1. No, being outside is mentally and physically exhausting. I’m so good with staying inside with my family/pets, making art and doing other things. I can only handle like one day out a month and definitely not in a bar or anything like that. I do enjoy being outside, but by myself lol

  2. They are my absolute favorite spring bloom!!! So fragrant

  3. Omg!!!!! I forgot all about my doodle bear!! Core memory unlocked

  4. I don’t think something as dangerous as fentanyl should be anymore readily available…just the smallest amount can kill you. If it was legal it would be in a lot more homes and accidental deaths would be much higher than they already are

  5. I mean….when my dog gets out she smells trees and tries to get pet from the neighbors, she’s not killing animals…but she’s also not a pit? So maybe they mean it’s a natural thing pits do?

  6. 25 different people talking to you at the same time while trying to multitask. Always having to pick the most important thing to say/do

  7. Omg me too!! Especially blueberry or chocolate chip. Speaking of chips, isn’t it weird that some people call chips French fries? Did the French really make them? Do the French call them chips or fries

  8. It’s HARD growing a human and we do the best that we can. As long as you’re making your dr appointments you and your baby will both be fine

  9. Definitely intermittent fasting/ smaller meals. In America portion sizes are huge an unnecessary

  10. Yeah….. you get your pores and oils back after treatment unfortunately

  11. I’m not confrontational, but still worry about being robbed etc if I’m alone. Some Americans are very unstable and volatile and shouldn’t be able to own a firearm

  12. Ultrasounds are usually accurate, however just a weeks growth difference shouldn’t be that concerning, sometimes you can see a heartbeat as early as 6 weeks but usually it’s around 7, especially if it’s an abdominal ultrasound and not a TV one. I think that your doctor would have definitely mentioned if they saw anything out of the ordinary. Don’t sweat it too much, I’m sure you will see the heartbeat next time ♥️

  13. I’m glad you and your dog are ok. This scares me so much, I started bringing box cutters with me when I walk my dog. I live in an area where most peoples pets are angered pit bulls that go insane when we walk by. I swear some of them look like they’re ready to bust through the glass windows in their house.

  14. I would say that abortion is illegal after a long period. Like until 5 or 6 months it’s légala but after that it’s illegal.

  15. Abortion is currently illegal after 24 weeks in every state…

  16. We are literally bullies!!! American embassy’s in so many countries, and no other country has theirs here. People who love our government think we are protecting our “freedom” lol I hate it here

  17. I knew you were a child just from that shitty "insult"

  18. I was just saying “ur mom” is an overused insult, lol

  19. It makes your skin soooooooo fragile, it usually goes back to normal like 6ish months after your last dose

  20. The things we think we’re missing- balance and composure

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