1. LOL you're the guy who says he has enjoyed watching his favorite team lose consistently. By definition, you're a fucking loser, and proud of it.

  2. LOL i suppose I hit a nerve. Go enjoy watching losing football you fucking loser.

  3. Tell me you didn't watch a Dolphins game all year without telling me you didn't watch one. That offensive scheme was criminal and casuals could easily see it didn't do Tua any favors.

  4. Is this the only argument the Tuanon shamans have? I watched most Dolphins game, the coaching staff bent over backwards to do what they could to cater their offense to Tua's huge deficiencies and limited strengths.

  5. Nobody in the league ran more RPO plays, because short passes on RPO plays are just about the only thing Tua is marginally above average at.

  6. Pretty solid nasheed. Is it specific to ISIS-K?

  7. They want to kill him because 1. They hate him. 2. It would make them popular in the eyes of Palestinians and even Israeli Arabs.

  8. Also, Ben Gvir's antics provide ready-made propaganda for Hamas, both to the islamic and western worlds. Perhaps no single individual has helped Hamas as much as Ben Gvir in the last few years.

  9. Bingo - as usual, if Danny were acting out a long con to destroy the fanbase, he couldn't do a better job.

  10. Maybe he got the quote wrong and they actually believe they can win 13 games in the next 2 seasons, combined. That seems more reasonable.

  11. I still can't fathom how this guy made enough money to buy an NFL franchise

  12. Telemarketing scams aimed at sick people and immigrants. Every honest business he's touched has done horribly.

  13. I'm hoping that Washington fans can get the owner/stadium they deserve.

  14. Beyond people who live in Woodbridge/Dumfries, no Washington fans will ever be happy with a stadium there. It's a boring area really far from where most people live that's only accessible through roads with the worst traffic in the region (a region known for bad traffic) and with no public transit that don't involve a train and multiple buses.

  15. Its honestly incredible they might somehow pick a location worse than landover. As a Ravens fan I am all about them just punting on the DC suburbs on the MD side and honestly most of northwest DC with this move

  16. As usual, if Dan Snyder were a long con by the Ravens ownership group to increase their fanbase, he couldn't do a better job.

  17. Imagine telling yourself 20 years ago that someday you would be a fan of the Dumfries Commanders, a real NFL football team!

  18. Can't wait until another story about Danny being a sex criminal who would be in jail if he weren't a billionaire drops and they try distract us with a press release about how this new stadium halfway to Richmond will be named after "Shaun Tyler" to "honor" him.

  19. Is there a single reason for anybody under 30 who lives in DC or Maryland to be a fan of this team?

  20. Westerners will literally believe any bullshit they read in their propaganda media.

  21. The NFL will never do hard knocks with this team because they want to minimize attention spent on this garbage franchise and its garbage owner and his PR issues,

  22. Snyder is already claiming that the money sharing violations were done without his knowledge or consent - since he operates like a mafia don and doesn't put stuff on paper when he doesn't have to, he can still weasel out of this.

  23. Hawkeye: War isn’t Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.

  24. If Tua can be at minimum a Jimmy G, we can go places like the 49ers have. And I don't think him being a Jimmy G is far fetched considering what we've seen from Tua with a much worse offense around him.

  25. Maybe. I think it's more likely your defense takes a step back without flores, and Tua is who he was last season.

  26. why is that exactly? Flores didn’t call the plays and the offense on paper is miles better than it ever was while Flores was here.

  27. If you had Fitzpatrick playing QB, your offense would be miles better than it ever was while Flores was there.

  28. My favorite part of reddit is when someone puts together a well thought out post or comment siting sources and listing stats, and then a reply like yours that has no backing or rational. Its the perfect, 'no u'

  29. I mean, OP provided very little information on the parameters, training data, and assumptions that went into producing this model. Given that their result is so unlikely and so different than what, for example, the gambling markets estimate, it's a pretty reasonable assumption that this model is extremely flawed (green bay is a toss-up?).

  30. There would be no palestinian state. Jordan would annex the west bank, and the situation in the west bank would be roughly the same as the situation in jordan today - moderately poor, more or less stable, etc.

  31. A lot of people said he was the biggest steal.

  32. Idiots, who saw him win jump balls against corners from the dregs of d1 football. He couldn't even get open against guys who went pro in something other than sports.

  33. A guy who can't block, with a thin frame moving to TE? This screams "one coach/front office individual likes him for his jump ball ability and wants to force him into competition for a roster spot despite a lack of NFL talent in any way possible". Very unlikely this works out. He can do one thing well - win jump balls against mediocre college CBs. In every other aspect, he's not a NFL talent.

  34. I think Wentz should be better than Tua and Jimmy but we'll see. I have no idea why Terry would want to re-sign here over other places besides maybe avoiding the franchise tag.

  35. Wentz is definitely better than Tua, but worse than Jimmy. Besides short passes on RPO plays, there's nothing that differentiates Tua from the worst QBs in the league. I actually think Bridgewater may end the season as Miami's starter.

  36. If you look at history armed struggle is the way to liberation. Vietnam, Russian revolution, Burkina Faso... Vietnam themselves didn't have the "resources" just as an example. Nothing was ever achieved with the liberal mindset. Apartheid is not the problem. Settler colonialism is. Apartheid is only one of the results of settler colonialism and trying to solve every single problem colonialism creates without touching the root cause is literally impossible. When reform requires the restructuring of every single aspect of a state then it's futile.

  37. Your entire viewpoint is based on a radical misunderstanding of israeli society and israeli political beliefs. Israelis don't see themselves as colonialists - the median israel is a descendant of a jew from an arab country where they were treated worse than dogs for centuries, who sees zionism as their return to their ancestral land and an end to life as a despised minority, who were continuously reminded for all these centuries that they didn't belong in their societies, and the IDF as the only difference between them and the yazidis. Armed struggle will, and in the past has, only increased their resolve and decreased their appetite for compromise.

  38. Ending Hezbollah doesnt mean killing all its members. Israel knows exactly how to politically end Hezbollah but they choose not to. Its very beneficial having an actually weak but marketably strong little enemies so its able to keep large military spend, keep mandatory recruitment socially acceptable and keep western support and funding alive. Israel knows that if it slips into a liberal/ social society it means it becomes too weakened for any future challenge. Thus Hezbollah and Iran regime beneficial existence.

  39. How would israel politically end hezbollah? I can't think of any possibly way that could happen...

  40. Carlson has to be gone next season. I don't care what they get for him (though his offensive ability definitely means he'll have a market), but he is a defensive liability who lost the caps multiple games this series.

  41. Everyone knows they're using their weapons to blackmail lebanon into following iran's orders, and those who get in their way get murdered. Everyone knows this! Compared to this, vote rigging is a minor concern, and not going to change anyone's mind.

  42. This is a bad question. 99% of people on earth, in Dan's position and with his resources, could be a better person and a better owner of the football team pretty easily. It's hard to be as shitty a person as Dan, and as shitty an owner.

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