1. Just don't go to kelantan then since the aurat ruling only enforced in kelantan not in terengganu, if truly need to go to kelantan wear small headscarf (anak tudung) or slap some shawl (selendang) no need proper hijab based on my experience as half kelantanese with kampung in kota bharu the enforcers won't fine you.

  2. Taklah kita faham bahasa Indo kalau mereka guna bahasa baku / formal, like seriously their everyday speaking language is unintelligible to the average Malaysian.

  3. Thought it was super sentai subs was about to comment we already have shishi red from kyuranger

  4. TIL leopard n jaguar are different breed of cats, in my language both are called harimau bintang (literal translation starry tiger)

  5. I love that. “Starry Tiger”. may I ask what language that is?

  6. Malay language , my country is Malaysia.

  7. Amerika syarikat ialah satu2nya kuasa besar dunia (sole superpower) so mmg takkan kena sebarang tindakan jika buat apa2 since tiada negara yang mampu challenge USA.

  8. You mixed up "Daulat" and "Tulah" OP, in the olden days yeah it was believe that the kings have Tulah @ curse power to those that oppose / ridicule them, nowadays that just make believe, they don't have any mystical power whatsoever.

  9. Interesting this sounds much closer to what they were talking about. Is belief in "Tulah" at all prevalent today? Or is it completely outdated?

  10. Not that prevalent but still got believers especially by those that are fanatic toward the monarchy or those that believe in the supernatural, from your post your friends circle seems to be among these.

  11. Yeah having baby is hard nowadays, me with one child supporting with me n my wife sub 3k household wage in JB feel like hell at some times.

  12. Been playing monster hunter stories, that one sick looking bone weaponry

  13. Removal of random encounters & might be unpopular here but I like now that party wide exp share is always on, nearly all other games in the genre (Yokai watch, SMT, Monster Hunter Stories, Digimon etc) all have these features.

  14. So it is a suicide booth but in portable format

  15. What? Malaysia wear green pant lah for male students, white I only saw for private schools and some boarding schools.

  16. TIL there's multiple genre for rakugo, thought it was only comedy.

  17. Around 10% most likely but if wanna include liberal and secular might be up to 30+%

  18. To me Sasword is the tertiary

  19. The switch game is more entertaining and it does work as workout

  20. Milo is overpriced nowadays I just buy the cheapest cocoa drink powder at the supermarket (usually oem one like meadows for giant, lotus brand for lotus etc)

  21. Creature collecting RPG but with Gundam instead, I have fun playing the gacha rpg of Gundam on mobile but I'd be the happiest if that kind of game void of any microtransaction

  22. Hope it is a proper game not mobile game infested with micro transaction

  23. Because we have way more public holidays than most other countries.

  24. Only like a week more compared to the average so not "way more" in my opinion

  25. I'm not pious but if Moo is sentenced to jail I'm gonna Nazar some puasa to God, lost my job and all my saving and even lost several family members lives due to his incompetence managing the pandemic.

  26. Man if only this manga get crossover with the manga where the girl get slap that would be satisfying

  27. The first kuwagata ohger have multiple offsprings, some of it doesn't inherit the throne and become peasant.

  28. Being young is something to offer. Many Malaysians are young people that have very real perspectives to offer.

  29. The thing is all PH component parties already have youth wing, UMNO have it too albeit their putera wing can be upward to 40+ y.o, so MUDA definitely have redundancy there.

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