1. I love my pure pro resistance bands, push up handles and a chin up bar. So easy to workout when your setup is at home. I do micro workouts throughout the day. ( I used to be a gym rat, but not anymore) Still look better than ever.

  2. My local butcher. Besides meat I ask for liver, kidney and glands and some high-stearic fats(suet). Nature's multivitamin.

  3. yeah, but then you have to consume liver rather than swallowing a tiny pill.

  4. Never had dry skin before, but IF, I would probably test out coconut oil.

  5. Just imagine if they got their corruption and government in the right direction. Would be a super power. They ranked 19th currently out of countries.

  6. That was Gaddafi's vision, but when the U.S found out, they killed him

  7. Listen you smooth brained imbecile, go do a N=1 study on yourself and get some long term peak peak UV exposure, see if you burn.

  8. Damn dude. Eating that raw is some warrior shit lol. I used to do raw pastured eggs post workout all the time and I actually didn’t mind it. Far better amino acid profile than cooked.

  9. I figured it's the easiest way, and yes, more nutritious. It has a lot of B-vitamins that are very heat sensitive as well. It feels like night and day eating it raw vs cooked. I also do 50/50 eggs cooked and raw. Raw if I just wants some fast protein and fats(around workouts), and cooked if I want a tasty meal.

  10. Awesome. I may have to look into trying some heart and kidney, but I’m guessing I’m gonna have to go to a specialty store or old time butcher shop. As for eggs, same here. I typically can’t down more than 3 raw at a time or they’re coming back up haha

  11. Butcher shop usually have it and some high end grocery stores. Could also try your luck online depending on where you live. Yes, 2-3 eggs is my limit as well :)

  12. I have moved to all organic fruits and vegetables, I don't have processed food, sugar, dairy gluten. Even if I have dairy I have just little and sugar if I have its just 1 tea spoon nothing huge.

  13. Nice. If done correctly you should feel better 20-30 min after ingestion. Timing is not so important, but I prefer on an empty stomach, first meal of the day, when you are hungry

  14. To be fair, just because you haven’t noticed any beneficial effects of fiber in your diet over a couple of months does not mean there isn’t any..

  15. I've read that as well, thats why I did the experiment. But surprisingly I found out that I just felt better without it. Highly recommend ditching the fibers, unless you are starving and got nothing else to eat :)

  16. Oh so you’re an idiot lol.

  17. Sure you are ;) Stop believe everything you read and just try it for yourself. Peace 😎✌

  18. Researchers are looking into the potential use of MDMA within a clinical setting to improve mood and treat depression.

  19. I like it. Especially with pushups-handles. Maybe add a weigh vest instead of doing 100's of push ups. 30-40 heavy pushups makes more sence

  20. SS: There’s no way that Pelosi’s visit and this fellas death are not connected. What do you all think about this, and what does it mean?

  21. They also contain DAOs but they're denatured by cooking which is a shame. Would be nice to not have to keep taking antihistamines 😅

  22. Go eat some raw kidney beans and let me know if plants have “toxic” chemicals. THIS IS SARASM, DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS.

  23. It also matters what kind of suborder of mammal you belong to. Take ruminants f.eks. and their definition ;

  24. Didn’t you know, plants secrete toxic chemicals as a protective mechanism when they’re screaming in pain as you harvest them 😉

  25. I don't know the fascination surrounding this guy. He giggles in the background. Great.

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