Brooklyn Subway Shooting: Multiple Shot

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  • By - sdf15

  1. Whiplash, spinal fracture, dislocated shoulders, and possibly a brain injury are all gifts from God, my children.

  2. Studies have shown that holy water basins tend to be extremely filthy. Yum!

  3. This is communism at its finest. There is no "human" aspect there. Only people driven and blinded by a sick ideology and a promise of some utopia. Let me tell you this - China is going down quickly from now on - and they will blame "The West" (anyone who is not them) for their problems. Propaganda and no limits to controlling people. communism is dangerous. communism kills.

  4. This has nothing to do with communism. Communism didn't make China a militarized police state. The United States isn't much better when it comes to law enforcement overreach and violence. And Americans are one of the most easily manipulated, brainwashed, and indoctrinated populations on the Earth, if we're pointing fingers.

  5. Gently telling someone that a comment they made is problematic and possibly hurtful is a "power trip"? Jesus Christ, just be a little more considerate about what you say, for fuck's sake.

  6. Would you take me more seriously knowing I'm gay as well? You seem to care a lot about homophobia. Try caring a bit about ableism, too. It doesn't cost you anything to care about people who aren't like you.

  7. Walkable cities still need publicly accessible routes and parking for people who rely on transportation due to disability. The university I attended and still live near has been converting its campus to a pedestrian campus, which is great, except there's virtually no public parking anywhere on campus now, and it's been a huge problem for disabled students and community members.

  8. Are you meaning cars when you say transportation? Because the two are not synonymous, and public transportation is more accessible to most people with disabilities than private cars. Pretty much anyone can take the bus, even if they have to get on in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. And then there's the many types of disability like blindness, or neurological ones, that rule out driving as an option, or they can't afford the price of a custom built car that can be driven by a person in a wheelchair.

  9. Public transportation has a LONG way to go to be fully accessible to disabled people. That's essentially why the Independent Living movement exists, because it needs so much improvement.

  10. Also I know V is a great assassin but surely she couldn’t take down the 12 singlehandedly?! They know how to kill and one would’ve been able to restrain her, also do they not have guns and other self defence weapons for such a high risk job?!

  11. Exactly. I figured the Twelve would have been just as powerful as Villanelle, as manipulative and calculating as Hélène, as savvy and resourceful as Carolyn, and as gutsy as Eve. I was so disappointed.

  12. As an American, I'd rather work together (United States, Canada, even globally) to resolve gun violence for everyone instead of sealing ourselves inside the NRA's shooting grounds. We're just as sick of and terrified of gun violence here, and we feel like we're being held hostage by the gun lobby and pro-gun policymakers.

  13. I doubt this can even happen. In the US, your right to bear arms is a constitutional right. Canada has no right to get involved in changing or amending your constitution. Most of the guns used for the shootings in Canada are illegally smuggled from the US. Since we share the largest undefended border with you guys and since there’s nothing that can be done about your constitutional rights, we pretty much have to live with the fear that incidents similar to the subway shooting might happen anytime in Canada as well.

  14. Most Americans feel that an unhinged multi-billion-dollar gun lobby paying congressmen to kill gun control legislation is not included in our "right to bear arms."

  15. How do we even have any teachers left?

  16. We will not have teachers left at this rate. I promise you that. Almost every teacher and educator I know is wanting to leave the profession.

  17. Wait, are you a teacher or are you an aide? You seem to mention both in the comments.

  18. I have been working as an aide this year, but have previously worked as a teacher.

  19. They're so often poorly done by hearing people who like doing them because they're trendy. No thanks.

  20. I mean, even including him in the article is sick. They’re not staying together. You ever follow up on those articles about hero marines who had their faces blown off or suffered severe third degree burns to 99% of their body and then they show a photo of them next to their 22 yr old spouse who still has their whole life ahead of them? I remember a long thread on a forum that found in every case they were able to verify the woman had moved on and the partner who suffered injuries generally descended into substance abuse and suicide due to a combination of mental and physical anguish.

