Twins born from embryos frozen 30 years ago

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  1. Not intentionally. I kinda trained myself not to early in our relationship. Now we've been married for a thousand years and I can't do it, even if I try. He says I fart in my sleep though. I'm sure I do, because my body won't fucking let it out when people are around me!

  2. Not farting unless you're unconscious. It's been 21 years, but sometimes feels like a thousand.

  3. You could make a meal and then eat leftovers the next day for lunch and /or dinner. If I make a big batch of soup, I eat what I want and then freeze the rest in small containers so I can just pop it into a pot and heat it up whenever I want it. I eat eggs for lunch almost every day and I don't get tired of eating them.

  4. OG Napster introduced me to more new bands than any other time in my life and I went on to buy albums and see live shows from many of those bands.

  5. OG Napster provided me with many, many burned CDs. Nothing new, just old stuff from the 80s and 90s that wasn't really accessible anywhere else at the time.

  6. She was on that really successful show with Patrick Duffy - I can't remember the name offhand - but it was a very successful show.

  7. Step By Step. It was part of the TGIF lineup on ABC in the 90s.

  8. Perhaps leave it inside the foyer considering it’s an apartment building. Regardless of the fact I opened the door like a normal person lol you can clearly see that my stairs are not very wide. Doesn’t take much for a box to get knocked down if the box itself is bigger than the stair.

  9. I'd hope it would be packaged well enough to handle that 6" drop. It's annoying though, for sure.

  10. My school doesn't have football so we have to use basketball instead

  11. Interesting! I guess that makes sense if your school doesn't have a popular fall sport. My school held homecoming in the fall, but at soccer games (we didn't have football either). Sorry about your rotten luck. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. Oh no my Tahiti vacation is ruined .........

  13. My husband has this, too. Super painful sometimes.

  14. My best friend's dad scolded me when I was like 10 because I was rude on the phone. All I did was ask for her. "Is Melissa there?" That's what you said back in the day when you were calling someone and somebody else picked up the phone. I was instructed to say, "May I please speak to Melissa?" I had been to their house a million times and called like every day, but this one time, it really annoyed him.

  15. so noone cares that BIL is watching his wife's sisters only fans? he gets a pass because he is a man? YTA

  16. I believe BIL is married to OP's wife's sister. Only fans girl is OP's sister.

  17. Me too - I feel weird taking my shoes off in someone else's house (but I do it anyway to please them). I grew up in a house where we wore our shoes anytime we wanted; my mom and dad both worked full time and they never complained about housework unless we walked in muddy. I do the same at home now. If I take my shoes off, I'd never get anything done around the house after work - it's all over once I get comfortable.

  18. My family was the same way. And my friends' families, too. I thought it was weird when I started dating my husband and had to take my shoes off at his parents' house. Then I'd inevitably step in a wet spot next to the dog's water dish and spend the day in soggy socks. I'm also totally unproductive at home when I'm not wearing shoes.

  19. The father of the twins is aged 5? What am I missing? That sounds like double trouble.

  20. He was 5 when the embryos were frozen.

  21. Dark theme makes me see the traces of it on the walls and stuff. Messes with my vision. It makes me sad.

  22. Me too! I've said that a few times before but nobody seemed to understand what I meant. I hate dark mode.

  23. I'm not sure you know what an IUD is.

  24. The fact that the previous comment is now deleted makes this comment really funny to me now. So thank you!

  25. I figured that might happen. It was a pretty dumb comment.

  26. Lego brick separators exist‽ Would have saved me a lot of trouble growing up, instead of straining to get bricks apart (particularly the thinner ones).

  27. They exist and they're amazing! Saved my fingernails when my daughter was a Lego fanatic.

  28. I just looked it up and it's legit in some countries.

  29. If they use a humidifier in the RV, it could be "white dust" from the minerals in the water used in the humidifier.

  30. Bought these online and they just came in. Couldn’t find anything bride asked for in the area and had to order online. This is result.

  31. Could she pull off wearing beige leggings under the sheer beige pants? I know you're getting a lot of negative responses, but it's tough when a teenage girl isn't comfortable in a formal dress. Mine wouldn't be either, nor would she be comfortable in a female-cut tuxedo. Hopefully you can find a suitable solution. Good luck!

  32. For real!! I clean my shower drain every time I wash my hair. Why is this not common practice??

  33. Not sure you understand what's happening in this video. They're not just cleaning out what's on top of the drain plug. Lots of hair, oil, gunk, conditioner, etc. goes past that and gets gummed up way down the drain, causing the shower to drain more slowly. They make tools to pull the yuck out and it's absolutely disgusting.

  34. Looks like it's Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

  35. What kind are they that they need to be separated?

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