1. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find a single point. All I have are two cutting tools. I’d be over the moon if I found one of these.

  2. It’s hard to say because a shirt is only worth what someone is willing to pay, but you got a deal at $35. Realistically, if you’re really trying to sell it, I’d say $100-$150.

  3. Check out “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?”

  4. Savers/Value Village judging by the price tag

  5. This is an adult XL/modern L. Marked kids on the tag and I scoped it while walking past the kids section.

  6. Thanks, it’s a whiskey decanter from 1969.

  7. Alison Krauss is a bluegrass-country singer so yeah they put a little bit of a country spin on it

  8. Tags that have a “lot number” are from 1979 or earlier.

  9. Ha yeah, I’m a huge vintage nerd, which is why I have a 23 year old grocery bag in the first place lmao.

  10. I’ve literally never seen a tape in a thrift store😭

  11. I’m sure a lot of stores throw them away unfortunately. I used to work at the store where I got these, and my old coworker walked up to me with a box full of tapes and priced them for me, so I lucked out.

  12. Too bad there was no Metallica.

  13. This is my favorite modern Zeppelin shirt. It has their symbols on the back. You can find it on other sites too. Looks like Amazon only has huge sizes.

  14. Looks like a late 70’s tee with an iron on graphic

  15. That’s Bruce Lee lol. I don’t recognize the tag, but it looks like the scratch mark that he had on his chest in one of the movies.

  16. I would be afraid to use them with the chemicals they used to put to plastic back then… lovely colours though.

  17. Would love to see the others

  18. Vintage Grateful Dead shirts sell like hot cakes. You got a steal for $15. I’d lean more towards this being from the late 70’s-80’s.

  19. Lol what? How is this an 70's-80's hanes compared to anyhing you just linked? It does not match up. Also the shirt says "'67 DEAD" maning it'd have to be from '67 for it to be a legit Grateful Dead shirt. Which we immideately can say i isn't. So the conclusion is that this is a retro/repro shirt. It can not have any official lines to Grateful Dead. It also does not make sense being a parkinglot bootleg either because of the tag and model of t-shirt for that time.

  20. Lmao! Dude, I’ve been collecting vintage clothes for years. Look at my profile, then check out your original comment (the one with -8 points). How is this a 90’s - Y2K tag?? You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, and you’re arrogant as hell.

  21. Bro prepare for the pretentious ass mfs coming in saying "StAirWay is YOur favouritE? YoU musT nOt be A REAL ZeP FaN" even tho Stairway to Heaven is easily a top 5 Zep song and anyone who tries denying that is fucking delusional

  22. He may have been responding to one of your earlier comments, I believe. In either case, you're the pretentious douche, and your incredibly snobbish sentiments just serve to confirm that. Man, take a look around; nobody is on your side here.

  23. Oh no. Insufferable, mouth breathing redditors Ike you aren’t on my side :(

  24. That one's not bad. Definitely similar style - I really dig the skeleton though on the above pic. And also - $112?! Holy shit

  25. Haha $112 is on the lower end when it comes to vintage rock tees. I was lucky enough to score a ‘77 Zeppelin tour shirt for just under $100 on an eBay auction. As for this specific shirt, it could have been custom made by the wardrobe crew, but I have seen other Zeppelin shirts for sale that are the same ones that Hyde wore. Here’s another similar one.

  26. I personally would not recommend walking around with a guy in a Nazi costume on your shirt. Lots of other cool designs of Jimmy are available on the internet, though!!

  27. Sell your Kate Bush tape to someone on eBay for $1000 lmao

  28. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Whitney-Houston-90s-Retro-Rap-T-Shirt-Large-Black-Short-Sleeve-Reprint-/284797652428?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0

  29. That frame looks more 90’s. A lot of 80’s frames, especially with a picture like this, will have metal frames that you can unscrew on the back corners and pull apart.

  30. Looks like a Pine-Sol shirt. None available online.

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