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my father set a password..... to the fucking thermostat

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  1. Is the wet grass really absorbing it that fast or are the blades of grass just letting the water escape through the sides?

  2. Ever watered a dry and thirsty plant vs a plant that was watered the day before? The soil is much looser in wet soil vs dry, and the water penetrates every square inch of that soil much better. The soil is healthy and can maintain nutrients better.

  3. The point he's trying to make is valid, but it's a terrible "uncontrolled" way of showing it. It's incredibly obvious that the left most example simply has blades of grass providing pathways for air to get into the cup and displace the water. The right most example has an almost perfect seal on the other hand.

  4. You don't think people should be made fun of, but you are part of a huge group of people attacking me online for pointing out that maybe we shouldn't call people whales?

  5. What a stupid comparison. Someone in a wheelchair can't actually do something about his condition, a fat person can undoubtedly do something about it unless it's a medical condition and quite often even then.

  6. There are medical conditions that can make you retain water but there aren't any that can make you fat. If you don't eat, you WILL NOT BE FAT. Period the end. It would break the laws of thermodynamics if somehow you still were.

  7. I love the white jeep but I’ve totally got a thing for all black

  8. I mean, brushing your teeth is mindless, especially if you've got those spinny ones. I don't see the harm in just scrolling through stuff. I read stories or watch youtube on my phone while I do mine.

  9. Jesus Christ people... You can disconnect from the screen for thirty seconds.

  10. You've yet to explain why it's bad to spend those 30 seconds reading a book on your phone or something.

  11. It's bad to spend every waking second glued to a screen. If you're spending the 30 seconds it takes to brush your teeth while on your phone, then you're absolutely spending the remainder of the day on it too.

  12. It's not really gore, you don't actually see anything other than the mother disappearing. Still pretty horrifying though.

  13. I jumped off a solid awning thing (I don't know what to call it) above the entrance to my apartment building when I was like 11 years old because I climbed up, but I was scared to climb down. Slipped when I landed and fell right on my tailbone. I was 5 ft 10 at the time. I'm still 5'10 today. I'm convinced that I stopped growing because of that incident.

  14. Could be, but you could also just have a big "ape index". A lot of basketball players for example have much larger wingspans than their height. Almost every single one of them has a longer wingspan than their height to some degree.

  15. I'm just curious... why did you say "incorrect" without knowing AT ALL if you were right? I mean, this is a pretty simple either you know about it, or you don't type of thing, and you clearly didn't know about it. So why did you say "incorrect" with such confidence? I didn't know about it until today, so you know what I did? Nothing.

  16. There are standard procedures for this kind of thing. Taping up a person's mouth isn't one of them. The procedures set an example. This is inappropriate.

  17. Apparently it's an actual fully legal remedy for someone who's being disruptive that's been used for a long time. TIL.

  18. It disturbs me to think that having the memory of a goldfish confers a political advantage.

  19. A little off topic but, don't for one second think that all of these statements and shows aren't EXTREMELY CALCULATED and thought over for a very long time before going to air. The people making decisions about what makes it to fox news and what doesn't are extremely smart people with a very pointed agenda. What they do seems ridiculous and stupid in a montage like this but it actually WORKS on the people that believe in it. It's legitimate brain washing and propaganda 24/7, and that kind of shit really does work on people.

  20. Did you mean to say soulmate instead of SO? SO just means significant other so people wouldn't "think" that they met them within a certain radius, they'd know exactly where they met them.

  21. I have never seen one in Queensland. I've never been there.

  22. Duuuude me either! What a coincidence.

  23. So I'm unclear. Who was tying the sticks to dinosaur tails 100 million years ago??? ELI5.

  24. No no no, if you tied a stick to a dinosaurs tail 100 million years ago, they'd walk around like their ancestors from 100 million years before that. That's what the stick does. Magical really.

  25. He was trying to do a burnout so he had his foot hard on the brake and the gas. The front brakes are much stronger than the back but he didn’t break the rear wheels loose starting a burnout, instead they pushed the front wheels forward. By the time he realized he wasn’t going to initiate a burnout and let off the brake, he didn’t have time (or enough brain cells) to straighten the wheel to avoid the parked car.

  26. If there’s one thing Corvette drivers have taught me is that they rarely choose a non-boneheaded place to do a burnout.

  27. Not quite as bad as mustang owners but close!

  28. I am a Dad who struggles with his 3 kids changing this constantly. This right here is a Boss Move, your Dad is a fucking LEGEND. As we speak, I am on Amazon ordering a thermostat that I can lock out with a password. Brilliant.

  29. You can almost DEFINITELY set a password for your current thermostat.

  30. Was the question something vague like "do you believe that nicotine is addictive?"

  31. The future is now, old man. I was born in 2000 and I've been able to vote and drink for multiple years.

  32. Does the song “hate me” by blue October just DESTROY you like it does me??

  33. My friends dad died in a situation just like this when part of the building collapsed during a storm. So I find it pretty terrifying personally

  34. Sure but you’re like, 1 out of 10,000 though.

  35. I just want one thunderstorm, I don’t think it has rained more than 10 min since June or a single thunderstorm since may

  36. Utah here, we just had our first one in foreeeever but it only lasted like 15 minutes.

  37. Who in the fuck edited this video?? You're gonna just end it MID SENTENCE while they're telling us what he was sentenced for? Wtf lol.

  38. Not trying to start anything btw, just commenting.

  39. I’m not gay but a great cock is a great cock.

  40. This isn't AI "predicting" what the last selfie will look like. This is AI art created with prompts.

  41. But what if it turns out that the AI perfectly predicted it?

  42. Are you stupid? It was a joke. Also this wasn’t the only picture moron.

  43. Seriously... The guy just has NO redeeming qualities for me. I forget he's even a part of this show until they randomly throw him up on screen so we can see him pout or feel the back of his tingly neck.

  44. It's not though. You cannot conflate this individual situation with all situations. There are absolutely situations where it might not be so easy to know. Not to mention, even if it IS easy to tell, it's still a deterrent in actual emergency situations for people to call the cops, because what if they're wrongly found to be in violation?

  45. The problem is, that would deter people from reporting legitimate crimes in the fear they could be wrong or penalized.

  46. I'm fine with that honestly. It's pretty easy to tell ACTUAL crime vs something like this. The dude went in and out of the house freely, came out and waved to her, etc. He's obviously not robbing the place.

  47. there's a lot to love about the story accompanying this video

  48. Depending on where this is there’s a decent chance those passengers don’t know how to drive.