[Homemade] Chocolate chip cookies

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  1. 🥺 that’s something you have to find

  2. It's not wrong to make a wish or pray for true love especially since it's so hard to find and it's a painful feeling for whoever is going through it when one is being patient and tries finding it but doesn't as yet!

  3. He needs to see a therapist. It's so unfortunate and sad that he has to face something so challenging that completely changed his life in the prime of his youth. He's prolly going through so much pain and tears. He's prolly feeling like he's not good enough especially since he might feel deeply hurt that he can no longer sexually satisfy you or cater to your sexual needs. All the pain he feels must be so hard for him to hide and keep inside. He's prolly frustrated and angry that such an unfortunate thing has happened to him. He needs all the support, love and understanding he can get. Be compassionate and talk to him. Hug him. Show him that you care and just because physical intimacy can't be there, it doesn't change your love for him!

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