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  1. Oh cool, that’s an 80’s Nancy Reagan anti drug campaign tee.

  2. Yeah, this tag is late 80’s - early 90’s.

  3. The left is anti “right wing extremist” Rogan until he expresses one of his many left leaning viewpoints..

  4. This shirt sold on August 3rd for $900…

  5. Yup, definitely an amazing score. Congrats

  6. What method did you find so many in one day with?? Surface hunting or sifting or what?

  7. Pretty sure he uses equipment to move and sift tons of dirt..

  8. 1990, but close enough I guess

  9. Series 1 came out in 1987 Series 2 in 89 and series 3 in 90. I would say these are most definitely 80's

  10. I own most of these, and they’re from 1990. I’d say the hotcakes on the left and the quarter pounder in the middle are older.

  11. Definitely worth a pretty penny. That’s a beautiful shirt!

  12. Damn. Post more pics of the big one.

  13. This looks exactly like Ryan Dunn during the Jackass jet engine stunt. Didn’t know it was inspired by this.

  14. Awesome old school stuff, OP!

  15. Sweet! Saw it in a theater 3 times back in the day, as well as on VHS a few years later (and a few times since on other stuff). One of the theater times was on a double bill with Raiders of the Lost Ark and my dear old dad took me (we actually saw the 50's original together too at a community theater). As far as Carpenter's version, all my dad could say about it was "yucko".

  16. Nice, they had the original on VHS too. I’ve never seen it. Maybe I’ll go back for it if it’s still there.

  17. Yup, I’ll be taking all of these, thanks

  18. I wonder what one could use them for

  19. Dude, I was contemplating forever about paying $20 for a Master of Puppets tape on eBay. Damn Stranger Things hype has sent that price soaring even higher..

  20. That’s awesome. What song is that?

  21. I bought one of these at an antique store recently thinking I could play any cassette on it [REALLY wishful thinking haha] turns out it only plays the 2XL learning tapes. anyone know a way to mod this to play cassettes or do anything cool with?

  22. Exact same thing happened to me. Bought one at a thrift store for $4 thinking I scored the coolest cassette player ever. Put a tape in and it sounded distorted, but it had one of the 2XL tapes with it, which sounded fine.

  23. Looks to be real. The last one similar to that in a different color way sold for $250, but it had the tags. Awesome score.

  24. One simply does not care unless it involves Trump, and you can use it as your 100th failed opportunity to stop him from running lmao.

  25. Highly doubt you’ll find the exact one. Look up vintage Hang Ten polos on eBay. They have some great striped ones.

  26. Love the look of 80’s-90’s GE players with the fluorescent blue.

  27. They sell for around $100 on eBay. Nice find. I’ve been wanting an All Eyez on Me tee.

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