1. My partner certainly sprouted a bunch when he found out we were having a baby. I’m guessing the increased hair growth and strand retention from pregnancy hormones and vitamins is making them more obvious - are they coming from the same few areas or are they just kinda all over?

  2. Daughter has a tongue tie. She had trouble latching, but doctor said just watch the tie and decide down the road if anything needs to be done.

  3. As an adult with moderate tongue tie, learning to pronounce foreign languages has been made more difficult for me. I cannot roll my r’s when attempting to speak Spanish and have been made fun of on more than one occasion despite trying my best (by well intentioned people, but the ego can only take so much). I also struggle with certain sounds that are not in English more than other language learners because my tongue is physically limited in learning and mastering these sounds. (It might not help that I’m starting from a midwestern accent, but I digress.)

  4. I wish you'd write Obama about returning those thirty MILLION documents to the National Archives. It's been 6 years already.

  5. You mean the National Archives that has approved their longterm display, storage, and digitization efforts at the Obama Presidential Center Museum that they’re building in Chicago? That NARA, that has maintained custody of those documents in the Chicago area at an approved National Archives location until the center has been completed??

  6. a kid growing up needing that much stimulation just for a bath is gonna have adhd

  7. Your table looks tiny or your cat is absolutely huge, or both?

  8. Now it says they’ll be landing in a few minutes - test flight??

  9. F16s frolicking in their natural habitat, how beautiful 🥰

  10. You just readed a sentence from somebody that's studying English on C1 level still struggles with the basic sentences. My English isn't just great at all.

  11. If you don’t mind, I’ll fix your comment a bit so you can see what American English speakers expected to see -

  12. Even this isn't the best translation. Punctuation and sentence structure matter.

  13. I figured I’d get their comment to a more standard and functional level of understanding instead of completely tearing their comment apart. I didn’t want to explain it all the way to technical perfection because that would be an essay and I feel that’s a bit unwarranted.

  14. I used to dye my pidgeons so the hunters know its a pet pidgeon and not a wild one

  15. Do the ladies on horseback come with the house too?

  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Returning_soldier_effect

  17. Try searching for “lightning crotch” - it happens at any point throughout pregnancy but it can certainly happen early on. I personally think it’s the cervix doing its best to square up and stimulate good mucus plug growth, but I have no idea on that - it just feels like it’s going through my cervix. (Now that I’m at the 36 week mark, it feels like my cervix is trying its best to hang in there...)

  18. Is that like a Doja Cat cover artist?

  19. That’s hilarious! Your brain is like “I told you we were hungry, this is how you made me feel!”

  20. You are gorgeous! This is such an amazing look, I love your everything. The no foundation helps you glow so much.

  21. No, this individual is so entitled they don’t want to pay for housing like everyone else because—

  22. Today you have encountered what it is to be

  23. Third trimester abortions are less than 1% of all abortions and are almost exclusively for life-incompatible medical issues. Third trimester abortions are heartbreaking but it beats developing sepsis while waiting to deliver a stillborn or a baby without a skull.

  24. I feel like we’re missing out over here we have the little Einstein one with the play mat for my little kicker

  25. We have the Baby Einstein one too - I think we’re only missing out because of how catchy the Fisher Price songs are? I’m not sure though.

  26. Well, good thing she was voted in already.

  27. I just had a timezone meltdown. I’ll spare my original comment. It’s definitely 6pm CST, so 7pm EST, and 5pm MST, 4pm PST, or 00:00 GMT.

  28. 😱😱😱 that’s awesome! I’ve never met another chairman before

  29. I call my Mr. Mao “Chairman Mao” sometimes because he will steal my seat so quickly. He did it to me just this morning.

  30. I reported some posts by some guy who was posting the same weird visual essay about the intellect of cats in a bunch of cat subreddits yesterday. By your stance, I’m somehow in the wrong to do that even though it’s irrelevant for the cat subs? I view it like picking up a piece of litter when I’m outside. I like to help keep the communities I care for clean. I expect cat photos in my cat photos subreddits, not unhinged philosophical ramblings by some guy.

  31. Curtailing adults behavior. Yeah, no. We're adults, and we moderate our own behavior. If someone says something you don't like, tell them, or mute them. It's your choice. Look up positive rights and negative rights.

  32. Are you forgetting that there’s a not-insignificant userbase of reddit that are not adults though?

  33. This reminds me of the looks vampires get before they sink into some tasty neck. The temptation. The scent. Can’t resist!

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