1. If anyone can identify what these bottles once held, that would be boss.

  2. I have now found another and this is going to be the bane of my existence. WHAT. WAS. IN. THIS. BOTTLE. 🤯

  3. I found this one today tooi was so hoping for some information I'll let you know what I find!

  4. I have now found 3 and its driving me crazy what was in it 🤯🤯🤯

  5. A picture of the bottom and the markings will be the best way to determine the age of the bottle. Depending on the manufacturer that should tell you. Also the wording would date it from 1940s-1960s. If you don't know much about dating by manufacturer marks you can send me a pic of the bottom and I can tell you to the best of my ability. Super cool find!!

  6. I have one at the very end of the picture collage. Someone else said 1957 because there’s “57” on the bottom, and that’s probably right but I haven’t found a forum that can confirm what all the number placements mean. But it’s within the date range I expected.

  7. Chances are that predates 57. Most likely 37 or 47. Here is an excellent article on the manufacturer that can help explain how to date owens illinoos bottles

  8. Also, you can legit just search this put on google, you even have a name for what it was! A lot of time thats half the battle.

  9. https://www.thecloroxcompany.com/company/our-story/bottle-guide/

  10. The pop is right, there will be a date code on this one. But I can tell you, because I have a few, these are from the 50s.

  11. Its soooo frustrating. Just ONE is all I ask for. Also found part of a purple kerr mason....my true hearts desire only to fund out my beastie has a 1910ish purple mason that she drinks COFFEE out of 😒😬😬 stop and love that thing right 🤣🤣

  12. https://www.etsy.com/listing/990916447/vintage-vaseline-cold-cream-chesebrough

  13. I guess what I’m asking is…I have a square bottle with an embossed ‘M’ on it and I’d like to see if anyone is familiar with this or have an idea what the contents were.

  14. I think it would help if you repost the ENTIRE bottle. A small section of the bottle does nothing to help us. If you need tips on what pictures are helpful to help identify its at the top 😉

  15. Just got reddit and wasnt sure how to post text with a picture. But i'm visiting my grandparents and my grandfather was telling me a story about how he found a bottle hidden within a wall in 1980. He guesses its 120 years old and i can't find anything on this R Whites lemonade. Any ideas?

  16. Just type R White Lemonade into google...lots of information

  17. They do! But I think those are always brown, aren’t they? To keep from the sun. I found the patent for those bottles…March of 1937.

  18. The second bottle, back row from the left is Alka Seltzer, probably 30s/40s. Check the bottom, if it has an A-S then thats it! The bayer next to it is an aspirin bottle most likely from the 50s. I have a few of both of those!!

  19. They say #13 ball jars were destroyed by bootleggers and are worth more...

  20. Found in northern New England

  21. The one all the way to the left is probably Alka Seltzer, if the bottom has A-S then thats it.

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