1. It's called Google reviews. If it's above 4.5 and has a respectively high volume of reviews compared to it's peers, you are golden. Helps to look at recent reviews too in case they've gone down the shitter.

  2. That's funny because last time I went with a highly rated broker in our immediate area and they were totally and utterly useless.

  3. I pray they never change it, its well open now you can go everywhere but it won't last forever I assume, Def no longer with a jeep....

  4. Well, it's quite likely going to become part of a new national park soooo... probably not.

  5. It's wild the random places you can see the towers from (e.g. just driving down Tecumseh Road near Howard)

  6. Hah. I was basically going to post exactly this and got distracted mid reply and forgot about it.

  7. There's a whole study of the current section of the project

  8. I have two small kids, and they cost about $30,000 per year, or thereabouts. About one third of that is daycare ($12,000) and another $5000 for university savings. We spent about $15,000 more on a car this year because we had two kids rather than one. Over 5 years that is $3,000 year. The remaining $10,000 or so is for other stuff like clothes, food, sports, entertainment and vacations. Shit adds up fast. Yes, we could spend less by not taking as many vacations or not playing hockey, or whatever, but let's not pretend that kids aren't RIDICULOUSLY expensive, because they are.

  9. The greatest observed 3 hr Kp over the past 24 hours was 5 (NOAA Scale G1). The greatest expected 3 hr Kp for Mar 25-Mar 27 2023 is 4.67 (NOAA Scale G1).

  10. I wouldn't get hung up on a dark sky preserve. Just use a

  11. I hope to see some tonight! Left Toronto to go north, I'm as far as Bolton right now and I don't know how far I want to go... Just want to find a place with little light pollution

  12. Uh, are you watching any actual auroral forecast websites/apps?

  13. Yes, and the activity is still supposed to be high tonight.

  14. Have you been over at all recently? It's not. There may be a grocery deal here or there, but after exchange, it often kills many deals. You don't even need to go over there, just load up the Kroger/Meijer/Walmart/etc website and take a look. The prices are right there.

  15. The easiest answer is to just leave them outside over the winter. Leave them as they lay or spread them out where you want them to grow. Assuming they're not tropical milkweed, they don't need a ton of help. I find volunteer seedlings growing in my garden every year. They come from the seeds from my existing plants.

  16. Looks like a great show exceeding expectations has already started tonight. Take a look if you can

  17. Start by researching the "solar wind". Hint: despite it's name, it has nothing to do with actual wind

  18. And solar max is still years away. This will hopefully be only one of many such strong displays.

  19. Awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen the Northern Lights since I moved to Ontario 19 years ago, even when camping.

  20. We need more neighbourhoods like what Remington park used to be ...starter / retirement homes that people could actually afford ..now even Remington park is not affordable, especially with all of the smaller old homes being torn down and replaced with expensive subdivision homes.

  21. Yeah, those don't exist anymore. No one builds them. Not enough profit in it for the builders I guess?

  22. There's the aforementioned fact that you may be leaving money on the table.

  23. Regardless of what the company says, and while fully considering your own personal financial situation, I say go for the maximum amount of time that you can comfortably afford using both. That's all that matters. You are legally entitled to it. What goes on at work while you are gone is none of your concern. Take the leave AND the vacation. If you can, not 100% sure from your post.

  24. I haven't heard anything about this, can you provide a link / reference? I'm not doubting you, I just have my first child coming in August so this is very relevant to me :)

  25. I feel like this was an add-on and not the original reason for the traffic stop..

  26. Oh 100% used it and it's great! But sometime they dont have much or any produce.

  27. Probably because it seems to be pretty popular so you're competing against a bunch of other people for whatever they have.

  28. I don't know if it was the exact same type but in the park behind princess Elizabeth grade school there was a tower with a siren on it that we used to climb. I'd say a hundred feet up, it was right by the baseball diamonds but I'm not sure if it's still there. The school is at the end of Thompson boulevard.

  29. I'm going to assume that one was similar to the very publicly visible siren

  30. If you have insurance, check out Superstore. Been getting mine there for years. They usually have sales like buy one get one, 40,000+ optimum points or if your a CAA member save 30% on every purchase. Glasses also come with a two year protection plan as well. I recommend the one on Dougall :-)

  31. Yeah, this is what we've done for the past number of years.

  32. Click on the current wait time of the emergency room you want to view and it'll show the historic wait trends.

  33. MBNA (which is owned by TD) True Line. 0% for 12 months with 1% fee through Credit Karma.

  34. The size and motion of large heavenly bodies like the sun, planets, and their moons are well understood, so... yes. NASA has the info on upcoming solar eclipses for the next

  35. I was going to post this at the one year and counting mark but you beat me to it.

  36. Sure there is. Behind Circle K is the designated spot. There's usually an encampment or two you may have to navigate in order to do so though.

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