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The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham

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Alex Jones must pay more than $45 million in punitive damages to the family of a Sandy Hook massacre victim, jury orders

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That's a little funny

  1. She has the good fortune to be running against a total nut job, otherwise she'd face the same fate as Martha Coakley.

  2. Nah, Martha Coakley is a special kind of unlikeable and unelectable. She’d lose a race she ran in unopposed.

  3. Every religion is just a cult that managed to survive via either war or squirming up into people in power

  4. In a cult, there are followers who truly believe what their leaders say, but the leaders know it’s a scam. In a religion, that second group of people is dead.

  5. Tax cuts for the 1% was the last ditch thing they did when they realized they didn’t have any time left and everything they’d tried had failed. They’re first attempt was “Tear down health care and figure out what to replace it with later.”

  6. When an opponent is digging their own grave, you just don't stop them.

  7. I know this is conventional wisdom, but I’ve always been a fan of James Carville’s alternate take - “When your opponent is drowning, throw him a fucking anvil.“

  8. Those numbers are insignificant to national vote numbers. Hell, L.A. has more voters that most of those Midwest states.

  9. Sadly, the electoral college is a thing, so those numbers can, in fact, be very significant, even though what you say is true.

  10. even worse is that it doesn't really relieve the drought, because the soil is so dry already that it is highly non-absorbent. It will **marginally** help relieve the reservoirs that are much too low, but having a little extra drinking water while your house burns down in a massive fire just isn't a good tradeoff.

  11. And even if it did go to reservoirs, what you really need is snow pack, which can hold way more water, and release it slowly throughout the year.

  12. In the third picture he complains about a covid patent being filed in 2015 (“plandemic!!!”)- by including a picture of the patent record, clearly showing the filing date being in May, 2020. SMH.

  13. Literally everything ignites violent rhetoric on the far right.

  14. Trump and his supporters are willing to do anything to win, especially cheat.

  15. Well, anything other than actually push policies that appeal to what the majority of Americans want.

  16. I will never set foot in a Starbucks again. I didn't go frequently, but screw this behavior.

  17. That’s basically the plot of the book “Snow Crash”.

  18. You can get an excellent education at Harvard and Yale (although some chose not to), and that education, and the connections you make there, can go a very long way towards helping you achieve your goals. Unfortunately some people just have really loathesome goals.

  19. Yeah. And they made me memorize all new exit numbers when I moved to this state having never been here before. Hell, Home Depot isn’t even in the same part of town. What’s with that?

  20. Drain this piece of shit dry. I have never seen a single man profit so much off misinformation and the suffering of others. 800k a day at times.

  21. Who cares what Cheney thinks? He's a traitor himself and should be in prison.

  22. True, but on this, he’s also correct.

  23. Your right to practice your religion can not violate the universal human rights of others.

  24. The woman carrying the fetus does have inalienable human rights, however, and that is not up to the states to decide.

  25. Filling the bottle to the neck minimizes the surface area of the liquid, so there’s less oxidation.

  26. i'm just wondering every time i see one of these sentences, what if this dude his name was Ali bin whatever, or Jose something, or Jamal whoever?, you think he still gets off with 7 years and probation?

  27. I’m guessing if that were the case he wouldn’t have lived to see trial.

  28. If China takes Taiwan, they control the lions share of the world's chip supply, as well as the materials to make them. They could control the world by the balls for an unknown amount of time.

  29. Counterpoint - China wants Taiwan mostly for nationalistic and emotional, not economic reasons. The CHIPs act shows that the US considers a threat to their semiconductors to be a national security threat, so China taking Taiwan is a redline that WILL elicit a military response from the US, which won’t end well for anybody. In a few years when the US fabs are up and running, China moving against Taiwan may get a much milder response from the US.

  30. Basically what this means is that you'd need something that specifically shows Trump told this group of people to go there and by force stop the process.

  31. In this case why would DOJ need to prove that Trump told them to do that? The Oath Keepers are the ones asserting it, so the DOJ can just say ok, put up or shut up - show us the secret Signal or Telegram messages where he orders you to do this. In the event they actually do, just point out that they’re rubes - he has no authority to tell you to do that.

  32. I'm amused that you still think it's a foregone conclusion that the Republicans will take the House in this years midterms. Six months ago, the polling supported that idea. But those numbers have been drifting and current polling makes it a competitive toss-up. The Supreme Court's reversal of Roe V. Wade and the January 6 hearings have both effected popular support (with the latter not being done yet).

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