Thats how an accident at a german steel mill looks like.

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  1. As far as I understood it an broken valve that usually regulates the flow of the molten steel

  2. You are pretty much correct. I work at a steel plant as a crane operator and if this is anything like we have. The "ladle" that Is holding the steel has a gate on the bottom that most likely burnt through which is why there looks like a stream from the bottom, not all of the steel coming out at once.

  3. Beauty. Can you list that build? I can't read my screen capture haha

  4. Consider laser hair removal in that area to clean things up?

  5. I have actually thought of doing this! Maybe it's time.

  6. That the months leading up to it you'll never finish a movie again.

  7. Would you be able to send me a pic of the tattoo? I'd love to see!

  8. Peacemaker. The song is beyond catchy and the dance is too ridiculous to skip

  9. Yep, I do as well for my armpits. To say it's a life changer for me is an understatement. I go to Ethemba health and go to dr. Hatfield.

  10. Does the Vertuo use the big pods? If so, you're out of luck. You'll have to buy direct from Nespresso. The good news is that shipping is free and super fast. Often next day delivery.

  11. It looks like the little half dome ones. However if the site is that friendly I'll just use that. Thanks

  12. Currently have a cold, and the fact you can't breathe and have to take one big gulp of air after each bite really irritates me.

  13. I personally hate having a cold and then seeing an amazing meal knowing I won't be able to taste it. Might as well just drink water and be sad.

  14. Does anyone have the GoFundMe for the stunt lady left quadriplegic?


  16. Was there ever any update if she recovered some ability to walk?

  17. I went to high school with this girl. She still has to use a chair. Very unfortunate events.

  18. That row with the numbers looks like the red numbers go up every one. So 30, 31, 33, 36 and then 40. And then the black numbers go up by 5, so the question mark would be 34

  19. One of their blueprints, but custom otherwise.

  20. ZRG -agency moderator -43.9 combat recon barrel -5mw laser sight -Bipod -Stanag 7 round mag

  21. What I find works best is if you drop out of the zone, and just slowly work your way in grabbing tags along the way from loot boxes. Then as the circle becomes smaller if you die just coast and kill as much time as possible if you have your revives

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