1. You and I are in a really similar place! My therapist introduced me to IFS and suddenly what I thought was DID since they have different names, traits, and even accents ended up being helped through IFS. It’s so amazing, and really helps me too. I’m glad you found the subreddit!

  2. YESSS!!! Yes I feel this!! Mine have names as well!!! Aa thank you. Your comment made my day. QwQ

  3. Mine mostly have names, too. One of them has like four potential names and still hasn't settled on one. And others aren't close enough to my conscious awareness consistently enough to know if they have names or what they are yet

  4. SAME SAME SAME!!! 3 of mine have very specific apple music playlists to play when they wanna be extra present aaaaa this is so cool to meet ppl like me thank you!!

  5. god this happens to me at work. I want to be early as hell and when i get my own transportation (lyft/uber) I am at least 30 minutes early. The person who drives me to work tends to be 1-5+ minutes late bringing us to work so the boss gets on US for not being on time.

  6. So this is person to person but when I get like that I usually have a knot in my head or neck that needs to be worked out so muscle tension isn’t preventing fluid from moving down my spine

  7. I noticed when I massaged my usually tense neck muscles, I felt some relief. I wonder how I can like, reeeeally work out the kinks 🤔

  8. For money and safety reasons im sure they prefer to go the easy, no sedation route. But now that I knoooow, im not taking that route LOL

  9. Hi! Pharmacist here! Important to distinguish between generic drug names (chemical names) and common or trade names (which vary by country). Also multiple medications contain the same active ingredient, sometimes with a different release mechanism. For example - medication Methylphenidate is marketed as Ritalin, Ritalin ER, and Concerta. Concerta has a completely different release medication through the technology in the pill itself. Focalin is "dexmethylphenidate" so contains the same active ingredient, just a right handed composition (organic chemistry, 3D structures can rotate right or left). Ritalin is a 50/50 mix of left & right handed forms.

  10. 😳 whoah. That was incredible. Thank you for the in depth information!!!

  11. Ritalin, Adderral, Vyvanse, Concerta are the ‘popular’ name brand stimulants used to treat ADHD. Strattera is a ‘popular’ name brand non-stimulant. I use popular in quotes because I know some counties have different brand names. I studied neuroscience so if you have any questions I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability!

  12. Sorry I realised the pain is radiating from your head all the way down to your body.

  13. I have one scheduled for beginning of october luckily. Its the soonest I could get in. I appreciate the answer tho!

  14. Ah shit man why didn’t you say you had a party goin, neighbor! Hope it’s a guest +1, cuz I have my bestest pal Paranoia with me. Oh no no don’t worry, we can sleep on the floor in a fetal position warmed by the pool of tears. We did bring the chips and dip though! Glad we have such similar friends 🥲

  15. Oh Miss Muffin and Paranoia, you're late for dinner, the kitchen is closed. Naw I can't let yall sleep on the floor. Sleep in the bathtub, tomorrow's breakfast is on me. Avocado toast in bath ♥️

  16. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🥲

  17. Why do you disappear when you make friends? Are you scared of them seeing your core? The core which often carries deep down insecurities and wounds? That’s what I had to sort through. Being comfortable working on those deep core negative wounds that I frantically didn’t want people to see.

  18. loud incoherent sobbing qwq HHHHH cmon man. Callin me out like this? In front of my salad???

  19. I'm currently living on my own after years of living with my fp narc ex, and having mentally ill parents. I never had the opportunity to find "myself". I had a therapist that had me write down things that I like to start building a sense of who I am as a person. My favorite color, foods I like, what I like to do in my spare time, favorite animal, favorite movie. I'm sure as I keep adding to my list there will be more deep thoughts and complex beliefs and values, but it's still super hard to separate who I am from all the "programming". I think we do have an idea of sense of self, but it's just been pushed down so much out of fear of abandonment and rejection we're scared to even explore it.

  20. I absolutely love this and im definitely gonna try it out. I have the same worries with my boyfriend 😅

  21. i feel crap in shops aswel, if i see a toy or figure and i pick it up, then want to put it back cuz its too much money, i really struggle to, it feels like im at a dog shelter or something and its like i wave the chance of escaping above their head then snatch it away. i have to put it back with other toys or ill be really upset for ages, its a pain.

  22. 🥺 Im glad im not the only one who does that exact thing too

  23. I am actually so mad I didn’t know I was in good company for the gross stuff I do. Like, just looking at all these comments holy shit I relate to so many of them. I didn’t even realize it could be an autism thing. I just thought I was gross and always felt ashamed.

