1. I love lebanon, but you guys need to understand how insane this makes Lebanese people look to anyone not from a country where children are taught jews are the devil from a young age.

  2. Look up the history of the creation of the Zionist regime and the Nakba in 1948

  3. I'm so sick of hearing about this stupid asshole and his butt buddy smotritch too

  4. Give them this if in return the hasids agree to actually give their children a real education.

  5. He's an adequate returner and an above average backup slot guy. I have no problem with having him on the roster.

  6. Watching Americans copy sheep shagging jokes and "where's your vowels" jokes from the English online is like when you see those 8 year old kids pretending to kick off as well when his dad's fighting.

  7. You mean the cult members that cheer for a pass back from midfield? Or the ones now booing for a injured player? Yes, top class

  8. Ya, fans who don't cheer the way i want them to are illegitimate!

  9. The families of Iranian elites have been living it up in Western nations, going to their elite schools, shopping in their expensive stores, and getting the best Western healthcare, while Iranian citizens suffer from lack of medicine, food and high inflation.

  10. Can confirm, I've drank alcohol with the daughter of a high ranking IRGC commander in europe. Safe to say, her attire was not up to islamic standards and she told us she had "basically infinite money".

  11. The staunchly pro-Israel camps in the US - namely evangelicals and Orthodox Jews - have already thrown in their lot with our homegrown fascist movement in the USA, I.e the current Republican Party with Trump at its helm. These folks are not gong to be dissuaded by the likes of Ben Gvir. Source: I live amongst them.

  12. There's no comparison between Trump, odious as he is, and ben gvir, who is a terrorist.

  13. It's pretty pathetic that a literal terrorist who the IDF said is a security risk and has been indicted more than once for terrorist offenses is the face of modern israel. It's not a matter of being in an echo chamber, it's a matter of terrorism is really bad and you'd think israelis of all people would recognize that.

  14. What does this even mean? Again, the Israel America alliance is stronger than any one person.

  15. Israelis would rightly demand israel cut off defense cooperation with any government which includes an ally of hamas as a part of the coalition. There's no difference here.

  16. Israel wouldn't "demand" anything. Again, an alliance is stronger than any one person.

  17. If you believe george washington was a terrorist, or the founding fathers of "any democracy" were, you're just an idiot, and in this case an idiot trying to justify the actions of a real terrorist, one whos terrorism is all about killing people for being born in the wrong group. You know, that thing people hate hamas for.

  18. The British in those days would have seen it differently of course. Or we could just be really Machiavellian and say that history is written by the winners. But thanks for calling me an idiot in any case.

  19. If you think there's no moral distinction between george washington and a guy who guns down people praying in a mosque for being arab, you're a fucking idiot, there's no nicer way to say that.

  20. David Horowitz is probably the closest thing Israel has to a professional journalist in the Western style of journalism, but he and his website are clearly on the left of the political spectrum. Not ANTIFA or anarchist left, but constantly and consistently giving lots and lots of print to the false equivalency narrative between Israel and its oppressors, and holding Israel to an absurd standard of judging its legitimacy on an imaginary duty to care about, provide for, and protect those who seek to destroy it. The writing and editing give soft cover and lend credibility to countless narratives against Israel. The Times of Israel is probably the single best English-language news source about Israel, but a careful reading of the news and editorial content overwhelmingly shows that it is totally, thoroughly, inherently leftist.

  21. The equivalency between ben gvir and israel's enemies is, sadly, anything but false. He's a terrorist.

  22. anything slightly right of Stalin/Mao is far-right in 2022.

  23. The IDF said he was too extreme to serve. Are they radical leftists too?

  24. To Western Progressives Israel is always the new Nazis. No matter what. It is a theological position for them which can never be shaken. Western Conservatives have finally forgiven us for the crucifixion of Jesus (the traditional greatest evil deed in the Western mind). Unfortunately, Western Progressives, after a few years of embarrassment after the Holocaust (the current greatest evil deed in the Western mind) have almost seamlessly put us back in the position of being the people guilty of the greatest evil in history, being the new Nazis, conducting our own Holocaust against the Palestinians. It doesn't matter how stupid or illiterate that position is, we are their traditional sacrificial lambs to be scapegoated for their crimes and then slaughtered.

  25. You're confusing a loud subset of western progressives with western progressives as a whole.

  26. Imagine how their YAC would look if he wasn't under-throwing so many of his deep passes.

  27. Scott van Pelt said that the facemask was probably the worst non call in league history. I immediately thought of the replacement refs, but they get a pass because they’re replacement.

  28. I mean, the dolphins-bears DPI fiasco was more egregious and had a much bigger effect on that game.

  29. erdogan is gonna look pretty silly once audio leaks confirming this was a false flag attack. Of course, his brainwashed followers won't believe it, the same way they didn't believe the audio of turkish intelligence helping ISIS, or erdogan's family being extremely corrupt, etc, etc, etc name your other mega-scandal we know is true because audio tapes have been leaked.

  30. Hijabi African ? You act like there are no dark skinned people in the Middle-East. Plenty of them to this day. There's Afro-Arabs and Afro-Iranians and Afro-Turks. Communities that have been there over 1000 years. Plenty of darker skinned indigenous people also. Her phenotype is not the most common but it's not uncommon.

  31. I mean yea, the middle east was the terminus of millions of sub-saharan african slaves, but they mostly went to the powerful/wealthy areas, not to poor mountain people like the kurds were until extremely recently.

  32. Understand the role of sectarianism, and the middle east starts making sense.

  33. Israeli western allies should have made it clear before the election that having smotrich or ben gvir anywhere near the defense ministry would lead to a downgrading of security cooperation. Ben gvir specifically should fall afoul of American restrictions on aiding terror groups.

  34. No, actually it is very bad when there is a community that on the whole refuses to educate their children, has disdain for political institutions and governmental authority, doesn't join the army, is massively underemployed (and those who are employed mostly due menial jobs d/t the lack of education), who are over-represented in fraud and corruption due to the explicit permission from their leaders, and in many cases have been directed to ignore public health/public safety law when they don't like the results.

  35. Now that Jamin Davis seems to have figured it out, and with Young returning, Washington is like a corner or 2 away from having a really good defense.

  36. Waddle only just passed the 1000 yard mark last year, he was not a top 10 receiver lmao.

  37. He was the runner up offensive player of the year...

  38. You're right - he was the betting favorite to win before he missed games d/t injury.

  39. You can't provide the name of a single terrorist that I'm somehow defending by pointing out that America doesn't meddle in the internal affairs of other countries.

  40. It's such a stupid question to ask - "you can't provide the name of every single terrorist he has supported therefore...he must not support terrorists" is meaningless. It's been widely reported - for decades, he's provided material and legal support to every violent jewish terrorist in israel. Can you name the individual terrorists raam has supported, since you seem to think there's no distinction between raam and the kahanists?

  41. And yet you can't name a single one. This is funny!

  42. Not only have I named the Duma murderers, but again, it's an idiotic question. Every single jewish terrorist in the last 2 decades has known who to go to for support, and many of them did. Every single one. And now he is going to be a member of the government.

  43. Year 1 and year 2 Allen thinks your the idiot.

  44. Year 1 and 2 Allen had 10+ plays which were better than any Tua had made in his first two seasons.

  45. I'm not a bills fan. But if i were building a team from scratch, i'd take year 1 or 2 allen over year 3 tua easily. Not even a question. Anybody objective would.

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