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This hits me right in the feels

My valentine makes my heart beat out of my chest.

  1. I’ve done that. The wood is literally deteriorating, so I think they need a]some serious attention.

  2. Yes! 11x17 inches would let me mark up my architectural drawings much easier.

  3. I bought this last year, but it won’t really work with our artificial turf.

  4. At least sports cars are good at what a car is designed to do, though.

  5. I live & work in the city, and have owned several Wranglers in that time. I never worried about the wheels when I hit a pothole, I never worried about small dents from door dings. I can throw my dogs in it and get in sweaty after a workout. Not all city jeeps are mall crawlers, they are utility vehicles as much as off-roaders.

  6. That’s absolutely true, but you can do all of that, and take the top & doors off a Jeep.

  7. 20 years ago I walk out of a bestbuy off Midway and this guy gets out of a van and proceeds to tell me he has this "High End" infotainment system for the low price of $200. He begins to show me the "Catalog" of where this stereo system is listed and its price "$1,200" I tell him no thank I'm not interested and leave and while I look through the rear view mirror as I drive off I see him trying to swindle another poor sap.....2 weeks later my oldest brother calls me and says he got his hands on this high end stereo system for the low price of $200.

  8. Ha! Same thing happened to me, in the same Best Buy parking lot, about 20 years ago!

  9. That is, in my opinion, one of the single ugliest pickup truck models ever made. I'm really disappointed in that choice because I was very much looking forward to this otherwise.

  10. The black front trim isn’t doing it any favors, but in the blue, I think it is a great looking truck. Trucks have become monstrously huge, with battering ram front ends. This Silverado EV moderates that somewhat.

  11. I actually got in contact with one of the band members, and he sent me MP3’s of their songs!

  12. People complaining that car companies don’t make anything interesting, and then complaining again when car companies take a risk.

  13. Calling this 'interesting' feels like a bit of a euphemism tbh

  14. To each their own, I stand by it.

  15. Interesting exhibition on the topic.

  16. I think there is a vocal/piano coach business in the SouthSide on Lamar apartments, near downtown.

  17. Is any part of this picture real? It looks like they photoshopped….anything…into this.

  18. I liked everything about this movie, except the parts with Hellboy in it.

  19. While this may be accurate, it is also probably misleading.

  20. I have a similar one (1999 M Coupe). I’d by a new Z4 M Coupe in a heartbeat if BMW still had the guts to build cool cars.

  21. Being a kid is always thinking u are the main character destined for great things.

  22. That seems like a sad perspective.

  23. What are they gonna do, send them an Uber voucher?

  24. I guess saving a few buck by getting in to bed with Governor Abbott was the price on his soul…..

  25. are they any reliable? If i had the money i would definitely daily drive this thing but im scared of the inline 6 lol

  26. I’ve daily driven a 1999 M Coupe (s52 engine) for ~5 years. It has required maintenance, but nothing too unexpected.

  27. Bigger. I have bad handwriting & need space. A 15” version would be great.

  28. I disagree. Please build two versions instead of forcing us to have a bigger one.

  29. That little girl in the back is cracking me up!

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