1. Losing doesn’t equal squash they have had competitive matches on tv before

  2. Is this the only real difference between 2k22 and 2k23, yearly release are the worst.

  3. HHH isn’t going to say shit to Brock lol

  4. Lmao so now everyone hates wardlow after simping for him for months

  5. They really have to learn how to gimmick stuff up better. So much wasted time there.

  6. Your going to complain after a match like that lol

  7. People complain about the silliest shit with AEW man

  8. Why does this look like a mobile game screenshot lol?

  9. The Mountain Dew match was definitely a “spectacle”

  10. Huge? I know that should be a good match but, huge?

  11. I want everyone to go back and listen to his promo where he unveiled his belt and turned on Regal, he said exactly what would happen and it’s playing out exactly like he said. Now is that compelling television? …well that’s for you to decide.

  12. Rumbles in general have become way to predictable

  13. True. His booking nearly killed ROH, but it was Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn that were the problem!

  14. It’s hilarious that his simps always seem to forget this fact. They use his opinions to shape what they see as “good booking” when he’s been a complete failure as a booker every time he’s been one.

  15. Who says that though? I haven’t seen that anywhere

  16. Is it time to admit is was never actually any good?

  17. This is the young buck and Hangman spot

  18. Cody going over a foreigner of course

  19. I hope they fully drop AAA and go all in with a CMLL partnership.

  20. These are the fast national numbers which will change because a lot of local fox stations were showing the police footage instead of Smackdown.

  21. No but people who were watching the police attack/protest coverage on Fox are counted in these numbers for the fast nationals so expect this number to be lower when the actual rating is out on Monday.

  22. AEW Women’s Division has turned into “let’s just beat the shit out of each other” division. Everyone wants in on it.

  23. Athena, Jamie and Toni really brought it to the next level

  24. What are the chances 2K23 drops before Fight Forever?

  25. 2K23 is just going to be basically 2K22 so I would hope that would come out before a game that just started development a few years ago.

  26. What a stupid post haha. Obviously he would be back at titan tower at some point

  27. Not if he was only interested in a sale.

  28. Isn't really nice to have this many babyfaces that are over with the crowd? It's been a long time.

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