1. After Reims took over it lost its sense of drama and became a comedy, which i personally didn't like.

  2. Me too. The singing episode took the cake for me

  3. Hopefully the sex scene Friday was the counter point to the coming break up when Mikey takes Carly's side over hiding Willow's actual mom.

  4. Ordered through Leafly today, Verilife Amherst. All good, I did have my certification with me. I was also told I had to take my license out of the plastic in my wallet this time when previously they did not ask for that.

  5. I was a freshman in high school when they finally hooked up on the show. I remember watching like finally!!! Lol

  6. We had a mass shooting here in Buffalo last week…has anyone at my firm addressed? Nope. A cupcake would be too much for them

  7. What’s your current routine? Retinol is great for wrinkles. For the redness, you could try allotonin or azulene, which is made from chamomile and very calming and soothing. Also, SPF is a must.

  8. Sorry…I responded to the bot post up top. I just purchased Paula’s choice azelaic acid boost haven’t tried yet!

  9. My first post. Yay! I am self conscious but know a selfie will get my questions answered. Finally making skincare a priority.

  10. I want Holly to have been Esme’s nanny!!

  11. Looking for something to lessen hyperpigmentation “freckles” under eyes and also some redness. Skin is still pretty oily. I’m 50…using Paula’s choice cleanser and 1% BHA currently, cerave moisturizer.

  12. I am enjoying this season just like I did the last ones. I started watching a similar show on Netflix called the Ultimatum. Its like TI but they are in the same house while cadoodling with their new temporary loves

  13. Do not stay! Let them know you will be leaving at 2:30.

  14. Keep your eye on the prize. If they are jerks to you it’s because they are jealous you got out of there. Do not let them guilt you into staying longer or helping after your last day. Congratulations!!

  15. Get one of those kn95 masks that point away from your face a bit. It helped end the breakouts I was getting

  16. He drove all the way from Binghamton just to shoot up a Tops?

  17. Largest percentage of people of color in NY.

  18. There's a lot of hateful people out there, period. As an Asian American, the last two years has totally jaded me in terms of how fucked up humanity can be to someone just because of the way they look. There was a three year old plus his family who got stabbed in the fucking face for being Asian and there's a shooter in Dallas who went around shooting a bunch of Asian people and is still not caught yet (and this story wasn't even given much press until like yesterday). People can suck sometimes and there are racist idiots everywhere, in every community. Unfortunately, I think the US media is toxic and US society intentionally also tries not to educate people so I don't see things getting better.

  19. I feel completely defeated to be honest. As a Jewish person I totally understand. 💗

  20. Just curious why is that bad advice? I’ve done it on trips where I couldn’t bring anything else.

  21. sis.. you need to watch some mtv reality shows, especially some of the older ones. i think you would thorough enjoy "Are You The One?" that one in particular was 😗👌🏼

  22. Do not tell them. Don’t give notice until offer in writing.

  23. LOTS of companies in the medical sector still do.

  24. Work in accounting at an insurance defense firm…can confirm many records are still fax only.

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