1. Haymitch wasn't the bumbling alcoholic everyone always thought he was.

  2. Probably because of the lower speaker numbers of those languages, and also depends on geography.

  3. I’d imagine being such a threat someone would kill him probably while he was preoccupied killing someone else. I imagine him killing Chaf was how Peeta got the upper hand

  4. Well now that Peter Dinklage has been cast Snow refering to him as a “little man” makes sense

  5. Kiwis are super friendly so if you don’t know anyone you will soon enough

  6. No. "Til salgs" just means that something is for sale. That could be full price, reduced price, or double price

  7. I imagined him darker that that in terms of skin tone, just cause books said “golden skin”

  8. I asked if I could get the actual food, they then asked me for my receipt but I didn’t have it anymore, then they refused to give me the other food. I then went and asked for their manager so I could get the actual food, eventually it worked out but it was a big hassle

  9. I’d say if you weren’t aggressive you’re not a Karen. It’s just asking for the manager is a Karen thing. Kids throw around the term a lot tho

  10. I’d like to think there’s a lot of space that just isn’t any district. In the books we know there’s a lot of wild Ernest outside the fences of districts and that would also make sense because of a district is too big then people can’t really walk everywhere.

  11. You mean one of the 1‘000‘000‘000‘000 in a single country?

  12. I guess it’s similar to English “needn’t” or weird sentences like “you need not drink wine” that you’d here in novels by British authors

  13. I have a brother so I like hanging out with him, and I have some friends who like to chill with me so yeah.

  14. Duolingo. Memrise. Speakly, if your language is available. Language Drops. Clozemaster. Babbel.

  15. Duolingo is good for French, Spanish and Norwegian from my experience and I’d imagine probably good for Swedish, Danish Italian and German too.

  16. Easily the one from the doorframe scene at the end of mocking Jay part 2

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