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  1. You're trying to use data from charges filed to justify DA's who refuse to file charges.

  2. KLM made 11B of revenue last year. 4M is a rounding error for that company. People see these big numbers and need to put them in context.

  3. The issue is that CEOs are evaluated for immediate impact and not the long term health of the company. You can improve profitability any quarter or even a string of quarters through mass layoffs or offering an inferior product/service and get a bonus for the short term profitability at the expense of the longevity of the company. If you’re a savvy, not morally sound CEO you leave before this impact is really felt and move onto greener pastures before the impact is felt. Such was the case with many companies like Craftsman, HP, Xerox, etc.

  4. If that was true then companies like microsoft, google, amazon, apple wouldn't spend more on Research and Development than most countries.

  5. Both can be true, you can and do have companies who remain innovative partly because their is still growth potential as a result for the industry their growth in(tech) and you have companies who have hit their growth potential and make moves that crater their product for the promise of immediate growth like Netflix introducing ads

  6. I’m a EE working as a EE and I think one of the biggest things standing away is the absolute refusal of companies to train hardware engineers, they want you knowing far past the basics before you even get your first internship

  7. I work in GPU design, and I don't have time to speed a week giving an intern who is there for maybe 3 months a crash course in Comp Arch, a week in GPUs specifically, then a week in VLSI then a week training them how to use certain tools when those are all things they should pick up in their degree and will figure out by maybe 3rd year or 4th year. Which is why grad school can be a requirement for some IC design/VLSI positions. Universities should streamline the path to get to those courses a bit better.

  8. Sadly this is the case for entry level positions as well and is a terrible feedback loop. Companies aren’t willing to hire enough staff to have the bandwidth to train new hires, new hires are thereby required to have a level of skills that aren’t attainable at most schools or are lucky enough to get thrown to the wolves and relegated to bitch work, new hires get discouraged and leave the field, leading to burnout amongst more senior engineers who have to take on a larger work load. The issues compound further as senior staff leave the field and or retire. Rinse and repeat and you create very little incentive for people to hop into the field.

  9. Put him in a crate with a couple of kings stuffed with frozen wet food

  10. Don’t throw it away this is a great learning tool

  11. Immigration is not a global solution, only a local one. Immigrants have to come from other countries, after all, which end up suppressing their own economic fortunes.

  12. It’s a feedback loop, immigration brings in more labor, more jobs, more job creation which attracts more immigrants and props up countries it what makes places like the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, etc. so strong but it’s a long term investment. Short terms there’s growing pains and most people aren’t willing to put up with the 5-10 years of inconvenience for the higher standard of living in the long term

  13. Feminism is the actual cause of this. Women choosing to work instead of having children. It has nothing to do with capitalism. Cultures w/o strong feminist movements still have replacement fertility rates (Turkey is a good a example of a well developed country with replacement fertility rate).

  14. This is true in the same sense that freeing the slaves led to higher costs. Like ya that’s true but I feel like you’re missing a lot of steps in between and aren’t addressing some much larger contributing factors.

  15. Why attribute it to race though? There are way better indicators of who does this kind of stuff then race

  16. Cut em them put them in a wago switch with a jumper cable to increase the length

  17. Yeah but the quality of a $500 phone and a $1000 phone is not that far apart. I just went on bestbuy.com and compared $500-$600 phones and $1000-$1200 phones and the only difference is the pixel count on the camera on the majority of them

  18. They also save costs on the contradiction of the phone a 500$ pc might have the similar specs to a 1000$ one but the 500$ is more likely to use plastic hardware/fasteners

  19. With Android you have to buy the flagship Samsung phone to get a comparable(superior imo) product. Anything lower than that and your rolling dice

  20. We were around 17 or 18 back then (happened in the early 2000s). We always broke into the local swimming pool center at night to get drunk there. There were multiple pools and our group usually stayed at the first one. Dont know why but that night we decided to go to one of the pools in the back. Its at night so its pretty dark but you were still able to see because of the moon and small lights from the pools etc. When we arrive we hear people talking but we thought they were some of our friends since its a local bath and usually all teenagers hang around there.

  21. The good girls(which are the majority of em btw) understand that and would be mad if you got the shit kicked out of you to defend their honor

  22. I’d agree with that. Most people you talk to now that voted for Biden (myself included) will even agree that Biden kinda sucks, he’s too old, losing it, and not really doing anything. But I’d rather have this over Trump.