  24. I DO THIS TOO!!!! I am lucky that he doesn’t mind but I find myself constantly saying “why do u smell so good!” and his usual response is “I didn’t do anything different. 😳” xD

  25. Explain your anxiety, Lots of doctors will not agree, but it can be done in an operating room under full sedation! I absolutely won’t do them whilst awake, they say with my ptsd due to medical trauma and high anxiety I wouldn’t be able to hold still enough anyways. Advocate for yourself!

  26. I wish I knew this before my LP.. I still refuse to get another one till I know exactly how to force them to put me under. They claimed it just wasn’t possible 😭

  27. Even holidays aside, I have never understood what makes weekends different than weekdays. People also ask me about weekend plans and I can never gauge if they’re trying to invite me to something or genuinely asking. Cuz usually I work weekends anyways and apparently that answer makes people sad?? XD

  28. I try not to. Its happened by accident when I spray a few different ones (acidic spray for toilet, general spray for counters, bleach for other things) when I shouldnt be sprayin them all at once but it’s not a common occurrence. But I do work with various chemicals all day. Been using them since Feb. 2021

  29. Everybody’s doctor is different and takes different approaches. Also this is entirely dependent on the individual. Not once have I ever heard to not take caffeine and in fact it’s been encouraged by the 7+ neuros I’ve seen because it constricts the blood vessels thus producing a higher likelihood of reducing hypertension slightly. For some people it can help with the headaches, for me it does. Now long term use of high dosed caffeine is discouraged for the condition overall.

  30. I really appreciate the advice. First thing tomorrow I’ll be sure to instacart some gatorade!

  31. I have everything you've described here, but I also have endometriosis and most of these symptoms are treated from that direction.

  32. qwq I have pcos and on the side that wasn’t in excruciating pain, had a few cm sized cyst they want to keep in check. When I had a hysterectomy in 2018, they said I looked like I had endo but honestly every nurse who’s checked my cyst ruptures n stuff since 2018, barely fucking believes me that i even have pcos even tho the evidence is right there.

  33. Could you possibly be having low pressure from the dosage being too high? That’s what happened to me, and my symptoms were pretty much the same as when I had mildly high pressure. I’m down to 250mg diamox now and feeling a lot better, even though I do still have some nausea every day still. I’m so sorry you’re struggling so badly!

  34. I had Topiramate and it did nothing. I did 500mg of Diamox for a few months and not much got better so they recently increased it.

  35. My boyfriend realized this too and mentioned how I can buy him really expensive and specific gifts cuz i know him so well but he can’t do the same for me cuz he doesn’t really know what things I like. I just smile n nod like “yeah man welcome to the club. I like kfc I guess?” PFFF I tried to just write a list of things I enjoyed doing or having and I nearly cried at how little I could write 😩😂

  36. Your comment made me feel so validated <3. Thank you for replying. It helps me to know that you can relate, although it’s not a good place to be in, it’s nice that we’re both not alone. That’s so interesting that it reminds you of that one episode, that’s really descriptive I need to watch it!

  37. Absolutely! And hey, for what it’s worth, my dms are open if you need someone to listen. I probably won’t have a lick of decent advice but I do like to hear peoples stories. I pushed away everyone I knew online and my bf is at his parents house for 10+ days with covid and I only work 8 hours but it’s a laid back job sooooo I tend to have plenty of free time online xD

  38. qwq no advice here. I just really relate. Best I do is “I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m always here if you need anything” kinda just using some scripts 😅 Seems to work. Its when I start giving advice that causes some issues cuz I never have the right words. I hope im not too bad of a friend but coworkers seem to be ok with me so far.

  39. Ok I did wonder why I do that. Like I have zero reason To do it, cuz I don’t enjoy my looks but I always do it. Just staring into a void or something. Sometimes looking at my reflections for imperfections like my hair.

  40. Can I give a possible interpretation why?

  41. Thank god you mentioned this because I get the burning scalp sensation too! I’ve had brain zaps before as well, but only a few times thank god. Sometimes I get tingly on part of my scalp, almost like getting goosebumps type of feeling. It freaks me out so bad. And of course my doctors just tell me they don’t know what it is but it’s probably not related 🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. I noticed that when I started doing daily stretches of the side neck muscles, the zaps lessened dramatically. When I find the word for them I’ll get back to you tho!

  43. I went and got one today too 😎

  44. 😞 No advice. Just here in solidarity cuz I am in a similar boat. I know how shitty that feels and im sorry you’re going through it 🥺

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