1. Lucky you! They are golden berries, $3.99 for like a tiny box at Trader Joe's. Where are you growing these? Yum!

  2. They were given to a neighbor and she gave them to me. Fingerlakes in New York.

  3. So are you in Scotland and they're onions or are you somewhere else and you grew Scottish onions?

  4. Are they heavy? They're angled as if to hold something but the angle is too extreme to hold a document or a painting. I think a sword or some other display weaponry is the right track. I think they would have to be heavy to do that. A pen as mentioned earlier might be another idea.

  5. A cake of ice weighing 300 pounds is what he got that block from. Most cakes were scored for 25 pounds. They were crystal clear.

  6. Can you imagine idolizing and praying to a human cheeto, these people are so wrong in their heads its laughable yet exteremely scary. Do they not understand that almost every brutal dictator starts this way. Keep these fuck sticks out of power VOTE! HELP OTHERS TO GET OUT AND VOTE. STOP THIS ASSHOLE BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

  7. You're seeing the alien as it winds back its jaws to take a bite out of you. Stop looking through that damn thing!

  8. The old Cap'n sent me a plate because I finished my dinner and ate everything on the plate. You sent in a drawing and he returned a plate with the drawing on it.

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