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  1. When bullies at my school on conference day in Year 12 began teasing me for having different skin colour as my parents, I then proceeded to think about it, asked my mother and she admitted I was in fact adopted. My 21 year old heart was broken. Absolutely shattered.

  2. Disagreed although there is a few pretty good songs on it.

  3. Thank you! Yep, everything was DIY (we actually recorded this in a wardrobe haha 😅)

  4. A wardrobe? Wow. And you doing a giveaway is very generous, good on you mate. I'll probably have a go, because why not.

  5. Ah oops, meant to say a walk-in wardrobe (not like a wooden wardrobe). And yep, feel free to have a go!

  6. Ohhh okay, that makes more sense but still is very surprising, as I said earlier, well done on the song, keep grinding.

  7. nothing, I'll spare you the road rage and needing to hear "YOU FARKING SHIT CUNT" when you're going to woolies.

  8. He is top bloke, just look at him and you can tell.

  9. Dude this is a good meme but I cried because mu school serves rectangle cheese sticks instead of cylinders

  10. Hey, don't worry, I'm here for you.

  11. He started it off perfectly, "Aye big boy" and ended with the classical "You farkin dog"

  12. Hahahahaha, I was about to say fuck going to Tasmania.

  13. I never even knew the plaza 2 was a thing, cool

  14. Best rapper alive - hear that line used less often.

  15. I am all for Joey but I wouldn't say B4DA$$ is as good as GKMC.

  16. I'd say AABA is just a bit better than it, but damn this album is a banger.

  17. The art presented in this art is art.

  18. Now that looks like a certified authorised contractor if you ask me.

  19. Fuck the both of them, I use an aldi bad if I go into either shop.

  20. I suppose you can say the same about Big-W bags in K-mart.

  21. I've had questionable milk flavours but this... this will haunt my dreams.

  22. Why do you have to make me look bad in front of my only friends, like this one time can you not outplay me?

  23. Are you in bloody woop woop or what mate?

  24. My prayers are going out to you. 🙏

  25. Makes sense that Australian is stronger than English.

  26. I mean sorry for the late response but mate, YouTube exists. Pretty sure the AFL themselves/YouTube-account were streaming it or something.

  27. My prayers going out to this man/woman. 🙏🙏

  28. Yeah, saw that massive tosser on the news the other day.

  29. I feel bad pro Jared already has enough on his plate

  30. Yeah, Jared Fogle did nothing wrong.

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