1. Save it for the real Jumpstart set. This product line should have been called something else.

  2. "Jump In" would have been a great choice. Keeps the idea of Jumpstart, but also emphasizes that this is for beginners and aligns with language they use on Arena that new players would recognize

  3. Alternatively they could just print enough actual Jumpstart rather than pumping out a trash fake jumpstart product in the first place. If it's marketed as the same price as regular jumpstart why not just make it be available for people who want it. They're shoveling shit and putting a bow on it.

  4. You know after the original pandemic supply issues, the original jumpstart is now extremely available? you can get a box off tcgplayer for under $90

  5. My new LGS posted eventlink codes for draft and commander tonight. My old LGS was too small to actually play at so this is new to me. What do I do with these codes? Can I do it when I get there? (I’m concerned my commander decks are too low power and nobody will want to play with me, but I would rather do commander than draft if I can)

  6. You can do it when you get there but it's probably better to sign up in advance so your LGS can know how many people to expect. You should just be able to enter the codes in the Magic Companion mobile app by hitting Join at the bottom, then it will put you in as participating.

  7. It's a new supplemental set, jumpstart are randomized packs of 20 cards (including lands) that are essentially themed half decks. Open two packs, shuffle together, and you have a playable limited deck. This is the main Jumpstart release this year and is not standard legal (and won't be on Arena, unlike the last Jumpstart), versus things like Dominaria United Jumpstart, which is standard legal and only has 5 new cards

  8. Theres a guy at our LGS who is really good at magic; but every time you try to do something to his board state, he says something similar. "You sure?" "You probably don't wanna do that..."

  9. That's probably why he always has an answer, if their verbal threats are enough to stop other people from attacking, they'll always have their answers ready for you

  10. There are a lot of those cards. There are no ways to cheat on Arena, and bugs happen but often not in hugely affecting ways like that

  11. Shattered glass versions are rarer and more desired, and the foils are particularly rare

  12. The Ozolith itself is native to Ikoria, but it was tampered with by some unnamed planeswalker. As for whatever was going on at Strixhaven, what do you mean?

  13. From a world building book, Kasmina was said to have a cabal of planeswalkers and they would find "Embers" or something like that, which were people with latent sparks and attempt to get them to spark.

  14. I know a lot of people grabbed the magic 30 festival in a box because they wanted a box of Mystery Booster, and now they have one - the price is quite steep if you're not interested in the booster box.

  15. Yeah, this. I like the playmat and accessories way more with this one, but I only wanted the mystery booster box with the magic 30 one. Also, the commander decks with the new one are the $20 commander decks, rather than the $40 ones that came with the Magic 30 one, so the value is quite a bit worse

  16. 3-0 decks at my prerelease were base-white aggro with interaction to play the tempo game. Obviously that's less fun than the bomby big artifact decks, but that's also why they were successful, just went under the people doing shenanigans

  17. Gotta love how Concentration was maintained even after the death of the caster, just because. And it was really important that Nemo get downed and revived with like 3 HP each round. It really stretched out that whole farce.

  18. Which was worse, this or "I'll spend uhhhh two spell slots to channel this explosive energy out of the engine? Just two spell slots, not casting anything or doing anything really."

  19. Put white bread in an air tight area with the cards (keep seperated not to stain the card with the bread). Once they are humidified put them right into double sleeves and they should be good to go.

  20. These are curling back which means they need to be humidified, not dehumidified. They're dry, so the cardboard contracts while the foil side doesn't

  21. I think they've made it already and it's called Modern Horizons

  22. You have a lot of good stuff in WUB, and some strong rares in WU. Honestly just WU aggro/tempo maybe splashing black for more interaction seems fine.

  23. Mine also came damaged, didnt even consider submitting a ticket. Hopefully they respond soon!

  24. When the new Jumpstart anime cards got shown off a friend of mine was complaining, so I

  25. “The player playing against the bling is more likely to respect their opponent and take them seriously”

  26. Yeah, the one time I can think of where bling actually affected my play was a new commander player at my LGS who had a ton of bling and RL cards (I'm 80% sure they were real, totally possible they were proxies), and all that made me want to do was make sure he lost lol

  27. Yes, I would be arguing that it doesn't belong. This subreddit is for things that are Magic-related. "Magic content creator does a thing" is not Magic-related unless that thing is Magic related.

  28. Thousands of his fans know him as the Friday Nights and PPR guy, not the LRR guy. It absolutely deserves to be here, especially based on the number of comments that have said "I had no idea he was sick!", because he hasn't been on PPRs while sick and people who only watch their MTG content haven't seen him in much of it recently.

  29. As happy as I am for him... I do feel like this content doesn't belong on this subreddit. It's not Magic-related.

  30. He's literally been a major Magic content creator for over 10 years (along with the rest of LRR)

  31. Someone on here mentioned that Blake said it was still happening on a recent Weekly MTG stream. That's the last and only new info we have about it

  32. Theros Beyond Death was purposefully given the code THB to avoid the confusion of it being called TBD

  33. I had a suspicion that was the case, the mace won't glow or be activatable unless I have 1 land available.

  34. You might be missing something or it might be specific to Mace of the Valiant, I've never had an issue equipping Champion for free on Arena

  35. Just happened with [[Jet Medallion]] in the Post Malone lair. The medallions are all desired commander cards that haven't been reprinted in a long time, outside of like, being on The List

  36. AC and Final Fantasy have already been confirmed for next year

  37. News flash buddy, you're the minority. And the same is true for this sub.

  38. It's not news to me, buddy. I know, I'm in the 10% most enfranchised players of this game because I interact with it on here on a regular basis, and keep on top of pretty much every new card and product.

  39. It's really worth mentioning the "too much product" is "Too many print runs of product".

  40. Yes, exactly. He isn't agreeing with people who say "I can't keep up", he's telling Hasbro to make things /more scarce/ to keep speculators happy.

  41. Yeah they’ve definitely been working every week up until now for sure

  42. They literally made the joke that they have taken a lot of time off, it's just that they've never included the rest of their empire at the same time

  43. Per wotc staff in Twitter, yes he will, no it hasn't come out yet but will come soon

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