1. Unfortunately his IG page was taken down since he was exposing big teachers (Travis Wall, the Dance Moms Miami coaches especially, etc.) so they reported it.

  2. I honestly hate Mandy Moores choreography on DWTS atp, you can smell every Mandy Moore number from a mile away and its always the same damn thing over and over again. Dereks pieces are always so well done, even the pros have done a better job than her these past few seasons with way less time.

  3. I don't think it was Gleb, he was pushing to be switched to coaching Kenzie and Sage (and got what he wanted).

  4. I’m leaning it wasn’t him but lol lets be real, he was pushing for Kenzie

  5. I wonder if Hollywood knows how insane they all look or they just can’t tell anymore because everyone looks the same

  6. Not saying that they don’t read Reddit, but I’m sure they get some of the same complaints in their DMs.

  7. Yea I’m not saying they don’t, idk, but I feel like every single snark subreddit thinks the person the subreddit is about reads their posts. I think people forget people on IG, Tiktok, ETC have the same complaints (or are the same people commenting on both platforms)

  8. They think the Kadarshians genes are what makes the kids cute. It sounds racist, like we all know why they even had biracial kids to beginning with.

  9. Nah it is racist and I’ve been calling it out forever. Its also helllllaaa weird how the kids with more eurocentric features (Chicago) get called prettier more than the kids with more of their fathers African features (North, True). People was straight up calling True ugly on IG and her Mom was editing her features to make her lighter and nose smaller. They only want biracial kids when they come out their image of the perfect lightskin, its weird

  10. I mean I agree with you to an extent but I can’t help laughing at African features 😂

  11. Lmaoo my parents are born in Africa and I spent my summers there growing up so thats just how I view it, but you could say Black or African-American as well, just wanted to differentiate from mixed Black. Obviously theres a variety of features in Africa jus like Europe but yeah. We all originally from Africa anyways lol

  12. Jason would be the type to randomly hang out with Shawn 💀

  13. Maks/Val are kind of the same with Peta/Jenna. Granted the girls did have previous experience, and still do DWTS, but M/V do put them in their shows and help each other out.

  14. Nothing against Hayley but Peta & Jenna is a way different situation, especially Peta. All their biggest career achievements have been independent of M&V, Jenna has never even done a full tour with them and Peta was a headliner coming off her 2nd mirrorball win in the only 1 she did

  15. Lol thats true! To be fair to Peta she doesnt do it with her son almost never buut Ive noticed shes doing A LOT more ads in general recently, probably just easy income while pregs

  16. I think shes also just getting offered more ads bc shes been in the news a lot more than usual lately (Ukraine, IVF Journey, then pregnant)

  17. Dwts kind of does a disservice to the celebrities by not showing bts to show their personality (and interaction with the rest of the cast) opposed to just quick edited packages

  18. DWTS has made it so that you can’t really know any partnerships personalities unless you follow them on social media. The interviews with Alfonso have helped a lot but the packages are as bland as ever… they had a full 2 HOUR show so its not about time, its what they choose to include. The packages used to be amazing back in the day

  19. S27, S28, S29 was 3 straight winners where you could tell the celebrity wasn’t the pros favorite partner lmaoo. Dani & Iman was refreshing for that reason

  20. being able to immediately disavow someone upon finding out that they’re a sexual predator is a character failing?

  21. What a bizarre thing to say… I was with them until they said that. Huh ?

  22. Bc she only talked about it when she could make money off of ppl for being with a girl and all those things has sexual tones ie her music videos. She never defined her relationship but would call Bella her gf. Also Bella Thorne literally said To Tana on IG stop posting me u only dated me for twitter clout

  23. The definition in the article says, “Queerbaiting, defined by Joseph Brennan in his article Queerbaiting: The ‘playful’ possibilities of homoeroticism as “a tactic whereby media producers suggest homoerotic subtext between characters…that is never intended to be actualised on screen”, attracts attention, for better or for worse.”

  24. I feel as though ur taking my comment as if I personally feel a very certain way. I have frenquently said it is speculative. U have a clear opinion which is cool. But I feel like ur trying to argue with me on something I’ve said at least twice that I don’t know for sure e on

  25. I wasn’t tryna argue haha I was asking a genuine question and tried to understand by reading the article you sent. Idc for Tana in particular, shes racist and not funny to me, just was confused on that part

  26. needed a trigger warning for dat first pic lmaoooo

  27. Shame she didnt get these kinds of compliments back then, would have saved her face and a lot of stress

  28. I disagree tbh… Kylie was gassed up so much in this time period. Pre-lip fillers, yes I agree, people weren’t giving her compliments but her first few years of getting work? People were gassing her up so much, sis ran tumblr. Everybody was tryna be Kylie with the blue hair n lips n everything

  29. Isn't that just more reinforcement towards getting more work done? She gets bullied for her looks > gets her lips done > people finally gas her up > so naturally she gets more work done because that's the only way her looks got validated.

