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  1. I would've still swatted. One less bee ain't gonna make a difference

  2. I mean you don't need to be expert now lol it will come tumbling down. All that interest rate is gonna f*** up. Unless jpow bails them again smh

  3. This time it's happening lol. They can't sustain with these interest rate. The question now is who will fail and how we make money of that

  4. Kinda ironic with trump tax cuts and regulations loosening everyone was like max risky gamble and then COVID happened and fu*** those banks etc. I just wish we let these stupid banks and business stay dead

  5. Bruh that's like 3 years. You want us to start like expresident starting his campaign 2 years before election 😂

  6. Bruh I have never seen crystal casted before lol. I don't think even I have it. Rock sling fits everyone cast it I played 3/4 game with that spell lol

  7. Bro's we could have bought this bank with all money we sh** on calls and puts. Lend FED as the ultimate power move lol 😂

  8. We need a video game qa law passed. It's a billion dollars industry and people reliably spend 500+ in a year for games. Or specifically towards software qa.

  9. guys I'm sorry but we are of to a major war now. Gotta distract the poor retail investor somehow

  10. Because either the skilled people were layed-off or they retired. They need to retrain new people and they lost all efficiency.

  11. Thats just terrible. What is google smoking. Shit I might have sent personal stuff too

  12. So I am all for less spending but if you already have spent it and now payment is due you need to pay the bill period. Otherwise it just a bad outlook. Start by not giving money to other countries and we can go from there

  13. Witness the glorious burns boys. I'm fu** tomorrow but we live in interesting time 😃

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