1. I completed my third run of days gone last week and an struggling to find something to play now. It is just such a good game.

  2. Horizon Zero Dawn? No survival mechanics but definitely open world shooter. RDR2 also.

  3. Yaknow what? I actually enjoyed Armada more than Ready Player 2

  4. Was ready player 2 enjoyable? Tried starting it and didn't get far.

  5. you need your wife to convince 😮 just buy the damn thing 😁

  6. I'm seeing some tickets available still.... $1,856.00 USD.....WTF Metallica!! This is probably resale tickets. I also don't have an unlock code until Fifth Member (not Legacy).

  7. Most likely the official platinum tickets

  8. That's a crime. It is literally price gouging. Of course there will be high demand! How is this allowed?

  9. I thought OP was just overreacting until I read this and zoomed 🤣😂🤣

  10. OMFG....i thought I had seen everything. Holy shit this is next level.

  11. He's 58 years old. I think he deserves some slack.

  12. Yeah, just a bit. I laid on the couch for a bit and cried a bit out, just had some dinner and now I'm feeling a bit better? Everyone's support here has helped too. =)

  13. Another suggestion but from a fellow member of the sub: have a list of things you need to do (school or work tasks, chores, bills, etc.). Then have a list of things you COULD do if you had time and chose to do one of them.

  14. With depression, I can’t be bothered to start. With Executive Dysfunction I desperately want to start but can’t. It’s frustrating. Same result, different feelings.

  15. You're fine. Worst case you get a verbal or written warning for the mistake, if this is a big corporate place. If it's a small shop then maybe. But you can easily find a job like this if you know what you are doing. Don't let it worry you just use it as a lesson to double check orders, etc.

  16. They intentionally cut power to millions to save the grid. There were rotating blackouts due to the reduced generation capacity but more than anticipated load and additional generation outages caused them to cut power to save the grid.

  17. Already sold out. Yeah it parts out for $700. Woulda liked to snag one.

  18. Damn there’s a dude below who was arrested twice in less than a week

  19. I saw that one, guess he felt he needed to finish the job?

  20. Time is money. You were getting a deal, in my opinion, at $60 per mow. I live in a metro suburb and have a tiny ass lawn and cheapest I could get pre inflation was $35 at about 40-ish mows per year.

  21. If the OP is whining about mowing his lawn what are the chances he is going to care about learning small engine repair?

  22. I think he cares to learn, but going from learning to mow to fixing small engines is a large step. But at 225 per mow, I'd be in the same boat as OP. He was getting a fantastic deal on an acre anyway.

  23. If there's one aspect of an airport that absolutely should have backup power, it's the control tower/comms. Crazy how that doesn't seem to be the case here.

  24. Not a lot of details, which is probably intentional, but what is there sounds like some part of the backup power (small generator) was the problem. Whatever the case, there was a fire inside the tower and that isn't good either.

  25. It's too bad, they were sort of entertaining if you can look beyond the wackadoo crazy shit and realize he's trolling.

  26. Don’t know what “running his moth” is but knowing Cruz it’s probably not good

  27. Thank you! We will launch with 1-10 player coop, with experimental modes allowing for more players.

  28. Glad to hear it supports one player co-op, I can't usually get a time with others.

  29. I might get it just for the fact it has no stickers. It would be nice to build something and not worry about stickers.

  30. Days gone , hands down one of the best games I've ever played , haven't enjoyed a game this much since sleeping dogs

  31. Sometimes the wasp is a little bit on fire, making the game even more fun!

  32. In Tampa, FL, as per my observation builders are making small price cuts 5-10k at a time but I noticed few days back there is no price history available at all. It was there before. Looking forward what happens next.

  33. Almost all residential that wasn't already in the build stage has stopped in my area (Houston). There are many areas that have been cleared and in various states of land prep now just sitting empty and barren.

  34. This is awesome, can you give me more info on this?

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