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  1. same. i know they are kinda a spoof? all their songs lack melody and a hook. which is crazy because theyre all phenomenal musicians

  2. ha i wish! a few 80s guitarists (rhoads,evh,demartini) are the most influential to me i would say however.

  3. well… you will literally be set like forever!!! congrats

  4. none of led zeppelin is underrated. some of their stuff could be considered under-appreciated (stuff that isn’t as popular)

  5. Hitch a Ride has one of the greatest guitar solos ever. gives me goosebumps every time. the phrasing, the tone, its just a perfect solo and song

  6. boy i did not see this coming. what an awesome turn of events!!!

  7. man if i cant afford a marshall at 24 i dont think i ever will…ugh. nice set up man👍!!

  8. That hockey stick headstock though!! The late '80s Kramer was by far my favorite guitar that he used. I guess technically there were a couple, but the one was rarely seen.

  9. totally agree. actually i just bought an 80s kramer this weekend because i love them so much.

  10. anyone have any conditioner recommendations for sensitive skin? every conditioner with cetearyl alcohol or coconut oil gives me acne. im extremely frustrated, as i keep spending money only to start getting breakouts. thanks

  11. Is cetyl alcohol an issue too? If not, kinky curly knot today might be good.

  12. honestly not sure but ill give that a shot! thank you so much!

  13. can van halen count haha? eddie and alex van halen were dutch.

  14. it sucks because with how efficient our offense is we could definitely be a playoff team. but with this defense giving up 40 points, i could see us not winning another game because of that

  15. yeah we won… but giving up 40 points on defense is just awful. i woudnt be surprised if we dont win another game considering how bad the defense is. which sucks because with how efficient our offense is we could be a playoff team.

  16. 38 points should be pretty much an automatic win. our defense is dogshit. who even is the defense leader now? diggs seems to be making business decisions out there and doesn’t care

  17. van halen, yes, journey, deep purple, ratt, sabbath, ozzy, alan parsons project, pink floyd, alice in chains, def leppard, guns n roses, neil young, goo goo dolls, prince, and many others

  18. phenomenal collection and taste. that escape album is so damn good. steve perrys vocals are other wordly. still they ride is such a good song

  19. i feel very broke looking at this picture. extremely jealous OP! awesome awesome gear. that soldano is a dream of mine

  20. randy was so damn good. he studied classical guitar and loved teaching. he did so much in his short time with quiet riot and ozzy. think how much he could have done all these years…

  21. Randy......that guy was different.

  22. so cool. i follow his sister on instagram and she always posts super cool stuff related to randy. i love the fact that the jackson he used still has the original strings on it

  23. not really classic rock but Nutshell by alice in chains

  24. It surprised us all. We all didn’t think VH could have the same aura without Dave but after listening to 5150, we all realized that VH with SH just made a really really good album. Different (poppy) feel, but very good album start to finish. We all (at least in my high school) loved it. Now OU812- we all hated that.

  25. cool! yeah every song on 5150 is great. and also im actually a fan of OU812 personally. Black and Blue i feel like has Eddies best guitar tone ever!

  26. hmm not exactly sure because i wasnt alive in the era. but i feel like lots of people counted Van Halen out when DLR left (many people still do) but then 5150 came out and i can only imagine what it wouldve felt like to have that album come out when summer was starting. what a kickass album.

  27. what do you mean? because if your talking about when sammy joined that’s definitely not the case. they were extremely successful. released 4 amazing albums and a live album. the whole sammy/dave debate is ridiculous.

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