1. NTA for snapping at him but I think it would still be a good idea to apologise while explaining that it really irritates you when he pats you on the back.

  2. I'm in the UK and every time I see an advert on Facebook these days that has anyone not white in it, there's all these racist comments and comments about the company involved being "woke" and how you never see white people in adverts anymore. It makes me sad and scared for the future of this country, there are so many people who are shamelessly, blatantly racist.

  3. It is difficult. People usually don't like to admit that they drink heavily so I don't think the responses would be helpful. It's something that you have to pick up through clues in their profile and photos, like you say. If they have a drink in their hand in every photo or talk about their love of artisan gin and craft beer, it's unlikely they'll be a match for you as a teetotaler.

  4. It’s actually quite interesting what they are choosing to put restrictions on. The no white rice thing could have some logic to it, as brown rice is less processed and not bleached like white rice, and therefore more nutritious. Similarly for whole wheat bread. Albeit, I am sketched over the idea of the gov setting regulations on nutrition. But no fresh meat, only canned? That definitely breaks from the nutrition logic and suggests some insidious implications.

  5. Brown rice takes ages to cook though. Same with certain types of beans. It's inconveniencing poor people and costing them more in energy. They pretend it's about health but it's really about making things difficult and miserable for poor people to put them off claiming what they're entitled to.

  6. Holy shit what a good point. Wow. Never would have thought about that. It’s so gross and unnecessary.

  7. I'm in the UK where prices of electricity and gas have gone up massively in the past year (natural gas most people use to heat their homes with and many use for cooking). Lower income people are more likely to have to pre-pay for their energy, which costs more and means they run out rather than accumulating debt on bills. Some people on low incomes are in housing where they may not even have a proper kitchen.

  8. That's a massive betrayal and no doubt it's making you go back over old memories with a different perspective on them. Try not to get stuck in the past though. Grounding techniques can be helpful, reminding yourself that you're an independent, confident 27 year old, not your younger self who was abused and betrayed by Derek and Anna.

  9. You talk about having children with him in the future but you're already parenting him. You're being the adult while he's stuck in the teenager role. It doesn't sound like he's going to step up and take responsibility. I think if you have kids with him you're going to face an uphill struggle trying to get him to be an equal parent.

  10. +Eurasian Sparrowhawk+. Rounded wingtips mean this can't be a falcon, and the second photo shows the very wide light and dark bands that accipiters like sparrowhawks often have but Peregrines do not.

  11. Thank you very much. I was unsure because sparrowhawks are more often associated with flying low into gardens and peregrines with tall buildings but birds don't always behave exactly as the guides say they should.

  12. In my experience as a woman using Tinder, I got lots of matches but few conversations. Some men have admitted to me that they swipe right on all women and then only look at the profiles of the ones who are matches. Getting a match who then unmatches or doesn't respond when you try to start a conversation isn't very fulfilling either. I think apps like Tinder are frustrating for most people.

  13. I found getting a Bluetooth shower speaker and putting on cheesy 80s music helped when I was at my lowest point. Or some days I'd have a bubble bath and listen to music if I couldn't face standing up in the shower. I tend to browse the internet on my phone or watch videos while I brush my teeth and sometimes I'll sit on the floor outside the bathroom if I feel too tired to stand up and just stand up for the spitting and rinsing.

  14. Ordered plastic drinks glasses. Got 4 pairs of reading glasses.

  15. Had a Facebook memory today from 2009 where I was trying to find people to go to a brand new show, was only $18. I didn’t actually get to go. I wanted to slap 2009-Me for not just going somehow. I would kill to see them live one more time. Especially at a $18 venue.

  16. Oh yeah I miss how cheap gig tickets used to be. Now the prices have just got ridiculous. I'm not gonna pay £1000 to see them play a comeback show at the same venue I saw them play for £20.

  17. It does, but don't you ever touch the side of the kettle to figure out whether the water in it is hot or cold? Or just touch it by mistake?

  18. I'm in the UK and Boots sell a good saline spray. They used to just sell it in the kids' section but now they make a larger size for adults too. I use it before bed to clear my nose and prevent post-nasal drip.

  19. NTA. She decided she wanted to wear her wedding dress after seeing what the bride-to-be's wedding dress looks like. This is spiteful and if she feels that way she'd be better off not attending.

  20. Sarah Everard was "arrested" by a real cop in a hire car who murdered her. I can't imagine the horror she must have felt when she realised he wasn't taking her to the police station.

  21. In my experience, the only time being friends with an ex straight away works is when you both never developed any serious feelings. After breakups it's best to take time out to heal. It may be possible to be friends somewhere in the future but not so soon. If you're going to be friends, you have to be ok with them seeing other people.

  22. Your friend is bad with money. Some people just are. They may change as they get older but they may not.

  23. To me, it sounds like he's given up on the relationship in his own mind but didn't have the guts to tell you, so he was hoping you'd pick up on his lack of effort and break up with him. You deserve somebody who shows you they love you, not just says it but doesn't prioritise the relationship.

  24. You’re just jealous cause I’m young and in love / your stomachs filled up but your starved for conversation / you’re spending all your nights growing old in your bed / and tearing up your photos cuz you wanna forget it’s over

  25. I loved this when I was a teenager but now I'm in my thirties it makes me kind of sad because I feel old and emotions don't hit me the same way.

  26. Saying "Fact." after something that's most likely either their opinion or something they saw on Facebook that supports their opinion. Declaring it to be a fact doesn't make it true.

  27. ‘Says’; present continuous? How many wives does your brother have?!

  28. Only one so far, but they're hoping he will divorce her and his second wife won't say "bless".

  29. Yes, I can relate to this. Knowing where they are is easier than not knowing where and when they might appear. You're not alone in this. I'm also in a position where the stalking is more online than in person these days. I don't want to go into too much detail in case the person figures out my Reddit username.

  30. Oh I totally can but it's harder to keep track of two accounts and use the right one at the right time.

  31. I mean, you can have drama and problems in any relationship, but if you're looking something long term where you can live together and even start a family, this is likely to be much harder with the kind of men you describe.

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