  21. I would hate to have this little faith in people. I hope something changes so you aren't so miserable and quick to doubt people's capacity for goodness.

  22. That's what they want. They are using scare tactics to drive away anyone that doesn't share their delusion.

  23. It's not scare tactics. It's fascism. Indiana (where I teach) is pursuing similar legislation to hold teachers and librarians criminally liable for teaching and disseminating content that's "harmful" to kids or considered biased (i.e. saying that Nazism is bad). I believe legislators will absolutely enforce these if they're passed.

  24. Doesn't help if there are no teachers to unionize.

  25. No. From what I recall, it's not an employment resource. It just hires writers and editors.

  26. Please, everyone, please let us eliminate the boring dads.

  27. Jasper was a Confederate soldier and I don't think Meyer reckoned with that nearly enough in the books. He had it coming. 🤷‍♂️

  28. Please. The side you fought for was due only to where you lived. You would have been too, if you were a male in the south. Do you honestly believe the confederate army was advertised as racist? That's like saying German soldiers knew what was going on in WW2. Only the senior officers were slave owners and knowingly fighting to uphold the institution of slavery. Everyone else were merely pawns. 🤦‍♂️

  29. None of that excuses Meyer's poor contemporary representation of the Confederacy, though.

  30. I don't disagree with your arguments, but I do think it should be pointed out that SM had nothing to do with the casting for Tyler and Laurent. She actually argued with Hardwicke about the casting for Laurent because she wanted someone with visuals that fit the book's description (a lot of people actually point to this as evidence of SM's bias). The trope of Black actors playing the bad guy here is down to Hardwicke's attempt to diversify the cast without carefully considering all the factors that go into it.

  31. This isn't fair to put on Hardwicke. Hardwicke was wanting a very diverse cast and Meyer refused except for compromising on a Black casting of Laurent.

  32. We must remember how valuable our right to protest and decry our government is.

  33. It's a right only white people seem to have though. Black people and Native Americans get tear-gassed.

  34. Agreed. I find Twilight as a whole is far too concerned with physical looks

  35. If I recall, Stephenie Meyer kind of resented Laurent's casting. Catherine Hardwicke wanted a racially-diverse cast for Twilight, and Meyer dragged her feet before allowing it.

  36. I was thinking the same thing, but the population in China is completely disarmed unfortunately

  37. There are a lot of problems with China's authoritarian government and civil policies, but populations that are armed to the teeth are demonstrably less safe and less progressive and liberated overall.

  38. Historical fact? Slavery. Irregardless, judging people based on who the vote for in a two party system is just asking for trouble.

  39. The historical Republican party has virtually nothing to do with the contemporary party. That's American History 101.

  40. You think everyone who votes agrees with every policy republicans or democrats have? Nah, it's just one sucks less than the other.

  41. Of course not, but Trump becoming president and catapulting the conservative political platform into fascism changed the game altogether.

  42. That’s not part of the building code. Dorms are a R-3 occupancy type. They follow the IBC, not the IRC. IRC calls for windows in bedrooms.

  43. I know. But it is usually an obvious pic from a gay porn with genitals or other sex actions cut off, like you don’t see the whole pic but you see two guys making that face when you have sex. This one looks like a guy pranking his friend or something.

  44. What about a man happily sniffing the foot of another man seems like a prank between friends?

  45. I'm a man, but I was attacked, beaten, and forcibly raped by a stranger on a wooded trail in 2017. I also refused getting a rape kit done initially.

  46. She doesn’t want to do the rape test because she wasn’t raped lmao. She cheated knows it was cheating and isn’t going to claim it was rape. How you are looking past this is BEYYYYYYOOOOOOOOND ME !!

  47. I was raped and even almost killed by the man who did it and I initially refused a rape kit.

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