Are there people in corporate America (office) jobs who make 100k+ a year who agree with subreddit or is it those in retail/blue collar jobs?

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  1. Not to be that guy, but you aren't guaranteed real time without a RTOS. Since your requirements aren't truly "critically defined" any of the other suggestions are great.

  2. No, pip installs things without checking dependencies so either you have to check what you're installing is compatible with everything else. If you install things without checking manually for every package then often times you get into dependecy hell where two packages are using the same package and they use different versions of the same package and without checking or telling you pip will happily install them for you and help you fuck yourself

  3. Packages should have dependencies and if you pip freeze, it will let you know if there is a conflict.

  4. If it lives forever, database. If it is a long running cached thing, redis.

  5. I personally expect some level of mentorship from a senior engineer. Project management is a reach, but as a senior engineer you better have the experience to manage yourself and expectations (i.e. timeline estimates).

  6. I don't use templates, so it saves me the step of deleting it. 🤷‍♀️

  7. It's quick and easy. Right tool for the job. Just have to make sure you evaluate if it right for the project. The ORM's lack of true explicit joins is currently causing me a headache though. Maybe I'll install SQL Alchemy or use raw SQL.

  8. Gino's on Main and Bailey is my favorite followed by Olisi's.

  9. I grew up on Long Island so I’m an obnoxious pizza snob.

  10. I haven't had Zettis, but my wife's father is from NYC and has a chain of pizza places in Rochester. Our opinion is Gino's then Olisi's.

  11. The best advice for driving in the snow is pretend you have an open cup of coffee in your lap the whole time. That’ll get you there and back.

  12. Betty's is delicious plus they do great bloody Marys. The Garage on hertel is top fuckin notch. I've never had a bad meal there. Plus they make giant cinnamon rolls from scratch that are delicious.

  13. Are the cinnamon rolls only available for brunch?

  14. It’s the game. There is no “other than” this week. It’s just the game. Go Bills.

  15. The CIA stores on AWS. You're fine.

  16. It doesn't mean a specific government agency does and to change that takes years and many hours of bureaucracy.

  17. Who is getting paid by the government, other than people with kids, the PUA junk ended in Sept didn't it? Correct me if I am wrong.

  18. Personal project is probably fine depending on end goal and scale. I typically use LTS versions.

  19. It does suck, (for Reddit especially) I don't think you're understanding since it sounds like you only think code formatting is for HTML, I'm trying to explain (to OP's point) why people post screenshots, because the formatting is most of the time broken.

  20. I'm saying you can use html to format Markdown, not use Markdown to format html. I'm done with this conversation though. Good day!

  21. You seem to be wasting both of our time. Your response has nothing to do with the question "Why do people post images of their code" you're trying to argue some point that was never made.

  22. I was hopeful when I saw the singer but the song I'm thinking of isn't emo.

  23. Senior software engineer here. In a team meeting with managers, I told the department "do your job to the best of your ability, but remember we work for a corporation that doesn't care about you, so why should you care about it?"

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