  30. Yeah, it was definitely reinforcement and thats why she got addicted to it and eventually went too far. Just saying its not true that she wasn’t getting compliments then lol she owned that era

  31. I really see the vision and potential with Allison but she needed to hardcore train for at least 2 years with a legit top tier ballroom instructor

  32. I am not a professional so I might be wrong, but I found Lindsay worse… All in all I feel like women pros in the us version not very good in general…

  33. Lindsay is honestly one of the worst technical dancers to ever be on the show BUTT she understands ballroom & latin dance wayy more than Allison. She teaches super well and has better choreo, it’s clear she grew up learning ballroom even tho she doesn’t execute it well herself. But yeah, once you get past the best 2-3, most of the current US female pros are pretty rough technically, I won’t lie.

  34. This thread will end up locked lol

  35. all of this bc people made comments bout some of her bland photoshoots you didn’t like 💀

  36. internet users when someone replies to controversial opinion they have on a forum site

  37. She is not calling them to her children’s games. Wtf is wrong with y’all who keep thinking this way. It’s a public schedule available so paps know when the kids have games

  38. Why aren’t the paps at other famous kids games then ?

  39. Sis is obviously the reason the paps started coming to the games in the first place but she probably didn’t expect them to talk about Kanyes business in front of the kids.

  40. Most people who make products design based on what they like so it just looks better on Jordyn body types tbh… nun wrong with that, people should just know before purchasing

  41. Why does everyone here speculate about tristan and khloe possibly being back together as if they’re CLEARLY not already back together. He wouldn’t be hanging around everyone all the time if they weren’t back together. Also it’s pretty obvious they’ve had an open relationship for years, she just gets mad when he gets caught publicly bc it’s embarrassing for her.

  42. Idky people are pretending its bc of his Mom too… these two were clearly together even before that idc. Like he was hanging out with Kim before that even happened. She just gets embarrassed of him and pretends nothings happening

  43. Okay but it is just me that peeped her revealing the real timeline of their relationship a couple days ago… so her husband passed March 2020, Glebs wife files for divorce October 2020, Glebs supposedly w/ Cassie until February 2021 but then Elena reveals they went on vacation December 2020 and said its been over 2 years tg?? Like huhh lol

  44. She is not the sharpest knife, probably she didnt remember well. I just checked their posts. She was in LA in december 2020 and Gleb went on holiday with Cassie, Chrishell and Keo. So it is very unlikely

  45. She posted pics with the actual date stamped on it tho and another one talking bout over 2 years ago 💀 and Gleb reposted lmaoo, thats how I saw it. Maybe sis is confused tho idk lol

  46. NBA analysts make millions lol, there are some who make more doing media than they ever did in the NBA. Thats if he does well though…

  47. I just realized how many ppl connected to that Lebron era are in NBA entertainment now lol

  48. Yeah it was part Lebron (of course), but it was also RJ & Channing’s podcast Road Trippin, they was really the first to start the trend of player media while still playing. And they would have all the Cavs players on… Tristan legit sounds like a different person on that podcast, its wild 😭😭

  49. right?! so imagine how much more the influencers and podcasters with bigger followings are making. i don’t want to hear anyone complaining about how hard influencing is when they’re raking in millionssss

  50. Thats very true but also other influencers and podcasts aren’t as smart with money as Jason is. A lot of them don’t know their value or sign with management that takes ridiculous cuts… but yeah, they make a loooot

  51. He made roughly 1.4 million gross in 2021, but that was when the podcast first launched and he said his usual goal is 10k gross per podcast episode now so probably made more this past year. Over 1 million of that was pure SM ads, he had a single brand pay $360k for 12 ads (once a month) in 2021 😭

  52. ABC, definitely not. Disney+ maybe, but it doesn’t really fit their brand. I think the most likely option is its incorporated into some aspects of his National Geographic show lmao like learning foreign wedding dance styles

  53. I would love to see Nikki Bella(with Artem) and Robert(shark tank can’t think of last name… with Kym). Just to see their dynamic now as married and parents..lol

  54. This is why I’d kinda prefer a 2nd chances theme instead of all stars. Those people weren’t really good enough to be considered all stars and would have a hard time against a cast of true all stars (like finalists types) but it’d be more compelling than a buncha already great people competing. You could also have all the medical quits like Jeannie and Tamar return

  55. Am I the only one that thinks it's a bit dramatic? A 4.0 earthquake, that might/might not wake you up with some minor shaking in your mansion.

  56. Lmao thats why Kris asked “was it strong Kenny” 😭 she was confused lol

  57. I’d rather they just choreograph something new than give something that was made with Dani in mind and you can tell

  58. Isn’t this dance their bumper from the show (Dani and sasha )or slightly modified

  59. Yeah it’s essentially the bumper from the show with a different intro

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