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  1. my friends in India do not understand the humour from Office, and i have legit watched it 10-12 times now

  2. Try the British version. Bloody yankees stole only general idea, not jokes or personalities

  3. Knowing Latvia and the Baltics overall, can’t be surprised If somebody really said that. Some people there are really obsessed with everything British.

  4. What a nice wedding they have! Congrats to this sweet couple. Za zdorov’e!

  5. Judging by the accent, they could also be Ukrainians so...

  6. You are judging wrong. The accent is definitely Russian.

  7. Do you have a proof about thousands built 72s? Not a Russian one, obviously.

  8. Standard for retarded old fucks or what? Being from the UK I’ve never heard that something like this considered as prank

  9. It’s always like that. If we all are controlling the world where is my share?

  10. same! I told them I wanted to disconnect, so I handed in my 30 day notice. Retentions called me back the same day and gave me m200 for £25 and I was orginally paying £28 for m100. So they offered me a really good deal. They want to keep you, and they will call you back offering you a discount, each retentions team has different discounts available

  11. Spent another day on a phone trying to call them. Ended up they having 100m for 24 for another 18 months which alright for me :)

  12. Start the cancellation process. Should prick their ears up. And if not, go through with it and sign up again at a cheaper price once it’s cancelled.

  13. Every time I watch this channel it reminds me how actually it’s weird to leave in the states these days. I’m convinced that they are trying to find all that freaks, but I’m sure it’s not really hard, is it?

  14. I was so sick of this I left ATL, and the US last year permanently. Now living in awesome European city for $1000 a month for 3 bedroom in city center.

  15. Mongolia kinda having a bad time, still better than a lot countries out there, and Russia is doing pretty swell, Moscow is definitely better than most cities in the US & the UK(especially London). Regardless of what you may think life here is pretty good

  16. Take your 15 roubles and try not to spend everything on bayarishnik this time

  17. Op, I know you read all the comments, so I think it must be somewhere here. This is not a moral sub as someone said previously, but controlling your anger will help you one day. If you feel alright with slapping people and lying to the police - you need to rethink your life choices.

  18. Inappropriate comment is really downplaying a situation where someone comes to your house and threatens your children!

  19. OP needs to start controlling his anger, or something could happen to him one day. Btw, you can’t beat people if you don’t like what they’re saying. It doesn’t work like this, you know.

  20. Thanks for that insight. I suspect OP will be OK as long as people don't come to him house and threaten physical harm to his kids

  21. Who’s taking about any physical harm here? Please, find this place in the OPs post. We have a psycho who’s realised what’s done, and trying to find some comfort using this ‘abuse’ as an argument for slapping people.

  22. This area was of Polish majority and the repatration would still happen, so it wouldn’t be a problem at all

  23. This area was populated by Ukrainians all the time. Lviv was divided by Jewish, Polish and some Ukrainian communities, but it decently was not a 100% Polish city.

  24. Op, do you know where can I find a high resolution collection of his paintings? I tried to search on Google images, but found quite a few.

  25. For what it's worth, judging by your grammar and general writing you are not useless. You might be surprised how many people can't string a decent sentence together.

  26. That’s exactly what I thought when was reading through the OPs post. I think that it could be a great opportunity to start a blog or something about anything that OP finds interesting. There are some great opportunities to start as an independent blogger or even a writer these days. All you need is a basic Wordpress/ Medium account and some time for first readers to find it.

  27. NAL but just to point out the question here isn't whether you are the webmaster it's whether you are the data controller, and just for good practice you should have that clear between you and the German partners (you might be joint controllers).

  28. !thanks. Now I’m confident about the next steps.

  29. That's because it was Google with a massive turnover and there's absolutely no justifiable reason for a company that is a cornerstone of how the internet functions not to have compliant cookies. A small business (presumably not providing web services?) acting in good faith and responding to complaints isn't the same proposition at all. The ICO is a highly pragmatic regulator and they aren't interested in generating large fines. They want compliance.

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