1. It also causes violence and starts up harassment campaigns against vulnerable people and hospitals. It's more than a little bit suspicious that you're fine with that.

  2. Harassment campaigns are not limited to a specific political ideology. People often choose to be labeled as vulnerable. I choose to fight the fights I can fight. I am fine knowing that there is plenty in this world beyond my control.

  3. That is such bullshit, and completely ignores what I said. You're perfectly fine with libs of tiktok encouraging attacks on people and hospitals. You're just another right wing stooge in favor of attacks on trans people and Healthcare.

  4. I'm a no wing stooge that favors attacks on eggs and bacon. I rarely ever think of trans people.

  5. This is not a chicken stand at 2:00 am mam, this is a commercial airline.

  6. The Perfect Republican. Hypocritical and full of $hit.

  7. From what I understand, voucher paid housing is subject to government inspection. Landlords would be forced to pay for the necessary repairs to meet the requirements, and landlords don't like paying for repairs.

  8. That's just the complaint I've heard from a few landlords I know. It's likely more than that.

  9. I lived in a weird time called the 90's and attended the largest public high school in my state. National merit awards went to many at my school, of which I was not included. Included were white kids, black kids, Asian kids, Native American kids, mixed kids, at least one gay kid, a Jew, a jock, a spaz, a couple dweebs, a rich kid, some not rich kids, and one horribly self important bitch. Don't remember anybody caring a whole lot.

  10. I failed section 1 having owned and managed 3 businesses. Nobody in my part of the world does business like section 1 implies.

  11. You realize that they almost had it and once you became confrontational, they stopped thinking again. Way to fuck up the teachable moment.

  12. He can drive it without all the damn noise too, I witnessed it yesterday. Also, his pony tail won't help him when I've finally had enough.

  13. It's a one on a million shot, but a million shots are traded in sparring matches every week.

  14. Well first, yes, having social safety net programs for Americans who have fallen on hard times is indeed a much more preferable use of tax dollars than cheap publicity stunts trafficking refugees that solves nothing at all.

  15. Oh, are we going to play the pedantic game? I'm sure you can find an example here or there of a tiny minority of individuals who have advocated for open borders, but they don't represent the vast majority of any political party or group, so again it's still just a strawman hyperbolic statement being used in lieu of actual substantive discourse on a complex issue.

  16. I think if you have terminal cancer you should legally be able to do whatever drugs you want

  17. As a somewhat experienced skier, I would wait for real snow. The fake stuff can be difficult, unforgiving, and it's randomly sharp enough to draw blood. Also, nothing Vail owns is inexpensive. You might consider renting equipment in KC if you have the means to get it to the hill. It could save time and $ and you'll get a good fit.

  18. How do so many "bad" players make NBA starting lineups? My guess is it starts with AAU coaches rolling the balls out in "practice". I never had close AAU talent, but I would have driven myself off a bridge if I shot 20% from three or 42% from the line.

  19. It's as if GMs will never learn from the hundreds of past mistakes.

  20. Some white twat down at city hall thought this was a pretty neat idea to help them feel a bit better about themselves.

  21. Hitting on a professor? Card trick? You're a skinny tie and some Ray Bans away from an 80's movie.

  22. You can park in my driveway by the Fieldhouse (assuming you'll have a car). I'll drive you down to Mass and then over to the game when you're ready. or we'll hit West Coast early. FYI, I'm cool as shit, like Bobby Knight, but funnier.

  23. Used a 'non binary' bathroom in France once. Used the urinal because, well that's how I'm equipped. Got screamed at for 30 seconds by a French lady in a language I don't speak. Some guy stepped in and let her have it right back, in a language I don't speak. I'll never know what I did or didn't do wrong.

  24. As a Jewish person I respectfully disagree. Of course what he said wasn’t the same as Kanye but it still sucked. Dave called out Kanye’s blatant anti-Semitism while spreading more casual anti-Semitism. He basically said Kanye’s mistake was saying the quiet part out loud (a similar joke was at the start of the barbershop skit). And then he tried to portray Kyrie Irving as a victim, and somehow argued that Jews were blaming Black people for anti-Semitism in general (that’s the statement that was so out there the audience was silent except the one guy who gave a “whoot”).

  25. To be honest looks like Vin diesal should be opening the door and walking out of the truck at any moment

  26. Take the L and turn around in the parking lot, you're holding up the line.

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