I really REALLY miss the golden age

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  1. wait how do you copy? is it with the koridon/ miridon glitch?

  2. Yeah. As long as you still had one of them duped before the update you can still copy items.

  3. oh like if i had the item duped? or the box legendary?

  4. The legendary needs to have been duped

  5. I would send you an ability patch for a gold bottle cap

  6. Hi. I know you've touched trade Koraidon, but can I touch trade your Miraidon? Need it for the dex

  7. Do you still have a Koraidon? I can touch trade my Miraidon!

  8. I was wondering if you could touch trade Koraidon and help evolve my scyther?

  9. If no one got you until then I can do it later today when I get back home, might be a couple hours though. :)

  10. Hey, I’m looking to touch trade Koraidon would you be able to help?

  11. I don't care about pogo label just a shiny Eevee is what I'm looking for..gonna get me a shiny Umbreon or Sylveon I can do a marshadow code for it

  12. Do you want the trade in sword/shield or in home?

  13. Sword/shield plz let me know when you have trade code rdy

  14. I am not at home yet but can message when ready!

  15. Video game wise, I wonder if peoples choice would change if you you could play it again as if you hadn’t played it before so everything seemed new and fresh like it was the first time you played it!

  16. Anyone know why I can choose my golbat? I have a purified one I use for great league sometimes but it won’t let me choose it or any of my other golbats.

  17. Same as what most have said. I play modern and Edh. Just a couple cards away from my cedh deck being complete. I have enjoyed pauper a lot too.

  18. I have been running Purple Kyogres Team of Shadow Drapion PS C

  19. I started collecting bicycle decks in college and primarily that is the brand I buy. I have a few other outliers. Love your collection. You have several bicycle decks I don’t have. I would love to find them. Where do you get them from?

  20. Do you think blizzard toad would fit here? Or is earthquake help in places that matter? I have had decent success with blizzard just wondered if I should elite tm for earthquake.

  21. I have lots of gold bottle caps. You have lots of stuff that I would love to get.

  22. Okay so I have the following for you:

  23. Ok, yeah that seems great for me. I will need a little bit of time too. I need to make sure I have enough golden bottle caps for you. Is one per mon fine? I also have an errand to run really quickly. I can message you when I am done and ready?

  24. Kitchen finks is one of my all time favorite cards too! I have a foil play set. I played in pod and company!

  25. There is an item in PLA that lets you evolve the trade evolutions. I believe it’s called the link cable. Found in the Distortions on the ground sometimes.

  26. you can also get em through the satchel point shop iirc. Might be faster to pick them up than trying to find a trader - if you don't have enough points already. I probably recommend that over distortions, since they have a way of dropping every evo item except the one you're actively looking for

  27. Lol I loved that last line. Totally true. Always every item except what you are looking for!

  28. I'm going to give you the advise I wish someone had given me when I started going to comp stuff.

  29. I will second this. If this is your first big event you can burn out so quickly without water and at least snacks.

  30. I played so much hard core search and destroy here! What a time to play COD!!!

  31. I played a lot around the heartgold soulsilver time and I loved playing the VileGar deck. The other decks I played around that time were the Charizard Ninetales deck and the Shuppet Donk deck.

  32. I got banned at an Autozone for bringing in too much oil to recycle at one time. He told me I couldn’t bring that much in one day so I asked what’s the difference in bringing half today and half tomorrow. He just told me I wasn’t allowed back in that store.

  33. That is really awesome!!! Congratulations, they look great. I built my wife custom built ins last year for her birthday. Have to share a pic with the group later!

  34. I did it in 932 games this season and almost 1600 games last season.

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