1. Stop replying this. I did, I dont care. I have my box, my tokens, and my sizemorph divider and I'm fine that others can buy them too

  2. And just to be extra clear, I understand that the controller can only pick and then write down a number from that given set (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but can the guessing opponent only guess those numbers, as well? (I understand it wouldn't be advantageous, but I'm just looking in the context of possibilities).

  3. I believe since it says "which number" you chose, that limits them to 1 through 5. It doesnt say that the opponent guesses "a number"

  4. Nah. It's clear you've never seen this effect in paper Magic. You count the cards in your library keeping it face down, then count out the required number from the top. Doens't matter what number.

  5. Apparently not if you think it's easier to determine half of your library than a third.

  6. Quick, whats half of 71? Whats 1/3 of 71? One is faster to do than the other.

  7. Hey, Im looking for a place to buy legit booster boxes. Amazon seems like a 50/50 on either getting scammed or a legit box.

  8. TCGPlayer sells directly from local game stores, so a seller on there with good reviews should be safe

  9. We did know about this, impulse is what they use publically and people use now, but internally it has always been bottling

  10. Fact or Fiction commander is very funny even if the text box is kind of a mess

  11. Companion is just a reminder token for cards like [[Lurrus of the Dream Den]], you put your Companion there if you have one with your deck

  12. Ok but hold on, what if Kellan was murdered?

  13. They've confirmed he'll be in Thunder Junction already

  14. MaRo's podcast, the Eldraine story lead said Kellan is going to be there. Since he's looking for Oko, that makes sense.

  15. It's a perpetual motion machine, something that is impossible (I know the perspective on impossibility is relative in a setting with magic, but Paradox Engine is probably nonmagical), so Tezzeret probably just saw it and went "The people here are the most skilled inventors in the multiverse, I'm going to stick around", which eventually let him get the Planar Bridge

  16. If I cast [[Commandeer]], targeting an opponent's [[Bond of Insight]], can I change the target of it to get back Commandeer?

  17. Comandeer resolves before you start casting Bond of Insight, so it will go in the graveyard. Bond of Insight does not target, because if it did the mill wouldn't help it, so you can just return any two spells from your GY back to your hand after the mill.

  18. Is there a reason the one from the merfolk deck isn’t Hakbal?

  19. Confirmed by a WotC employee that it was programming issues, though honestly I'm glad it didn't make it with the power level of the card being so high

  20. It was in the discord for the Gladiator format, a couple Arena devs hang out in there and share info/field questions about updates. Insert comment about the downside of losing public forums to "public" discords here

  21. I don't know where you were but there was definitely outrage about that, especially when it was legal in Historic

  22. MagicArcanum is a great YouTube channel for set by set story summaries

  23. Nowadays, primarily free online short fiction story articles on the Magic Story website.

  24. That was the first time Davriel showed up on a card, but he existed in the fiction beforehand

  25. While in the graveyard, Phoenix is a creature card, but it is not a creature. Only permanents on the battlefield can be creatures, so Tidebinder won't permanently turn it off

  26. Can I use [[Troyan, Gutsy Explorer]] to pay for a Commander who's commander tax brings them over 5? I did light research and it looks like no since the Mana Value would still be 4 and that the +2 is more similar to a ward cost. I'm guessing this would also be the case for cards like [[Up the beanstalk]] where they would not trigger when casting a 4 MV commander who is now a CMC? of 6 after it returned to the command zone.

  27. For things that care about mana value, no you can't and Up The Beanstalk won't trigger. It would need to say "if X or more mana was spent to cast it" or "spend this mana only on spells that cost X or more to cast" or something along those lines. I.e. if you cast [[Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful]] from the command zone with a 2 mana tax using creatures with [[Inga and Esika]], you would get to draw a card

  28. If [[themberchaud]] is my commander and I use [[dino dna]] to exile Themberchaud from my graveyard and then return him to my command zone, can I actually make tokens of him or does that like make it invalid since it isn’t in exile anymore. Like I feel like based on what the cards say, that it is right but I also kinda think that this card could be really strong for certain commanders if it really is able to just straight up copy commanders for 6.

  29. If you move it from exile under Dino DNA to the command zone, there is no longer a card in exile that was exiled by Dino DNA, so no, you can't do that

  30. Is Thoughtseize an auto-include in most black decks? I’m putting together a creature based golgari midrange dealio and at the point where I’m cutting stuff to include the cards I really want. Thoughtseize feels like the last card on the chopping block. This leaves my only interaction as 3x Fatal Push, 3x Sheoldred’s Edict, and 4x Bowmasters. I know Thoughtseize is pretty much the best t1 (non-scam) play that black can make but it feels like kind of a dead draw later on, especially in a meta where decks have so much redundancy and draw power.

  31. Forcibly mulliganing your opponent is one of the best moves you can make, sheoldred's edict feels much weaker mainboard than the other 3 cards unless you're running up against PWs really often

  32. You are not alone! Regardless of what the downvoters do! Seriously, are people out there NOT opening multiple shannas and weatherlights, and ONLY cracking like 5 shellys?! Show me one, I really don't wanna have to do the math, but I'm pretty sure that's more likely to occur than NOT opening one in the many packs I have.

  33. I dunno man i literally opened three sheoldreds, two of them in draft and one from a prize pack. I think you just got unlucky

  34. absolutely getting a 1 drop day/night werewolf that's pushed to hell and back

  35. Hell, even a vanilla 1/1 that becomes a 2/2 with daybound/nightbound is pushed in many environments. Playing that on the play turn 1 basically forces your opponent to curve out on you or else you just get free night for many turns in a row. We thought about this in my horror cube and all decided it was far too oppressive to introduce a custom 1 drop daybound/nightbound

  36. Yeah with [[Reckless Waif]] and [[Village Messenger]] existing, they very obviously avoided a 1 drop day/night for that very reason

  37. I definitely understand your frustration, but as you said prerelease is really casual and your opponent was nice enough, so it'll happen. Should their friend have done that? Probably not, but I've had my opponent block a deathtoucher during prerelease, I say "They trade?," they realize it has deathtouch, and if they say "Wait, that has deathtouch?" i usually let them change their blocks.

  38. There's nothing wrong with AI art. You might as well complain about industrialization.

  39. There's a lot wrong with not paying the artists they already have hired or contracted to make their advertisements and instead using this extremely bad art as an excuse to not pay someone.

  40. Explain that. What did I say in the first 2 posts that is the cause for the outrage? I legitimately don't know.

  41. The OP very clearly read the rule that they posted, but did not understand the language. Quoting something they obviously read and saying "reading this explains this" was obviously incorrect, since they showed that they read it and did not understand it completely

  42. And op very clearly missed the "since the last time" bit.

  43. That is not how you phrased it though, you quoted a thing they read and said "if you read this you would know"

  44. In 2012 and 2013 I bought Core Sets and in next two-three years occasional two-three booster packs a year.

  45. I could have sworn the episode where justin makes the bike big and the finale were the same episode, this arc was longer than I remember. Seeing Travis's rolls laid out in context like this is hilariously sad, he never had the impulse to say "damn, that's only a 10" even once to make it believable

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