1. That’s quite literally impossible (cheat developer here) there is absolutely no way to hack a process externally through P2P network on GTA:O and inject malware on ring 1 or kernel level lmao. Like literally impossible. This is laughable fear mongering. At best there is crashes, you could also get your IP pulled if not using a VPN or VPS and be DDoS’ed. “cracked launcher” hahaha. Silly

  2. Since you’re a cheat developer, do you know what kind of data is exchanged between players of a lobby? Are there strings of data that a player can send directly to another that can be changed to contain a RAT/Keylogger?

  3. R* save data char portal and the other few portals you connect to where it would theoretically be possible for something to implement a MitM attack are encrypted (often sha/aes256++) on their own servers. So unless they literally hacked rockstar or had backdoored themselves they cannot possibly implement a RAT or even a keylogger, most UD RAT’s require UAC bypass and a win 0day to stay under the radar, often obfuscating themselves with a win process and then kernelling the process to stay obfus. The chances of you being hacked for playing on an online server of rockstar is slim to none. As for the P2P strings of data between players it’s simple datasets you can pull, geo, isp, open port, sometimes you can farm different data such as join method etc.

  4. Still need a grill and a windshield replaced... Fun to drive though.. Surprised how much pep the 1.4l turbo has.

  5. Long-term exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide can also lead to neurological symptoms, such as: difficulty thinking or concentrating. frequent emotional changes – for example, becoming easily irritated, depressed, or making impulsive or irrational decisions.

  6. Nah the descriptive drawing is crazy 😭 can’t get outta that onee

  7. How’re the lucky golds compared to the red

  8. Lighter, more airy draw but surprisingly packs a nicotine kick. I prefer them over the reds. 9/10 if you smoke lights, 6/10 if you smoke reds in general.

  9. Search up the model name of your apartment’s machines and then go search that on google/eBay for the master key. You can “unlock” your own machine and never have to pay again, life-hack I did a while back when money was tight.

  10. Completely, I believe it’s the epitome of modern day degeneracy to charge people who literally pay you to live in your complex a petty $2 just for the basic human right to cleanliness. You should just be able to type the numbers out or whatever it says on the machine and yeah, simple. ( :

  11. Sym you hyper analyze niggas and comment predictions and politics of niggas who you have no affiliation to. You’re kin to no one.

  12. Who’s out here perking a hi point with extendo… superrrr jammer.

  13. Not even, my cousin is a Architect in culiacan they pay her like 50,000 pesos a month. Then again utilities don't cost much there. In Monterey they pay way more

  14. Your cousin is not middle class making over $100 a day lol. Those are good wages even in America. She’s high class.

  15. There’s an m4 on your attachments bud

  16. Iirc in Mexico (and many or most?) other countries, all beaches are public. Coming as a tourist to get some natives expelled is another level of douchery

  17. Step one, learn Arabic, step 2 purchase taliban uniform, step 3 walk into base, take some stuff and leave.

  18. Didn’t know I signed up for literal MilitaryPorn

  19. Just keep trying to reconnect and if it persists after 6 attempts, restart steam and fivem or your PC. It’s a false positive ban identifier mistaking you for another user due to some servers having clogged up backlogs for bans. You aren’t actually banned, don’t worry (:

  20. Are you sure? It's still giving me that ban error after restarting five, steam and even my PC? I don't get what the hell is going on.

  21. Must be a server side issue, you could try contacting them through their respective and ask for support, or if they have a website or something.

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