1. Dave does not help people get out of debt because he cares about people. He does it to stick it to the credit card companies who dared to come after him when he went bankrupt. Its revenge that he found a way to monetize.

  2. Then he joined up with Visa for the stupid Gazelle card. Lol hypocrite

  3. This is right around when I started watching. Loved it lol

  4. I have a 14 week old springer spaniel named Henry!

  5. I’m glad I stopped watching. Will keep reading updates here but I think I’m done until Carly loses, so…probably done for good. Sad

  6. Yep Dave’s ego and small hands couldn’t handle it. Lol 😂

  7. Do you stay asleep? My issue is staying asleep.

  8. Well one restaurant was run by a felon who got a liquor license illegally because his father was the weatherman, so there was that lol

  9. Not yet. I was going to try and wait for 1 year but that still seems so far away.

  10. Not sure what breed but my vet is going to do my springer spaniel puppy at 6 mos.

  11. NFL teams are franchises and essentially operate as individual companies. Working for them heavily depends on who owns them. I live in Buffalo and the people who do the accounting for the Bills and Sabres work for Pegula Sports and Entertainment, a group I’ve heard very mixed reviews about. They also don’t pay any better or worse than anywhere else. I’m sure you get tickets or something periodically, but tbh I’d probably rather be an accountant for taylormade or callaway and get a huge discount on golf clubs than be one for a sports team.

  12. There was the video Laura cut short after Luke died. Another plot point dropped

  13. It’s been over since we lost to Columbus.

  14. Hey, Elon--Say that part again about being independently wealthy and doing no actual work.

  15. Andre Savard lived down the street from me growing up!

  16. Blue Cross Animal hospital, love them, been going for years & always less expensive than I expect, AND in Amherst!

  17. We go to blue cross just brought our 9 wk old puppy to get him set up and they were great. Have had other pets there as well.

  18. Hahahaha he partnered with Mastercard? Grifters gotta grift

  19. Do you have anyone dependent on your income?

  20. Dave should seriously be questioning his reality considering he built a thousand-employee company where nobody had either the wit (less likely) or the freedom without fear of retribution (much, much more likely) paired with the organizational power needed to move the needle to say something that could have stopped this idea in its tracks.

  21. As Dave would say lol…pride goeth before the fall

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