it was super choppy.

  13. He cast one of those ally monster spells on the guards obviously.

  14. Man you have some extra fees in your city, expanded range fee? Regulatory fee? Wtf are those.

  15. Insulin resistance is a useful concept to help understand the nuts and bolts of diabetes. Reducing insulin resistance isn't really useful to set as an overall goal. When you express concern that foods might make insulin resistance worse, you may be extending the concept in a way where it isn't really valid.

  16. So wait are you saying the damage to cells in your organs happens when they absorb too much glucose, and not just from the excess glucose in your blood, and that in some situations the resistance to absorb that glucose is a protective measure?

  17. Yes. In general your body tries to avoid having high concentrations of glucose. And when it does, it packs it up as glycogen and segregates it. It can be a reactive molecule. Not as bad as others certainly, but your body is cool with fats floating around, protein as well, but glucose and alcohol it tried to metabolize or lock up ASAP.

  18. I see what you're saying, but doesn't the inability to store excess glucose as glycogen fall under insulin resistance?

  19. Not easy questions to answer but one thing that stands out is free shipping is not advertised enough.

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