1. That the person recording did nothing wrong and was within their legal rights.

  2. Yes, it is legal to film in public. My point was that a lot of auditors instigate people in post offices, even in private business, and also a lot of them instigate cops. They pretend to care about their right to film but what they're actually doing is trying to get a reaction from people. That's what gets them views. Why would a random guy enter a post office with a huge ass camera and say that he's going to film his transaction? C'mon, do you actually believe that? These guys only care about their wallets. In this video the cop shouldn't have escalated the situation. In fact, cops should try to deescalate conflicts.

  3. It's cool that they took elements from the '89 suit for this iteration/Three Jokers but it's also weird imo

  4. Do you mean the belt, grapple gun and oval yellow symbol? I like it.

  5. I doubt it. Well on iPhone, they’re only activated when you tap and hold on the Lock Screen, and it’s just playing a 5 second video, not simulating any effects. Should be alright. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for answering. Do you know how this works on Android? Do I need a specific app to run this?

  7. No idea to be honest. I remember some people mentioning how to do it in my other post that I linked in my comment. A google search can probably give you better answers too. But they claimed that it does work

  8. I disagree. Jared Leto was the worst, by far. He had two chances and didn't get it. He didn't understand the character and couldn't get into it. His laugh is terrible, his mannerisms feel like he's trying too much and his looks are terrible (all tattooed, grills). My favorite is still Heath, and then Joaquin.

  9. It's just a long- haired dude with an Explorer. He doesn't look like James.

  10. I wonder if they are still gonna release the movie after this. I can't lie, I liked what I saw in the trailer and VFX video. I hope the guy improves as a person.

  11. I've watched this movie countless times when I was a kid. I had the VHS. It was a guilty pleasure. From time to time I go to YouTube and watch a few scenes and I always have a good laugh.

  12. It's a post that really doesn't add much. We're not gonna change OP's mind anyway. So why post it if he's not even interested in discussing the topic?

  13. It's not just OP, every single comment on that except for mine is just "black album is trash". I just don't get how this many people can't stand music that isn't thrash all the way, I can understand people not liking fast music but this I just don't get. The Black Album is amazing and the emotion it conveys in songs like The Unforgiven I'd just amazing, and I think it's the coolest sounding Metallica album tied with Master of Puppets so why do people hate it so much? Do they seriously think hating the black album is cool?

  14. I think it's a vocal minority. The Black Album is praised by most people. It is a game changer for the industry and a genius album. I love TBA, I like Load and Reload as well. I've seen a lot of people on this sub that agree with me.

  15. So who's betting on actual mental illness and who bets on too much cocaine?

  16. I hope they get help. It seems like they don't want to be helped or think they don't need it. I truly hope they get their shit together.

  17. I assume when the work dries up and he can't afford to live like that anymore he may have a moment of clarity.

  18. Yeah, I hope it doesn't get to this point though. And I hope nobody else gets hurt.

  19. Imagine if they do a Metallica by request for a new DVD/Blu-Ray and this is the set. C'mon, we can dream. I want a new one with the same value production as "Orgullo, Passión Y Gloria" and "Français Pour Une Nuite".

  20. idk man yousician sounds cringe

  21. I never used it. Just saw the video and posted. Another user posted his impressions.

  22. Its awful. I was so excited for this. Each song has a 2 min intro video from james and kirk that are pretty non informative and then they “teach” one riff and its taught by a yousician instructor. One of the “riffs” was literally the intro to nothing else matters and the instructor didn’t even finger pick it

  23. It’s basically an elaborate concert film with a side plot about a roadie who almost dies while trying to find a bag for the band. Though the plot is weird it’s a great concert film.

  24. I agree. The plot is the weak part. The concert is AWESOME though.

  25. That's awesome. Watched a video of them playing War Pigs. It seemed they had a great time. Good shots man!

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