1. Just be careful when meeting people who claim to be your age on the internet

  2. I thought Tigress from HG was the same as tboss and thats why she helped Katniss.

  3. Yeah they really solidified that with the raw meat comments in both books

  4. Guitarists think bass is super easy because it was easier for them to get to a low level in bass than it was to get to a high level in guitar

  5. Katniss says Finnick is an expert on Both of Peetas games because he was a mentor in the first and a tribute in the second.

  6. Think Suzanne confirmed that Caesar Flickerman was spared. It does make sense too, because in the book he was merely a pawn for captiol TV, and his true allegiances were never stated. Katniss talks a lot about how Caesar is genuinely a nice person and always tried to help the tributes out and make them feel comfortable on stage.

  7. I like to think his allegiance was to his audience and not the government

  8. Finished the books for the first time last New Years, finished my third read this New Years

  9. You absolutely gotta read the books. Rewatching the films now and all I can think about is how much I prefer the books

  10. I’ve been thinking about a hunger games Netflix series over the past few days, I think it would be pretty cool. I was also thinking of something about capitol rebels

  11. omg that’s the last English name I picked for myself😜I used it for a while but then gradually felt it didn’t fit

  12. The damage was already done, letting Peeta die would make it worse for the capitol

  13. that she actually made a silly mistake eating the berries. i know a lot of people like to think she was too smart for it, but the truth is, everyone makes mistakes, and foxface made one. she was for sure smart, but she didn't knew everything in the world lol also, she was a observer, and she just ate that shit because peeta made a previous mistake, thinking they werent poisoned

  14. I believe in the movies it was a suicide but in the books it was a silly mistake, she was starving and likely dehydrated so her judgement wouldn’t have been good

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