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  1. These prices are not crazy. Tyler, Kendrick, Keem, Lil Yachty, Kali Uchis, and like 20 other artists for two days is not crazy for $360. Mfs were paying $400 to get shitty seats at tylers cmiygl tour.

  2. Anyone got any leaks on the lineup? Wanting to go, but I’m from out of state so finding trouble justifying cost

  3. only thing i know is that kendrick and keem probably headliners, and lil yachty is playing bc he’s in cali in november but has no tour dates for nov 11-12

  4. domo genesis, the garden, kali uchis, jaden smith, asap rocky maybe ? idk these are all guesses, i’m going based off of people who have performed at cfg before and people who i know he’s friends/acquaintances with. i’d say brockhampton but they aren’t together anymore (💔💔)

  5. the garden? have they preformed there before? they seem like not the same genre

  6. i dont think so, i shouldve gotten something that tells me that, right?

  7. can you convince ppl not to go? cause then they deny their application and i maybe get off of the waitlist lmao

  8. I think I heard they come in waves by major. Don’t loose hope

  9. i’m really hoping that’s it. have you heard anything about writing major applicants?

  10. the exact same shit happened to me and i am in the top 9% elc.

  11. i thought if you were top 9 you were guaranteed entry to a uc? but yea it’s just a combo of so many more out of state ppl applying and ucs dealing with reduced housing and over admitting during covid

  12. Girl, go to community, get your ges done and go to a better uc. This shit is not enjoyable for most of the people here. Almost everyone I know hates it.

  13. cool, did you just send it to the office of admissions?

  14. Damn wish they release something similar they are clean

  15. they kinda did, look up dunk low lunar eclispe, closest i can find to smth like this, they expesnive asf tho

  16. r these gonna drop in record stores or should i not do all that searching just to save 10 bucks on shipping?

  17. yes it is, dude is putting up a $10m ask for a shoe he doesn't have because he knows nobody's gonna buy it lmfao. theres 24 pairs in the world, nobody's selling theirs on stockx

  18. whats the difference between the vinyl he just dropped now in the us and that one?

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