1. Nej, låna inte. Små barn är ninjor på att riva sönder böcker.

  2. De som styr barnavdelningen på biblioteket där jag bor sa att det gör inget om småbarn river eller tuggar på böckerna. Det är nästan förväntat att det skulle hända. Det är bara att säga till när man lämnar tillbaka böckerna så de vet att ta bort dem, och det blir ingen extra avgift eller böter eller nåt heller 🤷‍♀️ De blir bara glada att folk faktiskt använder biblioteket och läser till sina barn.

  3. Is it okay to take the 6 remaining even if I already took 1 pill after sex and 1 pill after 12 hours? If it is not, what should I do?

  4. If you need to use EC, use it correctly. 4 pills ASAP, followed by another 4 pills after 12 hours, not just the "remaining" ones in case you took a few pills earlier. It would not be a correct dose if you take it any other way than recommended.

  5. FSH is follicle stimulating hormone - the hormone that develops the follicles into an egg and makes it ready to be released by the LH peak. Since you're on a type of BC that stops ovulation, it's not surprising that FSH levels are low.

  6. Yes just like you said, i have never missed a pill and i have always taken them on time. Now im 5 days on my active pill! precisely 6 days since today. Thank you for responding! i was scared because i saw somewhere that the first 7 days on birth control youre not protected.. so i was a bit confused.

  7. That applies for the first pack ever, or when you start from scratch after a longer break (say, you extended the placebos/break, you had to take a long break for whatever reason, you missed several pills in a row in your pack and decide to start taking them consistently again, for example). But once you just continue as directed, you're covered.

  8. Nobody can guarantee it if it wasn't studied for that purpose. Only certain types of progestin in certain dosages were studied and approved for the purpose of contraception and they're on the market because we know they work at that. So we can't look at other types of progestins or progesterone and take a wild guess whether it would work or not for a purpose that they weren't studied or approved for - more like, to err on the side of caution, it's best to assume that they won't, rather than assume that they would, have them fail, and then blame whichiever medical entity never even recommended them for that purpose.

  9. Well Im married and am sexually active frequently so it is hard to estimate unfortunately!

  10. I used to test once a month for peace of mind. It's hard to mark 3 weeks after every single time you have sex if you're active often. But the point is that if you test now, then the results of this test are relevant for any sex you've had at least 2-3 weeks prior. Anything sooner than that would be too early to show up on that test. So I just picked a day and tested every month on that day - say, on the first day of the month. Amazon sells pregnancy tests in bulk for very cheap, so even with monthly testing it would still be, what, two years' worth of tests for under 10 USD if I remember correctly.

  11. If you want to continue breastfeeding, it's recommended to avoid estrogen containing BC because it can lower your milk supply. Some people report a lowered supply even on progestin only BC as well, so there's that. That said, the postpartum period is a hurricane of hormones and emotions so it may be hard to pinpoint exactly the cause(s) if you encounter issues in your mental wellbeing - could be the birth control, could be the postpartum hormones, could be PPD, could be the sleepless nights, etc.

  12. Not on the pill now, but I've been using them for 12 years prior and what worked for me was to take them with lunch. It helped with controlling the nausea since I took them with food, but then lunch was always at a similar time regardless where I was (school, college, work, home, etc., it was always anywhere in between noon and 3PM, which was fine with me), and if I happened to forget the pack at home or if I went out to eat, I'd set an alarm and be home a few hours later to take it in the afternoon/evening without risking to miss it completely.

  13. Oil based lubes (or even straight up oil, such as coconut oil) should be fine with polyurethane condoms, from what I know.

  14. that makes sense, but i’m sensitive so would rather stick to the water based one i’m currently using. is that possible ?

  15. Check what the manufacturer of the condoms you're using says about lubricant use. But if the lube manufacturer themselves recommend against it, then I'd personally feel more comfortable going along with their instructions.

  16. Aaaaeeeh... Sunt de acord, cumva. Stau in Suedia si nu ma simt in siguranta noaptea singura pe strada. Daca vine un cerb m-am cacat pe mine direct. Caprioare vezi mai des, dar nu-s la fel de periculoase.

  17. We got a silicone "finger toothbrush" from Frida and used the tiniest bit of toothpaste with it. It has the bristles on both sides so even if LO chomped down on it, you basically get both sides cleaned at the same time. Win-win 🤷‍♀️ We started with that brush once LO started solids but still had no teeth, and used only water just to get her used to the idea. Once the teeth grew in, we added a tiny smear of toothpaste, and when the teeth got bigger, we switched to a normal toothbrush. LO is 21 months and loves to brush her teeth "herself" - well, we basically just let her go to town with the brush once we're done with the actual brushing. We try to get about a minute or so of actual brushing for now. Sometimes we have to sing, sometimes she sits on her own, sometimes we need to put on a minute of Hey Duggee for her to sit down and not fight, but as long as we get her teeth clean, I'd rather put on a whole show for a minute and actually get her teeth brushed rather than fight over it for 10+ minutes.

  18. Yeah I know but that's also part of what I don't understand like I said. I am protected for the 7 day break but why? How is it different for me to miss 2 days during those 21 vs. having the regular 2-3 days of limbo at the end of the pack before the bleeding happens? Why does the former result in chances of getting pregnant while the latter does not?

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/birthcontrol/comments/lzp2ol/why_do_we_have_periods/

  20. Officially, it's 3 years since the manufacturer cannot make any claims that have not been FDA approved. It's third party studies that have found the implant to be effective for the two extra years past the original 3 year lifespan. Some doctors and even Planned Parenthood trust these results, but the manufacturer cannot take someone else's results and run with them to the FDA and be like "well, they said it's good so...!". They need to make their own trial, submit their own papers and such, and that can be a long and costly process and does not even guarantee getting the approval from the FDA. Not to mention that replacing a device every 5 years vs every 3 years means less implants sold overall, hence less profits to make. There is close to zero incentive for the manufacturer to rush with this process, but I'm pretty sure I've seen a study looking for participants for this exact reason a good while ago.

  21. Been on several forms of BC for over 12 years, got pregnant the 2nd month after getting my Kyleena out.

  22. Does anyone know how to complete the mission: "God's inventory [wing tree] Gain upgrade EXP 2000".I've been adding items to the wing tree God's inventory but nothing is changing with the mission.

  23. https://www.reddit.com/r/TowerOfGod_GJ/comments/15z7v4w/what_is_upgrade_exp_in_gods_inventory/

  24. Suedeza, Coreeana, Franceza, Chineza - in ordinea fluentei 😬 Lucrez in gradinite, norma 75%, dar locuiesc la cucuietii din vale unde totul e mai ieftin, dar si salariul e pe masura 😂 Iau acasa cam 1500€ pe luna, dar daca as fi muncit 100% as lua mai aproape de 2000€.

  25. Buna! Ai invatat suedeza de una singura sau ai luat parte la cursuri?

  26. Singura in cea mai mare parte. Cursurile m-au ajutat mai mult cu literatura si cu scrierea de texte de tipul rezumat/referat/etc. Gramatica si vocabularul le-am invatat din niste carti pe care le-am cumparat cand eram in Coreea.

  27. Liletta was approved for up to 8 years for pregnancy prevention. Their own website can only provide FDA approved information, and they mention 8 years themselves.

  28. You are using THREE methods altogether. One of them is over 99% effective alone, given that you mention using it as directed. The two backups bring you as close to 100% as possible while still being able to smash genitals. You're not pregnant.

  29. http://www.scarleteen.com/article/sexual_health/the_buddy_system_effectiveness_rates_for_backing_up_your_birth_control_with_a_

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