1. I am the one who feels disgusted by cheese too!! You're not alone!!

  2. First off, I am sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down and lost - I hope things get better for you soon.

  3. I read a book called "the inflamed mind" that discusses different views on depression. Its not a lot of health professionals that have read or are aware of that research. Very frustrating being put on more of the wrong medicine when you know there's other things at play.

  4. I'm very deathy and feel myself rapid switching and its exhausting and I feel so grey.

  5. Similar thing for me, I first noticed it while under the influence (probably because alcohol and weed are dissociative, making it easier to switch, and shrooms might’ve messed with some of my dissociative barriers, who knows) but it continued after I stopped. I was like oh no, I’m faking lol.

  6. I can definitely agree with a lot of this. I avoid DID media content everywhere but here and a couple of facebook support groups I'm part of because most of those people don't seem dissociative.

  7. Look into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, thats been one of the most helpful things for me.

  8. Fun and games is an idiom, everybody, and when people are in pain they often use idioms ironically to make a point. Op did that above. Chill!

  9. I think its okay to get enjoyment from having D.I.D. when you can. It doesn't take away the seriousness and devasting nature of it but shit since it's my reality, why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

  10. I don't think it's weird to have a comfortable pooping experience at work.

  11. I'm a client of therapy and I'm at a stage now where I feel strangely happy when my therapist fucks up because I'm getting used to it feeling safe to express my emotional needs.

  12. Its really hard to find people to do things like this with.

  13. Genuinely heartbreaking losing objects or people that are careless with theirs.

  14. Hey, I've been here and it's a horrible lonely, raw feeling.

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