TIFU by purchasing an expensive coffee machine and making a terrible discovery

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  1. Hold on a sec. Regular MSRP for a friggin Golf is $47k!? Hard pass.

  2. This is a Golf R. Definitely not what you're thinking about they're rockets.

  3. Ah. Still. 70 grand for a hot hatch? 70 grand will buy a lot of speed.

  4. 70 grand is absurd. No question. Without the dealer markup though it is a (more) reasonable price given the specs and rarity.

  5. So Korean truckers protesting = good but Canadian truckers protesting = bad?

  6. Very different reasons. If the Canadian protest was about working conditions, pay rates, etc they likely would have had a lot of support. Complaining about restrictions that the federal government applied to everyone, blocking borders, and being completely ignorant to the fact that the American border still had those same restrictions in place is not the same thing. Even if the feds had dropped their restrictions, the same situation would apply because they wouldn't be allowed into the US.

  7. Maybe a dumb question but do they pay fuel costs out of their own pockets? Do truck drivers in the US do this?

  8. In the US/Canada if you're a company driver (they give you the truck and equipment, you just drive it) then the company pays for fuel, repairs, maintenance.

  9. I haven't heard of or seen rain checks in ages. Where do they still do those? Something in my memory says they were phased out years ago but maybe that was just one retailer.

  10. I was absolutely shocked when packaged salads were $7.99/bag and still almost sold out!!!

  11. It sucks, and I see it all the time too. This one I don't really blame the stores though there's a real issue with the farms right now.

  12. 90 day driving prohibition for DUI? No wonder so many dickheads keep doing it.

  13. Such a sad situation.... It was hard enough to read your post and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for everyone involved. Take the time you need to heal mentally, and I hope her family is able to find a way to get through this tragedy. My condolences.

  14. Got to see justice like this earlier today on I-95. I had pulled up behind an incognito (but not unmarked though) police Explorer and started matching his speed of 80-85mph in the left lane.

  15. As a Canadian seeing 'matched the cop at 80-85mph' is absolutely wild. Definitely jealous.

  16. It’s Florida. I wave at the cops doing the speed limit of 70 when I cruise by doing 80. They’re waiting for the morons doing 100+ while weaving in and out of traffic

  17. Wow. In most areas of BC (where I live) doing 85 would get your car towed on the spot, instant license suspension and massive fines. With a small exception for certain remote highways where we're allowed to go 70. Most are max 55 or 60.

  18. Me and my coworkers always talk about it. It’s like a secret within the trade not to tell anyone else how good we have it because people will take our jobs or something. But in 5-10 years 1/3 of the industry is gonna retire. We need the kids to start learning this stuff now

  19. I've seen vastly different accounts on what it takes to get into HVAC. Everything from it's so easy anyone can do it in six months to no it takes years of schooling then years of slave-pay apprenticeship.

  20. It’s a mixed bag. I’ve been in it nearly 8 years and I’m still an apprentice. That’s not to say apprentices get slave pay. I haven’t made under $25 an hour since my first year and I’m well over $100k this year, as an apprentice.

  21. That's a solid explanation (and I hope anyone else here who had the same question benefits too). Thanks for that.

  22. Edmonton has a snow removal budget of $60 million while Vancouver (city) has $4 million. You'd be passing on the increase in taxes into everyone regardless.

  23. Winnipeg also has an arrangement/law/policy which brings into action construction equipment from around the city during serious snowfall. It is an on-call thing, but construction companies are paid to run graters, etc around and fix shit up on the quick when it gets bad.

  24. The city could also invest in some brush trucks like

  25. 100%. That would help get ahead of it before it starts to build up.

  26. If your car overheats, set your A/C to fan only and set it to the hottest setting and open all your windows.

  27. Don't set the A/C. Fan only. To max heat yes.

  28. Depends on the strength. If it's weak coffee then that's a fair bit but not horrible. If it's strong coffee you need to get checked out.

  29. These buses are very difficult to drive in slick / snowy conditions, but not impossible. I drove them in Calgary for years.

  30. Interesting to learn. Does this apply to hills too? It won't idle to a start on a hill it would rollback, requiring throttle.

  31. They can start on hills, at least the ones in Calgary which are not near as steep as Van. However, senior drivers often described it best as "pushing a wet noodle up hill".

  32. How tffff this man done get through there

  33. Single axle truck, single axle trailer. Cabover. Very tight turning radius is the only way this works. One of the reasons you won't see many American trucks over in Europe or other countries with tight roads.

  34. For me it's been the opposite. I have no time to eat or shit. I just starve and fart all day long, real suvival stuff. By the time I'm able to eat I'm like Adrien Brody trying to open a can of pickles.

  35. I get the hustle but going all day and starving yourself constantly can be quite bad for your body, sugar levels, etc. At the very least might be good to speak with a dietician and find out what you can do to avoid long term issues.

  36. Same thing happened when I started with swift. Multiple accidents in the 5 months I was there. I quit thinking I didnt want to fuck up my cdl anymore then I already did. Instead they sent a letter in the mail after I turned my truck in a few weeks before. Saying I was fired for safety reasons. Haven’t been able to find a company in the 3 years since. I say stay with it if they will keep you employees with them. You won’t find another job if you leave now.

  37. I'm curious in your case could you maybe find work as a yard dog (I'd think easier hiring requirements) and after six months or a year of that if you have a clean record there maybe try applying again for full trucking jobs?

  38. I'm sure the optics play a role here but a slight breeze could turn that into a fatality. There has to be a safer way....

  39. You have a license which opens a lot of doors.

  40. I find it surprising that that game required motion capture. We're his tiny, pixelated, overhead-view punches really that hard to do without a live model?

  41. To their credit the reporter did say it was being captured for use in another game.

  42. I prefer having a windshield I can actually look out of. If I wanted to drive a vehicle with vision slits I’d just drive a tank instead of a truck.

  43. We offer multiple delivery options including liftgate service and APC delivery

  44. Your house is on fire. You're trapped inside.

  45. That's the cool thing. This is actually a link. To an article. With information.

  46. Gonna say the unpopular thing, Salmon tastes terrible.

  47. Farmed salmon tastes terrible. Wild salmon - done right - is quite the experience. But to each their own.

  48. know what, that could be right tbh. I live very middle of the US, not a lot of salmon here.. could all be farmed

  49. Oh my god!!! Do they not have dial before you dig over there???

  50. Even those are not always 100% accurate. I've been on many sites that were 'cleared' of utilities only to find fibre, or a gas line, etc directly under the digging area.

  51. Oh really? I’m in australia and we get plans sent to us with all the different things marked out!

  52. Same here in Canada. They'll send you their maps of the lot, or sometimes they'll send out a technician with equipment to trace the lines from the ground.

  53. All that energy used mine and ship the raw materials…all the fuel burned to turn it into sheets…just so they can spend more energy and fuel…to throw it all back in the ground. #capitalism

  54. Glass is quite recyclable. I don't expect this will go to waste it will be recycled into new glass.

  55. Depends if the dues are charged every stub. In my experience they will charge dues once per month, so it only shows up on the first paycheque of the month and not the second.

  56. Based on pay period hours vs YTD hours and doing the same for dues, it appears it is $83/week

  57. Granted, but if you look at YTD on the hours he has only worked 126hrs so far this year. That's three weeks.

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