1. Ohhhh right okay, I'll hold my hands up and say I was incorrect 🙌😂 whenever I research about it it would always come up with "your body believes it's pregnant" so I always believed it, I'd never find anything saying otherwise so deffo gonna have to look more into this!

  2. I know, right? These myths sound actually like they're true, not gonna lie, I also was under the same impression because "well I'll be damned, you're right, if you're already pregnant you can't get double pregnant so it must be that!". There's countless myths out there about birth control that keep going around, and they'll keep going around, some are unfortunately even parroted by healthcare providers themselves. It's gonna take a good while for these things to die out if sometimes we even hear them directly from the horse's mouth...

  3. I always saw it as estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that are produced when you're pregnant, and the pill basically releases those hormones into the body to stop ovulation, so I kinda saw it as your body believes that it's pregnant... Of course, I'm no expert, but I'll give that comment a good read in a bit, thank you for sharing it with me 😊

  4. Oh, estrogen and progesterone are always produced during the menstrual cycle, it's just that they surge during pregnancy. On birth control they are kept pretty low, they actually check to see if BC is working during the trials by seeing if the body's estrogen and progesterone levels are under a certain threshold.

  5. I was also given the pill at 14, but I feel like it helped tremendously. I started taking it for acne and felt like it also helped with my period. I doubt anyone would give you (or anyone else) shit for starting BC at 14. Others start it to be sexually active at that age and there's still nothing wrong with it 🤷‍♀️

  6. not saying young people shouldnt be prescribed birth control because they start to be sexually active or because they are in pain bc of periods. i am saying he did not even listen to my problems or made an ultrasound, checked my hormones, etc., there could be other reason for my pain and he was the person who was supposed to check that. i just wanted to have a check-up before he prescribes me a pill, that could make me depressed, gain weight, have thrombosis etc at 14.

  7. The thing is that if there was another reason for your pain, your gyno could probably not be the right person to address. If you have pain during menstruation, heavy flow, and all the nine yards that you described in there, the most common thing to be prescribed is indeed birth control since it helps alleviate those symptoms. If it was possibly caused by something else (say, you would only have heavy periods but the cramps were not from the uterus, but from IBS during your period), then your gyno wouldn't be able to do anything since it's not their area of expertise. But if you tried the medication that they recommended and it worked, it means that they "guessed" the right issue and got the right medication for it. If it hadn't worked, they probably would've gone into more extensive checking on what's wrong and why it's not working. That is unfortunately the case in pretty much everything, not only gynecology - only this summer my husband was turned away for "a cold", then turned away two weeks later because of "a bad flu", only to come back a week later with severe pneumonia. They realized because the medication he was given didn't work and he was getting worse; but I assume if the medication worked from the get go, he probably wouldn't have had pneumonia to begin with.

  8. Similar but not similar situation xD. My husband and me live in Poland but I'm not polish only he is and I am supposed to talk to our 8m.o. boy in my native language - Montenegrin. But i have been living in Poland for last 12 years and I also make mistakes in my native tongue since I don't use it as much anymore. We decided to do it anyway as it's our only opportunity to teach him Montenegrin/ Serbian but it has been so hard for me to swap around languages when polish speaking people are around. I'd talk to adults in polish and I'd forget to swap when addressing baby and I got headaches from just conversations with myself while swapping languages every 2min. So what I do is, I use both languages now. When polish people are around me I just use polish, when my family is around I use fully Montenegrin. And when baby and me are alone I also try to use as much Montenegrin as i can. We will see results I guess but it has been impossible for me to speak 2 languages at once and swap around all the time. Maybe it will be easier for you since people around you would understand french so you could just talk to everyone in french.

  9. Piggybacking for yet another similar but not similar situation!

  10. Once she was more "baby" and less "potato". When she actually started looking back at me, smiling, cooing rather than pterodactyl screaming (though that went back to pterodactyl screeching very quickly afterwards haha).

  11. If you have concerns arouns pregnancy, testing is the way to go. Make sure it's been about 2-3 weeks since the last time you had sex.

  12. We feed our 9mo tons of finger foods throughout the day and he still only sleeps 3 hours at a time. 🤷‍♀️

  13. 10 and a half months and same. She eats solids like a champ and only gives me like a 4h stretch... All while I'm still awake because I ain't going to sleep at 8PM with her haha. I try to get in bed by 10.30PM and whoopsie daisy baby is awake and cranky by midnight. Good lordy.

  14. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but naps. I spent SO much time just knocked out on the couch. Slept more during the night as well, but even then I'd take a pre-night-sleep nap as well. Other than that, just wait it out. It should eventually get better once you hit the 2nd trimester!

  15. I just prop it up until LO latches properly, then shift/shimmy myself a little bit for the boob to be positioned alright when I lay down. But generally it just "pancakes" out anyway 😂

  16. Who to get from the headhunt event - Lionheart Cermia, Spez, or Remnant Violet?

  17. There are 57 days left in the event. There are about 2 weeks until the next mystic banner. You can wait.

  18. Oh, the questions weren't related haha. Thought it could be interesting to speculate on the next mystic banner.

  19. Needs immediate vet attention. Could be neurological damage, a stroke, or an ear infection that can mess with their balance.

  20. I gave birth in mid january. Got one random 2-day period in April (on april fool's day at that... thanks mother nature). And I just got my period again right today at 10 and a half months PP 😂 Still breastfeeding here and there, just not as often and not as much as before - maybe about 5-10 minutes at a time, 4-ish times a day.

  21. Yep, we have them in Romania too, for pretty much every subject you can imagine. Most popular are of course things like math, literature, or programming, but there's a lot others such as biology, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, etc. When I was in school they used to be pretty popular since those who participate and score well or promote to the next phase get a "free" 10 in their grades. Though they can be quite difficult and most kids who participate may also take extra classes/tutoring to account for this increase in difficulty. As for applying to university, it's a similar process here - but I think it's only if you get to the national phase that you get a "skip the entrance exam" ticket, only some universities have it (for instance I don't see med schools doing it, but I think they may offer some sort of prefferential treatment for those students who got into the nationals?) and of course it has to be in a relevant subject - you most probably won't be given a "10" on your entrance in an economics-related major if you went to the nationals for literature.

  22. It's impossible to give a number per sex encounter or per month. Most we can tell you is that there is a chance. Mark 3 weeks since the incident to take a pregnancy test (you can take one at 2 weeks as well, but the 3 week mark is more reliable - basically if you are pregnant, you may start turning a test positive by 2 weeks, but if you cannot turn a test positive by the 3 week mark, you're not pregnant).

  23. Had pregnancy rhinitis ever since the middle of the first trimester. It only went away once I gave birth (like, almost immediately lol). But it made me into a snoring machine until then 😂

  24. Oh lord that doesn’t give me hope LOL I feel like I’m guna be stuck like that tooo 😂

  25. That's exactly how I felt when my midwife told me the same thing 😬 She said that no snoring aid would help since it's not the "traditional" type of snoring, where your tongue and soft palate get too relaxed and cover the airways, it's just your nose and sinuses working against you.

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