  23. Controversial opinion but I actually like Biden

  24. I disagree that's why the scientific community doesn't touch this subject, it's moreso pride& ego. The scientific community takes certain observations that're found to be scientifically unexplainable & instead of retooling the theory, they dismiss the observation. After Roswell, and Nitinol comes about the first study the scientist who discovered the memory metal(along with USAF) involved bringing in NASA & Uri Geller. So, why couldn't I find this

  25. Idk dude been checking out a lot of sources you reference and so far none of it is holding any water

  26. All well, then can you send me some sources that dispute my sources that don't hold water?

  27. Sure no problem though many of my qualms have to do with the science behind the claims.

  28. So you're another who hasn't researched this but you've decided in your mind that this is nonsense. Smh

  29. I’ll bite, Tom said he’s done over 20 years of research into UAPs my question is where can I access these articles of research and where are his publications on the phenomenon?

  30. HE hasn't published anything, but he definitely did some poking around that got him on the radar of the govt entities protecting these secrets. He's been proven to have been brought in for briefings, Comm of WrightPatt Maj Gen McCausland & Maj Gen Carey of USAF SPACE command aligned with him,, as well as the head of Lockheed Skunkworks. Also, he was forced in the public eye from WikiLeaks, so I don't think it's a publicity stunt & it's not financially beneficial.

  31. Also use soap and deodorant daily too. Wash your hair. Pay extra attentions to armpits, genitals and butt crack. A little aftershave/perfume doesn't hurt either.

  32. And don’t wear shoes without socks ever and make sure to wash your feet n the shower daily

  33. I’ve hedged your self-downvote with an upvote to restore equilibrium to these volatile markets

  34. “If you sprinkle when you tinkle - be neat and wipe the seat.”

  35. Anyone have A good video about lue elizondo

  36. Here comes the - I want to save the planet and rescue the human race but can’t pay a student loan off crowd.

  37. EVs and green energy just make sense in the short, mid, and long term we keep kicking the can down the road bemoaning the investment it’ll take but sure enough every 5 years oil prices go up and the average consumer is fucked and that’s not even accounting for how much of a economic, strategic, and geopolitical nightmare it is having to be beholden to other countries for energy

  38. My point here was that we don't have the infrastructure in place for the masses to switch to electric, regardless of the price of cars. Decade(s) from now, if another fuel doesn't replaces electric sure. Inflation on the rise, borrowing costs rising and to install charge stations whose cost gets passed on to renters wouldn't be very appealing.

  39. If there’s a large enough demand the infrastructure will come this has been true for railroads, electricity, internet, cellphones, gas lines, oil pipelines, gas refineries, roads, plumbing, etc. etc.

  40. Alright, they hit this milestone. Perfect it. I know there needs to be years of testing but these stories always annoy me. It feels like they hit this milestone and instead of moving towards releasing to the public or selling it to a company, they go for 5 minutes. There is power in being first. This company is the first in 98%~10minutes. Stick with that! Be the first to the market. Everyone will buy you. 10 years from now come and say 100%~7minutes. Now you're an established trusted brand.

  41. You mean by endless war and proxy war? Yeah, supporting that is so noble lol

  42. Nobility, ethics, and human decency aside this was is huge for the West and The US from a geopolitical, strategic and above all economic perspective.

  43. Yeah, well then pay the cost and assume responsibility.

  44. I’m open to discussing this I’ll start by asking where do you think my biggest lies are and why do you interpret these to be lies?

  45. meanwhile in unskilled jobs 15 - 20 years go by and your salary never even went above £20,000,

  46. What I don’t get though is if the job is cushy and easy why don’t more people just go and get them? I mean if the job is as easy as people let on then someone going in and actually doing work should be able to dominate in their field over those just collecting a paycheck

  47. generally i’ve found that unless you got into that line of work early on, they don’t want you

  48. Hmm if you want you can send me a redacted resume and I can look over it for you, maybe a second pair of eyes can help you land a better job :)

  49. Let’s do the same for the masses that overran and took over police precincts and government buildings in Seattle and Portland. Or were those acceptable in your mind?

  50. I’m ok with both, destruction of property, murder, sedition and treason should all be tried fairly regardless of what side they fall on

  51. No, unless you want favelas with rolling blackouts to be reality in the USA.

  52. Agreed look at Texas the green capital of the world

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