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  1. Omar going out breakfast in silk pyjamas and coming back with a whole stash

  2. I think everything about tusk was executed exceptionally. I have no desire to ever see it again.

  3. Tusk is a movie that is definitely worth seeing, but anybody who has seen it more than once should definitely be on some sort of list.

  4. Leaving Las Vegas has got to be on this list

  5. First name that came to mind. Not sure what that says...about either of us

  6. Is this actually Ray Liotta's last movie? Going out on a high (?)

  7. Not sure what's confusing about it. It's The Wicker Man made the guy that did The Raid, essentially. It was horrible, brutal, disturbing, and very mangle-y. Loved it.

  8. Greatshield. Havel's if you can find it. Tank the hits. Wait for the right time to hit. Repeat

  9. Yeah, it really is better than it has any right to be. Hands down best DC TV.

  10. So when you've finished it, go and read the books. The show doesnt exactly do it dirty, but it doesnt hold a candle to how fucked up and brilliant the books are.

  11. There's a Russian movie called The Fortess that is pretty nuts.

  12. I think crystal sage actually gave me more issue first playthrough, abyss watchers was the very first boss I beat first try

  13. Ditto. Was only later I realised they are not too well liked.

  14. PM me, dude. I get bored easy so I'll talk about anything. Better late than never, right?

  15. Holy shit... Is that the slightly porky ginger kid from the sandlot? Like, for real though.

  16. Mainly I don’t want to spend 10 minutes waiting for a 30 second cut scene.

  17. Oooo Tusk. I should've said Tusk for No. 4. Freakin love that movie.

  18. Honestly, I'm throwing away the best friendship I ever had because of the fucking paranoia. After 20 years, i think I've had enough. If anyone feels like consoling/helping out a would be quitter, than would be great.

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