1. I shop with them all the time. I actually have a package coming soon from them.

  2. thank u! do you know how long it is taking for the package to come? (as in order-receive eta)

  3. 42Lolita belongs to the taobao shopping service 42agent, which (in my experiance) is doing a pretty good job.

  4. i would like to know too! and if u get one can i have it pls i’ll pass it on next ❤️❤️

  5. once u get one can u pass it on to me plz <3 i’ll make sure to share!!

  6. Aw how was it? I skipped 2020 for obvious reasons and moved in 2021. I was just talking to my husband about missing it

  7. It was pretty neat! First time and they were some really beautiful it and as and a bunch of babies, not to mention the giant koi!

  8. I was going to Florida and remembered that on Solid Gold Aquatics she went to one in the South!

  9. i think jazmin deleted theyre depop acc , they had one but it’s no longer shown anymore.

  10. i love them all but 2 is so pretty! i’ll always miss the drawn covers though :(

  11. as an awful dancer, i will gladly devote hours to learn grimes’ choreo

  12. Oblivion’s meaning is so powerful. Flesh w/Out Blood and Life in The Vivid Dream is also rly good.

  13. My other top artists were Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Poppy (sorry lol), and Toby Fox (the Deltarune soundtrack)

  14. I had a total of 6,653 minutes and played My Name is Dark over 100 times…

  15. Nope. 39 players entered the game. 19 pairs and 1 free pass. 17 people survive the game, meaning only 16 pairs had a survivor, plus the free pass. 3 pairs did not decide and got double-killed.

  16. Maybe neither of them had the other’s 10 marbles yet? I imagined the loophole to be switching marbles instead of refusing to play.

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