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  1. Swordsoul Tenyi— the loss of spells doesn’t hurt the deck too badly, and to be honest I didn’t want to spend the CP on making a new deck

  2. 7: my birthday is on 1/7, and hey, it just happens to be a lucky number

  3. Taking all of the spells out of Tenyi Swordsoul makes for a highrolly deck that isn’t all that bad

  4. It’d be nice if we had some encounter-style triggers that were used in the G anime(bonus if they’re effect triggers)

  5. Due to the red cloth on its shoulder, it seems like it’s fighting in a duel

  6. That v-fin is a work of art, can’t wait to see how the rest of the custom turns out

  7. If they included alt arts AND had summoning animations for all of them… I know it’s a long shot, but I’d be happy

  8. Man, we can only hope for a DP/NG rideline with art this good

  9. “I’m sure no one else is gonna open the peanut butter jar”

  10. I kind prefer Kshatrila (or Kshatira), given their namesake.

  11. Same here, “Kashtira” just doesn’t sound as good

  12. Honestly, just put the “a” after the “sh”, and Im good with that.

  13. Damn, I can’t believe they added slaves to Master Duel

  14. Transcode Talker— revives any link-3 or lower Cyberse and can give both targeting protection and an atk boost

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