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  1. I always always always do this with cups of tea and especially when I'm out for a coffee. That's a yes from me. Sometimes objects will fly out of my hands.

  2. I have small boobs, like a B or C cup. I don't wear bras if I can help it and if I do they're just cotton ones. Do your thing.

  3. Idiopathic means cause unknown. Super annoying. I got idiopathic arthritis at 14. Life sucks sometimes.

  4. Please be kind to yourself. Set small goals. Do small things that you find value in.

  5. This is basically me. I've gone so deep into suicidal ideation earlier in life, that by this point I view suicide as the logical way out if things are shit and not likely to improve. Only reason I'm still around is because I like my hobbies and my friends.

  6. I'm a woman and remember thinking about dying as way out 11 and then hit with severe arthritis at 14. I'm treated but the pain and fatigue and anxiety have kept me from completing or succeeding at uni or part time jobs. Its rough out there.

  7. I see a neuropsychologist for cognitive behavioral therapy to handle my pain. On my first visit he explained how pain, anxiety, and depression affect the body and how they all travel down the same nervous system. They are intertwined with each other. Pain is able to make anxiety and depression worse.

  8. I do therapy aswell to help with depression and anxiety due to pain. I had high anxiety as a kid and found my diagnosis and onset rather traumatising as it was severe and rapid. Within a few months I had super severe rheumatoid arthritis everywhere at 14. I had a rough time processing it.

  9. I just want to say my therapist said "boop" when he started an EMDR set and it was one of the best things I've experienced in therapy.

  10. He's been super cool about a lot of my intense shit like when I had medically induced mania, but this is getting me because I explained and said. I appreciate you. Get some really nice pyjamas

  11. “A lapse is not a relapse” is something that I need to remind myself. I often see people post about how they’ve ruined a streak of not smoking weed and wondering if they need to restart the counter. One puff followed by regret and fingering out the trigger is not a relapse, thinking that you might as well continue smoking because the streak is ruined is what turns into a relapse.

  12. I got some crumbs and smoked them, its a lapse not a relapse and I stuck with my goal

  13. I also wish I was a glob. There's a mediation I listen to about hiking up a beautiful mountain but I have arthritis and that makes me feel stressed so I imagine I'm a ball of light just floating my way up

  14. "Letting go of negative attachments" was a thing for me

  15. "I know you don't have emotional intelligence .. but X"

  16. When I can't find something I need to, to help diffuse that anger I use Christian Bale's Batman voice and yell, "WHERE IS IT?!?! WHERES THE X?"

  17. Low frustration tolerance seems to be an Autism thing but also if your parents displayed that and put it on you it can be worse.

  18. Smoking is hard on my gut and I would binge eat a lot more when I smoked so I would say it's likely.

  19. I can't even work part time - tried uni twice and part time work twice. Each time an incredible crash and burn being on the floor barely able to breathe and shaking every day.

  20. If you try for disabled you need to use very descriptive intense and colourful language to get it across. "I can't function" the word severe needs to be in there. Go above and beyond, it feels fake but to actually be taken seriously you must. You must describe it as intensely as you can like on you're absolute worst day. No playing it down like you're used to, play it up. Unfortunately that's how it works. You must insist you cannot function. Describe the stress so viscerally and intensely.

  21. Playing Pokémon and buying soft toys that pull on my heart strings. I don't have many but a few that I cherish. I have a brachiosaurus soft toy and it's just so cute I love it so much, it helped a lot during a very bad mental and physical health episode.

  22. I get some good deals at H&M, got a really cute top for $3 but yeah op shops are also a good one to check out.

  23. You don't know that for a fact unless you've spent every waking hour with him tbf.

  24. I live with them and am the only one that watches the show so unlikely someone told him that or that he's seen it.

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