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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Daniel Craig. You'd think there'd be some gossip about James Bond but he has an incredibly private family life.

  2. Coronado heights is a few miles west, they have a staircase that goes all the way to the top a big hill, and it has a castle on top with great views.

  3. I would say it's a little more than a few miles from the Flint Hills but it's super close to the I-135 so if traveling from there it's worth a visit

  4. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve by Strong City is pretty good.

  5. Just be careful of the bison when visiting, they can sometimes nap pretty close to the trail. But it's incredible to see these creatures in their natural habitat, and without massive crowds trying to take pictures of them.

  6. Yeah in Spain I think. Got a 12 month suspended prison sentence and had to pay a fine.

  7. This is true; however, people in cars still need to practice good driving techniques like:

  8. Not to mention being patient. They didn't even wait to see what the truck might do once it passed the dashcam driver

  9. That is pretty much all of i80 from what I have seen, not just Nebraska.

  10. Basically from the far outskirts of Chicago to Cheyenne (aside from Omaha Des Moines) yeah the 80 is pretty dead.

  11. By the looks of it, they might not have even had enough space to overtake. They'd end up going into oncoming traffic seeing as the guardrail splits it almost right out of the tunnel.

  12. There's a decent amount of Italian immigrants all around Latin America.

  13. Especially in Argentina. I'm pretty sure the largest ethnic group of people in Argentina are of Italian descent.

  14. I think it's weirder that the director and the screenwriters are Latino but still chose to cast Franco.

  15. I know nobody probably wants to hear this but I just have to say it. I only started watching the show with my wife recently and we watched all three seasons. Aidan literally carries the show on his back, he's so good. Every little gesture and his approach to his dialog stands out above anyone else.

  16. Can we get some more Blur love? i know Thom has been a fan of their work previously and each band have referred to each other in interviews

  17. Many in the US aren't even capable of speaking English and yet they still pass the driving test somehow.

  18. I mean in cities like San Antonio you're probably gonna be speaking Spanish with your test taker but I get your point.

  19. yeah white stranger things fans don’t really care that he’s racist all they care about is shipping him w steve 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. I'm white and absolutely couldn't stand his character, thought he was awful and racist. Also shipping him with Steve? Have not seen that before.

  21. It's almost like he doesn't even know abortion law in Kansas and confuses life saving medical procedures for the mother with intentional abortion. Also child euthanasia is only legal in the Netherlands and Belgium and only for infants that have incredibly poor prognosis at birth. Would love to know why he thinks it's legal in America when it has never been practiced.

  22. He's just making shit up to incite emotions in people who don't do their own research or are ignorant to medical practices and abortion law.

  23. 100% wrong is more like it. He was an American hero.

  24. The vast majority of abortions are for reasons completely unrelated to the health of the mother. It's not even close.

  25. You're right, a lot of women actually get abortions because they were raped. If your sister was raped, would you ask her to keep the pregnancy?

  26. You know not everyone reports the reasons for an abortion when they get one, so abortions resulting from raped pregnant women is higher than you think.

  27. I still cant find a game that lives up to my ridiculously high expectations after RDR2. By far the best story I have ever played. Arthurs death gets me every damn time.

  28. Honestly, to me at least, it's the greatest game I've ever played.

  29. I think that the commenter who suggested 1998 somewhere in California is probably on point. It's almost like they actually recognized the video and specific event... or just looked it up. Either way, Cali in the late 90s checks out with me.

  30. Also look how wide the streets are and the trees on the street. Definitely southern California

  31. Then set an alarm. Just as you'd, I assume, do when you sleep in your car while it's driving for you. How would you otherwise know you've arrived at work? And where would your car even stop? When you sleep in the train it won't mess up traffic flow.

  32. An alarm would be ideal but are there alarms based on geographic location?

  33. That was probably a stroke or some other type of medical emergency.

  34. Weird they managed to maintain lanes though

  35. Jeez that's awful. Hope you didn't have any PTSD from witnessing that.

  36. Probably the funniest Bethesda bug I've seen. Like he really grabbed him and body slammed him lol. I expect a lot of random stuff in Bethesda games but this was not expected

  37. I know I do but holy shit so many idiots in my city don't.

  38. The lumber in this guys truck is completely unsecured and was bouncing all over the place as he drove down the street.

  39. I remember driving on the 190 in Buffalo once and a flatbed had a bunch of loosely secured pallets come flying off of it. Had to dodge some and drive around the rest. Truck didn't even stop, not sure they knew they lost their load. I'm sure they found out when they got to their destination though

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