1. LMAO this has nothing to do with your petty culture war bullshit. The kid's simply innocent and it was a case of justifiable self defense. You're basically just proving you get all your news through politically illiterate bullshitters on Twitter and Reddit LMAO.

  2. What a fucking idiot you are. Self defense isn't having your MOM drive you to another state and bringing an assault rifle to a protest. He came to cause trouble. LOL fox news tinfoil hat logic you got there.

  3. Souvla, for when you are ready to settle for some dry bland salty meat on a doughy pita or dry kale because it’s convenient and seems healthy.

  4. Souvla is absolute garbage. The pita is always stale and the texture for any of the meats is like canned tuna. The only good things there are the fries and Greek yogurt.

  5. I’m one shotting anyone wearing any helmet with M856a1. How does a level 5 helmet costing 100k not stop that?

  6. I got domed by a scav wearing a tc 2000 something, head turned red but I didn’t die. Helmet still had 25/25.

  7. Billions of years of evolution have led us to this point. Social media obsessed, gambling addicted humans staring at imaginary numbers for imaginary value spinning on a giant ball orbiting a massive radioactive fireball. Life is something.

  8. Anyone been to cinque terra? Looks cool but probably inundated with fat American tourists being assholes

  9. So I told this girl that I have huge dick, but reality is rather grim if we are being honest. She is on her way to my house, what do I do

  10. cut it off, then there's no telling if you were lying

  11. Taiwan's gettin' fuuuuucked tonight!

  12. I don't know how anyone on here could disagree lol.

  13. I ran into everything you mentioned in one raid last night aside from hearing keys.

  14. Tarkov SP competitor, hopefully this comes out so I can get my fix without the bullshit spaghetti code mess of a game Tarkov is.

  15. 30 is still retarded, even if PINS opens around $25 tomorrow, these will be worthless with IV crush.

  16. How'd that work out for ya? 30C hit a high of .04 lol

  17. I'm not understanding the glory of this. Maybe gloryhole though

  18. Yeah, no, actually sounds like a skill issue, my man. Literally get better or go back to animal crossing

  19. Wow you're so tough! Let's see your K/D and survival rate Chad!

  20. so what are we expecting for tues? a 10% pop after earnings??? we just need to back to 99 by Tuesday afternoon. That would give us a chance to hit 110-115 on Wed morning.

  21. 200 day moving average is 113, I think we get there if the report is good.

  22. Holding 15 8/5 $145 AMZN calls. Hopefully IV crush won't be too bad.

  23. Data center down 90%, margins dropping under 50% and this douche has the nerve to keep laughing and saying “unquestioned leadership”

  24. Data center down 90%, margins dropping under 50% and this douche has the nerve to keep laughing and saying “unquestioned leadership”

  25. BEAUTIFUL. Sucks it's taking AMD down but long term this is exactly what we predicted.

  26. AMZN to $140 tomorrow just to say FUCK YOU to the bears

  27. Did I ever say that people shouldn’t be critical? No, I didn’t. I said that this community wants to improve certain things without sacrificing development speed of others. The community has unrealistic expectations, and complaining isn’t being critical, it’s not constructive. Negativity without proposed solutions is wasted energy. And as for the $150, nobody made you pay for that. $45 dollars is a reasonable price for this game and if you chose to upgrade your game edition then that is you acknowledging all of Tarkov’s faults and still deciding you want to spend more money on it.

  28. There’s been hundreds of threads with proposed solutions and asking for audio fixes, desync fixes, crackdown on cheaters, recoil fixes, flea market and barter fixes, quest reworks, stash features.

  29. First off, yes Tarkov does need this desperately. But you must understand that if they took 6 months to a year to just improve the game's health then people would be fucking furious on Reddit, Twitter, the forums, etc. complaining about no new content and how the game is so stale and how BSG needs to do better. It's a no win situation for BSG and no matter what they do, everyone will be pissed at them.

  30. Maybe don’t charge $150 for a game that’s been in beta 7 years if you don’t want people being critical

  31. "Alphabet reported weaker-than-expected earnings and revenue for the second quarter. The stock rose more than 4% in extended trading."

  32. Did you not learn anything from NFLX? Forecast 2 million subscriber loss, only lose 1 million. MOON

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