1. I’m with you with most of these but the picture with the twins/Megan Good cannot solely be put on Khloe. They chose to go as her dogs?/ladies? and I doubt they were forced. Also, it’s been made clear that even Jordan got with Tristan while he was with another woman so maybe Khloe was her Karma? And then I mean yeah…Khloe has gotten hers pretty good with Tristian lol

  2. also wasn’t larsa pippen allegedly with him before khloe? she said she’s the one who linked them up 🤔

  3. the only picture of this slide that gets me tho is the one of her and the four girls. like all the blame can’t be placed on khloe given that all of the girls were barely over 18 and their thought process isn’t as strong as say a 25 year old. i get this day in age with “woke” culture and dragging but the same people who say it’s poor to go dig up old tweets are the same ones coming at khloe for this nearly 2 decades old picture when she along with them were clearly not thinking straight. they all thought they “did something” with this look not thinking of the future repercussions. we all are knuckleheads at that age and we’re just lucky our things aren’t public. i think that picture deserves some grace because all parties are wrong. all other things on this post are fair game and deserves the dragging but can we stop putting the blame on just khloe for something everyone participated in? i mean where were the girls parents or friends to tell them no?

  4. How do you make your phone show the battery percentage like that?

  5. deep diver replied and i answered 😊

  6. come back from a hiatus, check the first notification im tagged in, n see this lol.

  7. all i am going to say is there’s literally comments of yours on lipstick alley that state:

  8. nahhhh people are wayyyy more ill speaking of khloe than maralee.

  9. Cause this is a Kardashian sub but there are multiple posts defending her on here and calling for people to have empathy. Idc what Maralee did cause Khloe is just as if not more trifling the only people I feel bad for are the kids and the Jorda/yns

  10. oh i get you now sorry i didn’t understand your comment on here. i thought you were sticking up for maralee. i think your yet was get and that’s what threw me off. completely agree with you tho 😊

  11. good for pete! that’s what kim gets for trying to one up kravis and mgk/meg. lmfaoooo 😂

  12. The people talking about that y*ng sweetro person like..... you have to be joking its on the same level as that Mason instagram acc

  13. travis scott cheating, there’s legitimately no proof at all!

  14. ima discuss civilly and peacefully as possible lol i’ve learned my lesson on here.

  15. hi 👋🏽 the sun nice doing your work for ya!

  16. TMZ updated the page, they are not dating

  17. Tristan has been delaying the court dates so she hasn’t received a dime. He’s also currently unemployed because he hasn’t signed to a team which means once the dust settles she’ll be getting way less than 40k. She played herself.

  18. We all make mistakes, she had unprotected sex and got pregnant. What is she supposed to do? Abortion isn’t an option for everybody. The best she can do is be a good mother. Tristan had unprotected sex and as a man he should understand that although aborting children isn’t a big deal to him, it might be for the woman he slept with. He made a mistake like Maralee and should step up and be a good father. As a man if you know you can’t do that, then use contraception. We all make mistakes, it’s how you deal with the consequences that defines you. This is Maralees first child, it’s not like she had repeated this behaviour over and over again. I’d love to hear statistics on this but it might shock you that many pregnancies are unplanned, even if you are married and in a solid relationship. It’s life, things happen.

  19. before the age of 21 yeah i’d give grace cause we’re all dumb as rocks but after 25 nahhhh you’re grown enough to know and do better! HER ASS WAS 30!

  20. pete said y’all ain’t using me for a storyline

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